Tokunaga Chinami 1st PB “Chinami”

This is the review for Berryz Koubou member Tokunaga Chinami’s first PB titled Chinami. It was released on 9/11/2009 and it includes a 20 minute Making Of DVD.

When this PB was announced I instantly knew I should buy it for two reasons: Chinami is my favorite Berryz Koubou member and also because I wanted to support her and show UFA that there are many Chinami fans out there supporting her.

This is my first PB so I had no idea how to review it, and I first thought I should just take pictures like always but they didn’t come out as great as I thought they should so I decided to scan the pages. The only problem is that I really treasure the PB and I didn’t want to destroy it so I just scanned the PB like if it was a hard cover book.

The result is that the PB came out as great as I wanted it to be, although the pictures have a notable dark center where the spine is, so I did everything I could and I joined the pages to make them look great (about 6 hours in Photoshop).

And I have to admit that if the PB wasn’t from one of my current favorites (Sayu, Gaki, Chii, Kuma, Airi, Momo or Mano) I wouldn’t have taken as much time or care doing it, but I constantly thought to myself that if I am going to review a PB I might as well let the readers see what I see and if that involved spending 6 hours scanning and joining, that’s just a small amount of time I can give back so that fans can get a chance to see a complete PB and hopefully buy a copy themselves.

I also spent a lot of time on this review since it looks like it’s the only copy of the PB in full on the internet (from what I looked), so I did scan the entire book, but I did so with reduced quality (reduced size in pictures) so that people can get the general idea of what the PB has but also so that hopefully they will want to buy a copy to see the pictures better themselves.

So just a small warning, I am a big Chinami fan so I will complement her more than I usually do to other members. And also I would like to ask that you please consider buying this PB because of two reasons: to support Chinami so that we can see future PBs from her and also so that you can see the pictures better since the quality doesn’t show how great some of the pictures look.

The PB arrived from HMV without any scratches in a bubble envelope, and I have to admit that I was glad with the packaging since it seemed to be more protected than most of the singles I have received from them.

I wanted to include an image of the PB since I wanted everyone to get a look at what it looks like in real life (and to show it off). The PB, like most Japanese books, opens from left to right (basically it is the complete reverse of Western books) and I say this mostly because someone might be confused as to why the book is backwards especially someone who hasn’t ordered any Japanese books.

This is the cover with the small paper strip on the bottom (without the spine of the book since I forgot to scan it), and you can see where the paper strip starts from the thin line across the bottom.

The paper has information about the PV, such as the name of the idol in it and the PB number, in this case it is: Tokunaga Chinami’s First Shashinshu (“shashinshu” means photo book, this is where PB comes from).

I have to admit that I’m a bit glad that the strip of paper was included since it allows us to see some previews of the book (and also for people who are interested in seeing some more photos in the PB before buying it) but it also allows us to see clearer pictures of the front and back cover when it is removed:

Here we can clearly see the pictures and the spine of the PB, and while the spine just has the same basic info the strip has it is still a great way to find the PV when it’s in a bookcase.

The main cover (left) looks incredible and I saw it mostly because it’s a bikini picture but it doesn’t have a mature tone as most of the other PB’s out there, and it also gives us a chance to see Chinami’s great legs and a preview of Chinami’s body.

The right picture is the back cover and it features Chinami casually walking across a street (while looking at the camera instead at the direction the cars are coming from), and like the main cover it allows us to see Chinami’s legs and also a casual picture from her.

The covers were well chosen since they allow us to see two themes that will be seen over and over again in the PB: bikini and casual photos.

Under the cover (it is also removable, somewhat like a book jacket to protect it from water or dirt) we get a quick reminder of the name of the idol in the PB, and if you still don’t know who the PB is for then I have no idea what will.

I like how they used white and orange, since orange is her Berryz Koubou member color and also because white goes well with the orange font.

The spine color changes as well since the letters change from red to orange, and while it was most likely done to attract attention I like how it also adds a bit of variety to the cover and casually lures the viewer into thinking they didn’t use her color, only to have it plastered in the cover under the book jacket (small fact: red is more noticeable than orange).

Here is the first picture of the PB and while there is another page before it I decided not to add it since it is just a white sheet of paper.

In a way you could say this is the picture that introduces the PB since it has Chinami’s name on a picture of her holding Kalachuchi flowers (a well-known flower from Hawaii), which is a simple but elegant way to start the cover since it references the location (Hawaii).

Here we get a chance to see Chinami posing in what looks like a bench or a trolley while wearing a shirt that says “Aloha”, and it’s one of my favorite pictures since it allows us to see Chii’s cute personality and smile perfectly.

