Morning Musume – Platinum 9 DISC Review

OK, it took me a lot of time to make this, mostly because I got the album a day ago, and because I express my full opinions on a song. Most likely you will see 12 paragraphs with opinions on the song girls and lyric distribution fairness, this will follow suit with the previews review, Naichau Kamo, the next review will be of Resonant Blue (better late than never). OK, here is the review enjoy!

Morning Musume – Platinum 9 DISC Review

OK, let’s start with the reviewing, first we have to get the album out of the packaging, which was wrapped in a peculiar manner. I didn’t get to take a photo of the packaging like the other review, but imagine the same bag in black. One comment on the packaging….YesAsia….are you sending me drugs? Seriously the package was all black and wrapped with 2 rolls of tape, and inside there was a three layers of bubble wrap, which was also wrapped in a roll of tape also, which required scissors to open. They seriously need to make their packages more innocent looking, and if they reduced their tape consumption they could lower their prices a bit. Anyway upon breaking through the tight packaging there it was:

0328090937-01Platinum 9 DISC, Limited Edition!

It was worth the weeks of wait! The cover is great, I love Michishige’s and Niigaki’s seductive look (although you can’t really see it here, there are scans everywhere in forums so you could try there if you want to see a higher quality shot, sorry for the bad cellphone picture though). Takahashi looks great with long hair, although Junjun and Linlin look kinda weird with their hair, Tanaka looks the same as always and Kameia nd Mitsui look good in long hair, but the wavy hair isn’t that great on them.

The back cover of the Single looks great, it’s like the cover of the regular single (the only thing that made me rethink my choice was the cover, the close-up group shot). I really like how everyone came out, but I think Niigaki and Sayumi could have tried some other positions, they are doing the same thing, except they interchanged the hand on face position. Linlin looks kind of weird with the hair, I really like her better with short hair, and Takahashi like always looks great, I kind of miss the long natural hair she had before though….

Here I unwrapped it and to my surprise I noted something, LinLin’s hand is cut off, much like Sudou Maasa on Daksihimete Dakshimete, JunJun got saved and Mitsui is bordering on the cut off section, for some reason all of the members in danger of cut off are 8th generation members. The dresses, like all H!P costumes, are highly noticeable and probably mass ordered, which might work for some people but I prefer costumes like Dakishimete Dakishimete where each girl had a look that was unique to her, but they still look great, blindingly shiny, but great.

This is the CD, most fans don’t get to see this a lot of the time because you have to have the CD, and because most people download from H!O they don’t really see how great it looks. The DVD has the same look, H!P isn’t that big on spending time on another cover apparently, but I guess it’s ok, if you mix them up you will probably have to try one to see if it’s the CD or not. Now on to the booklet, which features the lyrics and shots of each member every two pages, I really liked how they put the lyrics though, simple but elegant, you can catch glimpses of them on the pictures below.

Takahashi Ai: She looks great as always, the long hair really suits her

Niigaki Risa: Good thing they took that little hat/bow or whatever it was off, I really liked her hair color, and like always she has a great look.

Kamei Eri: Here she looks great, on the cover you couldn’t see her that well but it’s great that she got her own song in this album, she really deserved it. The wavy hair doesn’t suit her though, I will always picture Kamei with her straight hair.

Michishige Sayumi: Wow…that’s all I could think when I saw the picture, UFA really took the picture well, she has the same seductive look she had before but here we see her eyes better. Great that they gave her a song too.

Tanaka Reina: When you see a Tanaka Reina picture you’ve seen them all, she has the same look in all of them, but at least they did a good job taking the photo…she is still too thin, ironic that she is one of those that looks bigger with the dress on.

Kusumi Kohauru: The page didn’t want to fold, sorry about that, anyway she looks great, not like her Haromoni@ self with her rabbit teeth, here she looks extremely good, she has her smile as always which always makes me smile too, you look great Koharu!

Mitsui Aika: “More lines please, Tsunku”, she could probably be saying that as she reaches out her hand to the cameraman, hey it worked for Sayumi, it could work for her too. Her hair looks kind of weird, so does the other 8th generation members, they probably rushed them because Takahashi’s hair took a lot of time…

JunJun: Her hair is one of the puffiest things I’ve seen, it really doesn’t suit her that well, she does a really great Mini-Me impression though…

LinLin: She looks….strange, there is no other way of saying that, she looks like she will kick you if you say something about her, I prefer the short haired, boppy girl that has accent. It looks like they just tried to give her a ponytail because she looked a lot like everyone else, it would have suited JunJun better.

