Happy 22nd Birthday Niigaki Risa!

20 10 2010

Today is the 22nd birthday of one of my favorite members Niigaki Risa, and I decided to do a small post to congratulate her.

Like many fans who regularly visit the blog know I have been a Gaki fan for quite some time now (as you might tell from the title of this blog), so I am glad to be able to celebrate Gaki’s birthday with other Gaki, Momusu, and H!P fans since it’s not everyday that a talented idol turns 22.

This past year has been very interesting for Gaki since she got a chance to be regularly featured as the second vocalist in most of the singles, as well as getting a chance to appear in her own (story of a low budget) horror movie:

Video uploaded by: cinematoday

She also got her own blog which she has continually updated throughout the past few months, and through it we have been able to find out more about Gaki and her personal life:

Without a doubt the past year has been a great one for Gaki, and she has become a great sub-leader that has supported Ai-chan and the rest of Momusu and shown all fans how her Genki spirit can make any concert an amazing show for everyone.

Another year has gone by but Gaki has definitely had many great chances to promote herself, and hopefully during the next year she can appear in many more movies and dramas where she can show of her great acting skills.

Gaki, happy 22nd birthday!  All of your fans around the world wish you a happy birthday, and even though it might be a bit late (since the 20th was yesterday in Japan) I hope you had a great birthday and spent it with friends and family.

Happy Birthday Gaki-san!
誕生日おめでとう 新垣 里沙!

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*I added larger versions of the pictures after the break*




4 responses

20 10 2010


She’s my all-time favorite in Momusu i’m so happy to see what she became as a wonderful mature women !!! <3<3

21 10 2010


Sorry I’m late to say this !
GBU Gaki san !!! ^^

21 10 2010
Bliss~love 23


22 10 2010

Omedetoo GAKI-SAN <3<3<3
She's wonderful women and she has amazing voice : )) ♥

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