The scene quickly changes to a garden where we get a chance to see Chinami playing and also smiling while looking over her shoulder. The scenery was a perfect addition since it allows us to see Hawaii’s beautiful land while enjoying a perfect picture from Chii.

Like most recent PBs there are some pages which show a series of pictures with the idol either jumping or running, and here we get to see Chinami jumping (somewhat awkwardly). I like how the pages came out since it allows us to see some sort of action in the pictures apart from also showing us Chii having fun.

Here we get a chance to see Chinami in what looks like a field and while the pictures aren’t close up we do get a chance to see a picture of Chii’s cute pose on the left along with a picture of her going to the spot where she is going to pose.

The scene changes to a wooded area where we get to see Chinami enjoying the shade, and on the left we get to see Chinami doing the same pose she did on the previous pages while looking at the cute picture of her on the right (or to the great view of the place).

The right picture is also one of the best pictures in the PB since it features Chii smiling while the wind blows through her hair as she casually looks at the camera.

These pages are one of the first of some of the extreme close-ups in the PB and here we get a chance to see Chii enjoying the flower’s sweet smell (or preparing to eat it).

These pages bring a new location and a new set of clothes where we can see Chinami riding a bike while enjoying the view of Hawaii’s great neighborhoods. I like how they finally gave her a hat since the sun in Hawaii must be very strong, especially in the summer, and while it obscures her face a bit it still looks cute on her.

On the following pages we get a chance to see Chinami either posing for the picture with a peace sign or ordering her troops to attack, and on the left we get to see Chinami resting from her bike ride along some great looking purple flowers (not as great looking as Chinami but they still look good).

Another new page brings another new set of clothes and a new location where we can see Chinami shopping for souvenirs, and on the left we get a chance to see her posing along with a shopping cart from “FoodLand” (if they used the picture for an ad it would most likely increase the number of customers).

On the right we see Chinami posing with some clothes, although it seems that the tattoo artist shirt isn’t as cute as the blue dress on the top.

Another clothing change and we see Chinami in a white shirt with orange letters and some great looking short shorts (or short jean skirt), and as you can notice the pictures have the same theme as the back cover of the PB.

The picture on the left features Chinami crossing the street (again) while not looking at the direction the cars come from (again), and on the right we get to see a great picture of Chinami resting from all of the times she had to cross the street for the camera.

The next two pages have Chinami lying down in the grass where we see her playfully looking at the camera through her “Chii Vision”. I like the happy feeling the picture has since it allows us to see Chinami’s fun personality in a picture of her relaxing.

On the following pictures we get a chance to see Chinami lying on the same field, although this time she is on her stomach while doing a cute pose for the camera on the left, and getting distracted on the picture on the right.

Another picture of Chinami resting on the field and again she is on her back, although this time it looks like she noticed something on her side (hopefully not an anthill). The picture came out perfect since we get a chance to see Chinami resting and enjoying the scenery instead of doing complex poses for studio photos.

The 2nd extreme close up of the PB features a close up of Chinami’s face with the sunlight gently behind her, and like always she looks incredibly cute (although we can see the reflection of the cameraman in her eyes).

The scene changes to a backyard where we get a chance to see Chinami having fun while playing with some water. On the right we see Chinami on the ladder and on the left we see her reaction after stepping on a rock.

Most PBs now have some sort of dog in them so it wasn’t that surprising to see Chinami giving a dog a bath, and I have to admit that I’m very surprised that someone could have such a sad face when they are being washed by such a cute idol (many fans would give up everything to be in that dogs place….lucky dog).

After getting rid of the dog we get a chance to see Chinami playing with a beach ball while wearing a bikini. On the right we get a chance to see Chinami acting surprised while catching the ball, and on the left we see her throwing it back.

After playing with the ball (or hitting a bystander by accident) it looks like Chii is ready to rest again in a beach chair next to an incredible looking pond where we also get a chance to see Chinami’s great legs.

After resting it seems that Chinami is ready to play again and we see her playing in the pool while on an inflatable pink lounge chair. On the right we see Chinami playfully pointing at the camera and on the left we get a chance to see that the water was cold from her surprised expression.

The following pictures feature some close-ups of Chinami in the pool where we get to see her incredibly cute pose as she looks at the camera on the left and also a cute picture on the right as she notices the camera.

A close up of Chinami smiling at the camera as while she rests on the pool side, and while the picture has more scenery than Chinami I like how it came out.