OK, that’s the CD cover and booklet, now on to the actual CD, I will be listening to the songs as I write about them so I might seem a bit rushed sometimes. The videos I will watch and then do a summary of each one…wait what?! There are 9 closeups and two concert performances….I’ll just review the concert performances then, I already posted something about the close-up versions here (LINK), no use summarizing the closups for each member “Linlin is staring into the camera…she’s still staring, still-Oh wait! She sang a line with three other members!….she’s back to staring…”, the songs will be more detailed though, ok let’s start!


Nice piano intro, then we hear cheap trumpet sounds (my cellphone can play more realistic trumpets) that are probably made with a $30 piano, they could have tried better. Good thing they opened with this song in the Platinum 9 DISCO concert, it really sounds good for that, although the intro sounds kind of weird, it does get better though, although there is a clear Tanaka favor. Niigaki does get some lines, which sound like 7AIR….I really liked the “Sing a song” part, followed by LinLin’s part, they seriously need to give her more lines, she’s on par with Tanaka and Takahashi now. They are using the same effects on Tanaka’s “Sing a song” part from C-ute’s Bye Bye Bye, poor Nakajima only got a few effect-free lines, but at least it sounds good when they use it on Tanaka. Like a common H!P song it has a lot of effects on the voice, which is great for some, but I would have prefered to have a few less effects. Not that great in concert, but great on album, I would recommend you listen to it if you haven’t.

2. Resonant Blue

A great song but they really messed up on the PV, it was “The Manpower!” again. Everyone knows that Tanaka, Takahashi, and Kusumi got the majority of the spotlight and lines, at least Niigaki and Kamei got chorus parts. Too bad Linlin, Junjun, and Mitsui did just dancing in this single, but at least they are getting better recognition, they stepped up from Morning Musume Egg’s to members on this single (Yes, I know they are already members, but they were really treated like Egg’s, they only danced and sang choruses). I really like the sound and the cool feel it has, and Takahashi’s chorus parts, she really has a great voice. Sayu’s “Help Me!” sounded great, I always wait until it passes before going to another song (If I’m tired), I would have liked for them to spread the lyrics better though. Great song, but the PV was extremely bad, if you’re a fan of dance shots then you will like it, if not then skip the PV and go straight to the Single.

3. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou?

I really liked this song a lot when I first heard it, mainly because it sounds a lot like Aruiteru. Compared to the song PeiPei leaked on her blog (the one meant only for audition participants) I am impressed, they really did a good job in the song effects, I liked how they start kind of slow then move on to more piano and violins, good thing they didn’t add the cheap and heavy synthesizer sounds Tsunku used a lot. JunJun’s solo sounds a lot better probably because they used a chorus, too bad LinLin’s finish is drowned out by the other members. Tsunku like always finds a way to insert his voice into everything, it’s near the end, at least we don’t have to hear him a lot, like Resonant Blue. Great song overall, a bit weak sometimes, but they later build up in the chorus, a great difference compared to the leaked song.

4. Take Off Is Now!

I really didn’t like this song when I heard it in the concert, mainly because I don’t like Reggaeton songs (I live in a place where there is a lot of those songs, it get’s on your nerves a lot), but it sounds a lot better on the album. I’m glad Niigaki is being used more in the songs, but I would have preferred Tsunku to use more realistic sounding trumpets, like stated before my cellphone can play more realistic trumpet sounds than those, even a good cheap piano came make more realistic sounds. There is a good balance of lyrics, which is always good, Tanaka and Takahashi sound good, but Niigaki’s parts sound more natural and soulful. Takahashi has a great voice and she was a great voice for this song, Tanaka also sounds good, she is easily distinguishible compared to Takahashi and Niigaki who sometimes sound alike. The end sounds like something 50 cent would use as a ringtone though…Overall great song, the concert performance I didn’t really like, but this version I really liked a lot, I would recommend it.

5. Naichau Kamo

I like this song a lot, there is some lyric disbalance, but Michishige’s solo lines are an improvement from her “Help Me!!” lines in Resonant Blue, I can almost imagine her whispering them in my ear when I hear the song. Kamei like always sings extremely well, I would have used slightly different sound effects, sometimes it sounds like I’m playing Super Mario in a battle against Bowser (the heavy beats), but at least the lines are spread more evenly with the 5th and 6th generation, would have hoped they gave Kusumi and the 8th generation lines, Kusumi seems to have lowered her voice pitch to human level for this single. I really love Niigaki’s solo, she really has a great voice, and it’s a good thing she was one of those few that got a solo before the chorus. The Kamo Kamo Kamo part really bothers me, it seems like they didn’t use a lot of imagination on that part. The chorus and voices used on the song are really great, it really makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the song, and it’s great that they sold a fair amount of singles, the PV was great compared to Resonant Blue (any PV is greater than the normal ver of Resonant Blue) I really liked the crying parts where Niigaki, Takahashi and Michishige look they are really crying, although Tanaka looks like she has a stomach cramp. Overall a great song, I hope they use it in concerts more though.

6. Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito

Mitsui’s solo song, I’ve heard it in concert and I really liked it, the intro sounds extremely techno and I’m really glad they used it. Mitsui really has a great voice, but I guess they used all of the effects on Michishige because some parts lack some effects. This song is pure H!P, they really need to release more songs like these, I had this song on repeat for some time because I really liked how the techno sounded. The song is cutesy, which really fits Mitsui, it sounds a bit something like what she would sing in “Athena and Robi-something”. I can’t wait to hear her in Guardian 4, hope she haves a lot of lines. The song is really anime and I wouldn’t be surprised if they used it sometime in the future in an anime. Great song, and if you miss the H!P sound that we all love, then I would recommend you listen to it.

7. Guruguru JUMP

Kusumi, JunJun and Linlin’s song, it starts kind of something you would hear in Mario Kart. They all unfortunately do a Kirarin voice, which is somewhat annoying (but tolerable on JunJun and LinLin), although I really like Linlin’s “Nee, nee” parts, Jun Jun really sounds cutesy and different here, which is good. If you have heard Kusumi’s Papancake then you will probably would like to brace yourselves a bit, she still doesn’t know what a normal human being sounds like, she could have taken some lessons from JunJun or Linlin who really do their lines well. There is a lot of JunJun and Linlin, this really made me think twice about what I think about Junjun, she can sing really well, compared to Onna ni Sachi Are where the lines are somewhat forced, she really sounds natural and like she’s having fun. I would recommend you listen to it a bit, for JunJun and Linlin’s parts, Kusumi’s parts are slightly more tolerable than Papancake’s, but still a bit to high.

8. Mikan

This song is hated by some and loved by others, I’m one of those who loves it, it is really great and it sounds H!P, all it needed was better promotion, appearing for some minutes on Utaban with a lame comedy duo is not great promotion (not Taka-san and Nakai-kun, although they are losing their touch a bit). This song is still one of the most played songs on my mp3 player, I really like how the lyrics are balanced out, not that many Linlin and Junjun parts, but they do get many shared lines. Niigaki and Kamei do get various lines that follow each other, which really sounds good. I really liked the interlude, much more creative than what we are seeing lately. The song really sounded epic, too bad it sold bad (Not placing on the Oricon top 5 is somewhat bad for Momusu fans). I really liked Tanaka’s parts near the end, she improvised a bit which is always good, and because I like LinLin’s face when she points to Tanaka in the PV during those lines.

9. Jounetsu no Kiss wo Hitotsu

The song sounds kindof Spanish, which reminds me of Iroppoi Jiretai, there is plenty of Niigaki, Tanaka and Takahashi. The song sounds a bit forced, like they had some 5 min to learn the lyrics, but at least the chorus sounds really good, I never knew how good Niigaki and Takahashi sound with a Spanish guitar solo in the background. The guys who made the song messed up in some parts with the cheap sounds, but they are not that prominent, which is good. I hope they sing this song in concert a lot more, it isn’t H!P sounding but it is really great as a slow song during breaks, mainly because it sounds less processed compared to other songs in the album (“It’s You” for example). Recommendable to those who liked Aruiteru, or fans of Takahashi, Niigaki or Tanaka.

10. It’s You

The intro really scares me, I really love Sayu but she sounded like she got hit in the head with the microphone before she sang. The rest of the song sounds a bit better, she doesn’t sing loud enough though, but she does sound kind of seductive, but this makes it hard to hear her sometimes. If she got Mitsui’s song then she would have sounded better, the song was kind of bad mainly because of the sing-raps, which she isn’t that great at all in singing. The song really sounds like a filler, I expected something happy and Michishige, but we got something that sounds….bad. I hope she get’s better songs in the future because she really has improved a lot, it’s time that she got a song that really showed of her skills. The least they could have done is have her raise her voice a bit, instead of lowering it and covering it with badly made effects. I wouldn’t recommend it that much, not even to Sayumi fans, they messed up a lot in this song.

11. Onna ni Sachi Are

One of the few songs where Kusumi sounds human, and Mitsui get’s a line, it was also Junjun and Linlin’s first Morning Musume single. I really liked the “Asahi yo Nobore” part, it sounds really great, it serves as a great intro to Junjun and Linlin’s part. The only thing that confuses me is why they had the girls mouth “Baka” in the PV, I guess they were angry at Tsunku because they had to dance in the middle of a Mirror Hall in a Fun House with lights shining on them. Junjun and Linlin really had an accent in this single, good thing they got rid of it, like Takahashi’s fukui accent (which sounded cute), but it also gives the song a bit of a good sound during their lines. Overall great song, a bit repetitive, but it’s still a Momusu classic.

