Miyamoto Karin To Replace Takeuchi Akari In The Stage Play 1974 Ikunayo

2 09 2011

Miyamoto Karin will replace Takeuchi Akari in her role for the stage play 1974 Ikunayo.

The stage play was rescheduled for December 2011 due to the earthquake and tsunami earlier this year.

The explanation for the replacement was that Takeuchi became a S/mileage sub-member so being that she will be busy with activities in that group for the next few months she would have to be replaced by another member, that being Miyamoto Karin who will probably has a bit more free time since she’s not currently in a group.

Like most fans I also wondered if this might affect or be a sign that she won’t be part of a group in the future, but it’s most likely not related since she isn’t officially part of a group just yet, unlike Takeuchi who recently joined a group and has been part of various promotional activities for the new S/mileage generation and most likely didn’t have enough time to join rehearsals for the play.

I look forward to finding out how the play will turn out since both Nakky and Chisa are in it, but for now I wish Karin good luck with the play and hopefully we get to see a few fliers for it soon.

The play will run during December.

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