Another set and clothes change and we see Chinami back in a wooded area wearing a bikini while on a swing smiling at the camera (hopefully she didn’t get splinters).

Again at the poolside we see Chinami sunbathing in the white bikini which looks incredible on her. On the right we get a chance to see from the side, although she seems to be distracted by the sky to notice the camera.

The following two pages feature a close up of Chinami in her great looking white bikini, and we also get to see her wearing a Kalachuchi flower in her hair, which looks perfect on her. We are used to seeing her smile but I really like how she has a somewhat serious look in her face since it makes the picture somewhat more beautiful.

Continuing with the great Hawaii scenery we see Chinami wearing a yellow dress while innocently enjoying the breeze and the shade.

And since this is a PB and the location is Hawaii it was kind of expected that we would get to see a series of photos of Chinami preparing to go for a swim on the beach, and luckily enough she is already wearing a cute bikini under her dress.

In these pictures we see Chinami has somehow got her hands on a strange Frisbee which somehow looks like a plastic yellow steering wheel with a red inflatable ball attached in the middle. And while it is somewhat strange to see Chinami playing alone, it is worth it to see her great smile.

So while Chinami was at the beach it was somewhat expected for her to go into the water, and after a quick peace sign to the camera she goes in.

A scene and clothes change later we see Chinami laying down on a bed reading a magazine while wearing a cute pink shirt with a red heart in her hair.

The theme for this scene came out perfect since Chinami actually looks like a normal teenage girl reading magazines in her room…who is posing for an idol PB.

One of the best pictures of the PB  which features Chinami resting in bed while smiling at the camera, although she is laying on a magazine (and bending the page) instead of just on the bed.

After reading the magazine we get a chance to see Chinami doing some other normal stuff, such as writing letters to Tsunku asking for more lines, or looking out the window while a guy with a camera takes your photo.

A picture of Chii enjoying the Hawaiian scenery while in her room while we enjoy her.

After spending time in her room we find Chinami in the kitchen where she is in the process of eating a strawberry cake. The top left pictures where a great addition since they not only explain the disappearance of the strawberries but they also look incredibly cute.

This scene is easily the best of the PB since nothing is better than some pictures with Chinami wearing a dress in front of a Hawaiian sunset. I really like how the sun is just behind her while she lifts part of her outfit up since it almost makes her look like she is glowing from her beauty.

Chii is somewhat more serious for these shots (most likely because she is exhausted after a hard day of posing for the camera) but it allows us to see her cuteness in a somewhat more calm scene.

Every shot of Chinami from this scene seems to involve the sun shining behind her while she looks at the camera which makes her look more like a goddess.

Both of these pictures are among my many favorites since they feature Chii with a mature look on her face, and even though we don’t get a chance to see her great smile we do get to see her beauty as she poses in front of the sunset.

After posing as a goddess we catch up with Chinami at the beach where she has somehow gotten her hands (and her body) on a surfboard. Like always Chinami shows us her great smile as the camera takes a close-up picture with the great scenery in the background.

Back on the beach we see Chinami playing in the water and we get a chance to see her playfully throwing water at the cameraman.

We finally get a chance to see Chinami on the surfboard, although she seems to think it is a diving board. On the picture on the right we see her as happy as can be that she finally was able to stand on a surfboard, and on the left we can see her graceful fall as a wave hits the board.

From the picture on the right we get a clear indication that the water was cold because of Chinami’s expression, and on the left we get an incredibly cute picture of Chinami smiling at the camera on a surfboard while two random guys fight in the background.

As Chii looks at the sunlight reflecting from the water we get to see her as she rests from the great and eventful day she had, and nothing can be better than to be with Chii in the middle of water while the sun sets over the Hawaiian islands.

I like how the camera somewhat went out of focus since it gives the picture somewhat of an artistic theme, and even though Chinami isn’t clearly in focus we do get a chance to see her in front of some sunlight apparently checking herself out.

Another great smile from Chinami as she rests on the surfboard, and we get an impressing picture on the left which has Chinami looking up at the perfect sky as the days slowly ends.

…It was somewhat easy to guess that there would be at least one slightly suggestive picture since it is an idol PB after all, so there are two pages where we get a chance to see the cute heart on her bikini.

The last two full pictures of Chinami have her on the beach where we can see her walking around on the beach, and even though she isn’t doing any complicated poses they both came out perfectly (the left picture is probably after she caught us looking at her “oshiri”).

The last pages almost always feature the credits, and here it’s no exception since we get a list of all the people who made the PB possible, and since the majority of people will skip these pages they added a picture of Chinami in a bikini to make sure you at least glance at the information.