12. Kataomoi no Owari ni

Eri’s song which really sounds cutesy, it makes Mitsui’s song sound like something Ishikawa Rika would sing with Biyuden. This is the kind of songs I would really like to hear Mano sing, it is slow, but it has techno, which she really should use sometime in her songs. Kamei really sings great, she always had a good voice and I’m glad Tsunku gave her a song. It is slightly slow, the chorus parts are the best, I can almost imagine her singing this in a bench in a park during a sunny day with wind. They kind of repeated the same song structure, which is bad sometimes, but overall they really showed everyone her song skills, and because there isn’t a lot of voice effects we can hear Kamei like we hear her live or during a concert. Kamei Eri, Good Job! Extremely recommended to Kamei fans, slightly recommended to the others, mainly because it is repetitive.

13. Kanashimi Twilight

This song was released during the time when Yoshizawa and Fujimoto ruled Morning Musume, it’s kind of weird to hear Fujimoto after so much time, but at least they included it. I like Mitsui’s solo parts, which sound a bit like Kusumi but on a good level. Fujimoto, Yoshizawa and Takahashi got most of the lines in this single, which is good because Fujimoto and Takahashi sound really great together. Niigaki’s solo line before the guitar interlude sounded really good, and I really liked the “Twilight” whispered part near that too. The lyrics are pretty much balanced, but slightly favorable in Fujimoto and Takahashi’s part. It was great to hear it again though, I usually skip it when I start listening to Morning Musume, I had forgotten how good Takahashi sang that song. Recommendable to everyone, it was one of those few songs where the beat doesn’t overpower the girls.


After putting the DVD in the laptop, and after skipping over the warning, something resembling an intro to a videogame, and the 9 solo close-up shots, I came upon these two live performances. I would have reviewed the nine solo close up shots, but they are somewhat boring because the lyrics mainly went to 5th and 6th generation members, even Kusumi only got a few lines, so please enjoy the review of the two concert performances!

1. Naichau Kamo Live 2009 Winter Concert

Wow, it was a great performance, and guess what, Michishige sings for real this time! After Kusumi somehow messed up a bit on the choreagraphy I noticed something…she must have gotten into Tsuji’s stuff  because she really had on a big bow on. Anyway th performance was great, Michishige is really improving with her live voice, in all of the Naichau performances I’ve heard this is the first time I’ve listened to her sing, and she did it well. Niigaki for some reason has a “Kamo, kamo kamo….” look, I guess she must have gotten into the music’s feel to sing better, which she always does, her solo lines were great. Junjun really needed more lines, if you put attention you could see her singing the lines without the mic (looked like she really wanted to sing those lines), I hope they distribute the lines better next time. Overall it was a great performance I would really recommend it to everyone to watch (I guess it’s on youtube or you could check other sites like H!O).

2. Renai Revolution 21 Live 2009 Winter Concert

The performance was great (although the costumes were kind of strange, they all looked like they were connected to a fluffy boa life support battery, they really should have though twice about using that many feathers and fuzz), everyone participated in it, although don’t remember I ever saw Junjun and Linlin sing solo lines, but I guess they did sing in the chorus with everyone. Niigaki like always does a great performance, she really gets into the song and gets everyone (and everywota) in the songs mood, Takahashi sings really great (like always), but she kind of resembles a Japanese Chun Li (from Street Fighter), which kind of distracted me a bit.

Kamei does an extremely sexy move during the middle of the performance which really put Takahashi’s move to shame, she is really improving her dancing a lot, Michishige sang a lot better in this song than she did in Naichau Kamo, which is good, but she could have used a little bit more work. I really liked when Niigaki and Takahashi ran from opposite sides of the stage and high fived, it really made the mood full of more energy. Overall it was a great performance, but not that different from other Renai Revolution 21 performances, just slightly better.


Overall it was a great release, I will definitely listen to it more, and I will also watch the performances more, they really made a great album and for 30+ dollars it was well worth it. They included a lot of video content, which is good for us fans, and they also showed effort (in the song department, not the synthesizer department). Extremely recommendable to everyone, download it over at JapanFiles, or buy the single of YesAsia or CdJapan.

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5 09 2010

Great review…Damn I loved all the Mittsi in this album. She’s just so amazing in my eyes!

5 02 2011

I bought Platinum 9’s Korea version (which I regret so much since the quality is not good) and I saw that the color of the CD and DVD was pink. I’m not sure of the color from your version (Japan) so can you please tell me what color is it? Aaaand the CD from Korea version is slightly different (usage of pink ) from the DVD. I wanna know if the Korea version albums normally have different CD/DVD designs for albums/singles.

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