The last picture of the PB is one of the best ways to end since it has Chinami looking at the sunset while smiling over her shoulder, and like we all know a sunset means the end of a day, or in this case PB.

Overall the PB was perfect, and I say that as a Chinami fan and also an H!P fan since we get a chance to see a unique side of Chinami that many of us don’t know of when we see her in PVs and on appearances with the group.

This is an entire book dedicated to her where we see her cute, playful side and her mature, beautiful side in the many pages in it, and while I wish it could have been longer I still think it is one of my favorite books I currently own, if not my favorite.

Making Of

Like all PB’s a Making Of DVD was included, this DVD features many of the scenes from the shooting of the PB and it gives us somewhat of a background story of what the idol, Chinami in this case, did during each scene. The DVD is found in the back of the PB between the pages with the credits on them:

As you can see the DVD comes in what looks like a small sleeve, which is closed by a small piece of tape which has some black dots on it (most likely to make it easier for the person to find the tape and remove it).

The Making Of for Chii’s PB was somewhat longer than usual since it is about 20 min long (most PBs have only a 10 min DVD), which is great since it means 10 min more of Chinami. Since I am putting some links to the Making Of my review will follow the videos along since they aren’t subbed. Here is the Making Of the PB:

Tokunaga Chinami – CHINAMI PB Making Of Pt1

Video uploaded by: BakaniShinaide1

The DVD starts of with the first day of the shooting for the PB, and we start in the park where Chinami is wearing the “Aloha” shirt. Chinami comments on an umbrella being so big that it could fit all the members of Berryz in it (considering the size of Momo and Saki it would be kind of easy, but with Kuma and Maasa it would be slightly difficult).

We then get to see Chinami jump in slow motion (among the first pages of the PB) and after that she comments that she feels hot because she is wearing black (I have no idea if this is a pun since she is wearing a blue skirt with a yellow shirt).

A few poses near some machinery and Chinami then tells us that it’s her first PB and she is very nervous but that the weather raises her spirits. She would like to show us everything about herself in this PB and she asks us to enjoy watching it after asking us if we watched the 1st set of photos.

On the train ride she tells us that she ate the hotel’s breakfast and that they had Yakisoba, but she ate a lot of potato, scrambled eggs and salad for breakfast (for some reason she says “Scrambled eggs?” during the train ride).

After the train ride we get a chance to see Chinami riding a bike in the Hawaiian neighborhood and posing along some flowers with a hat that has a cheeseburger on it.

Then we arrive at the shopping center where many people stare at her as she walks by with a shopping cart (it might be because she is cute, but it’s most likely because a guy is photographing her as she walks).

She then starts posing with the clothes where she tells us that the point of the outfit is the hat which makes the outfit girly, and she also comments on the boots which make her feel like a star. Later on in the park we get to see many shots of her smiling and pointing at the clouds as the cameraman takes photos of her. We then get a chance to see her walking across the street as happy as can be.

She then swings on a rope yelling Tarzan many times and says that playing in nature is fun. The first on screen question pops up asking her “Do you enjoy Hawaii?” and she responds that she likes it a lot and that she will be there 7 days and 8 nights (along with Berryz).

We then get a chance to see the shots of her wearing the dress on the beach at sundown while acting mature and serious (except for 8:09 where she gives us a big smile). The slow piano music really gives us a chance to see Chinami in a whole new light, as a mature and responsible girl.

After the photo shoot for the sundown scene she says that it’s the end of the first day of shooting. She tells us that she was really nervous about her first day of shooting, even since the day she was told she was getting a PB. She tells us that she received mail from the other Berryz Koubou members which made her really happy and that the cameraman had told her they would have good photo’s and that she can’t wait to see them.

She then tells us that the last photo shoot she did captured a face she normally doesn’t make, and she asks us to check the photos out and that tomorrow she will do her best. Then she tell’s us she is off to eat dinner as the scene fades.

Tokunaga Chinami – CHINAMI PB Making Of Pt2

Video uploaded by: BakaniShinaide1

The second day of shooting starts and we are greeted by Chinami wearing a Kalachuchi flower when she tells us that today they are going to take some bikini shots as she shows us her cute white bikini.

She comments that she hasn’t worn a bikini for 6 years so she is pretty nervous since it has been such a long time. The point of the outfit is the white color which makes it kinda cute, and after whispering to the camera that it’s cold but she will try her best the photo shoot starts.

The second day of shooting starts in the pool where she tells us that we have to be careful near the pool. After walking around the pool side she goes into the pool and poses sitting down on the poolside while the cameraman takes photos.

She then starts playing around and after saying “excercise” while kicking water with her feet another onscreen statement appears, this time telling her that “There is really no need to diet!” (I agree 100% with this statement since she looks incredible already, she doesn’t need to lose more weight).

Chinami then says that she didn’t have breakfast, only about 2 bites but after this she is going to eat. Another onscreen question that asks her “Have you gotten used to the water?” and she replies “Just a bit!” that it’s feeling a bit warmer. We then get a chance to see her on the (somewhat elevated) swing set posing for the pictures and as the scene fades she starts swinging on it.

The next scene starts with her in the pool, this time wearing a green polka dot bikini while on a pink lounge chair. We then get a chance to see her with the rainbow-colored beach ball where she starts playing catch with someone off camera. After seeing her resting on the lounge chair we get a chance to see her playing with water and she then tells us to look at the rainbow she is making with the water.

Then she comments on her outfit, specifically her sandals which are the only part of the outfit that is hers. She tells us that they combined with the outfit so she used them for the photo shoot.

We then get to see Chinami in a room laying down and posing in the doorway as the cameraman takes photos. We also get a chance to see Chinami eating the strawberry cake which is cutely eaten be Chinami.

After many cute expressions we see Chinami in the beach wearing a yellow dress and playing on the beach with the ball Frisbee where she asks the cameraman for five more minutes to continue playing after they are done with that scene.

We then get to see Chinami running (from the front and back) on the beach and as the tide comes in. After that we find Chinami on a surfboard where she tells us that it’s the end of shooting. She was really nervous and happy, but a bit uneasy when they told her she was going to have a PB, and she is relieved that she could finish it without any problems.

She is really looking forward to seeing the finished PB and she thinks that they took pictures from a look that is unique to her and she asks everyone to please check it out.

She thanks us for watching and that she will see us later (after telling us she had a delicious lunch). After saying bye and “Where am I off to?” the screen fades as she waves to the camera.

Overall the Making Of was a great chance to see Chinami being herself and having fun. Here the saying A picture is worth a thousand words applies since she didn’t get many chances to speak we did get many chances to see her. The Making Of is sort of like the PB if it were a short movie since we get a chance to see every scene and clothes she was in while every one of the pictures where taken.

The DVD was a great touch since it helps us fans to get a chance to get to know how every picture is done and the hard work that goes into each and every photo, and the extra 10 min were a great bonus for us since it allows us to see more details than usual.

If you want to see the Making Of in better quality and subbed please use the link below to download H!F’s subbed version, since it’s easier to understand and better to look at. But also please consider buying the PB since the DVD is included in it and it has the best quality of all and you can also follow along with the PB.

Link To Hello! Fansub’s subbed version of the Making Of Chinami’s PB


The PB was amazing and in my opinion one of the best in the year, and I say this not as a Chinami fan but as a fan of H!P in general. The location was a great factor for the PB since it allowed for a greater variety of photos because of the warm weather in Hawaii which allowed for bikini’s and casual summer clothes which all look great on Chii.

Chii is known for two things most of the time: her perfect smile and her legs, and while I have to admit that Chii looks great in a bikini (I am a guy after all) I mostly preferred to see how happy Chii was since she has a tendency to make people smile when they see her smile because of the genuine feeling of happiness that can be sensed from the photo’s.

Overall it’s a perfect PB, both for a Chii fan and also for an H!P fan since it shows you Chii as the main focus throughout the PB, which is something which doesn’t happen that much in PV’s or in singles. For the casual H!P fan it is a great way to get to know Chii, since PBs have a tendency, at least for me, to change my view of that person to something more positive.

Chinami has a tendency to make people feel better since her great smile and her funny personality help everyone brighten their spirits, and I truly believe that this PB captures Chii’s personality perfectly since we get to see many pictures of her as happy as can be but also a few pictures where we see her serious which both give us a look at Chii’s happy and bright, but also slightly mature, personality.

I strongly encourage everyone that can to please buy her PB since high sales means that UFA is more likely to release another one, and as we can all tell she had a lot of fun so it would be great if we got to see her again as the main focus.

2 responses

2 05 2010

Wow. Just wow! And I don’t mean the PB, although that is quite wow too; but your review and the depth and trouble you have gone to. Amazing! Thankyou so much!

2 05 2010

Thanks! ^o^

I basically want to show everyone how an entire PB looks in the hope that they might buy it themselves to support idols such as Chii ^_^

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