Buono! 3rd Album “We are Buono!”

This is the review for the limited edition of Buono’s 3rd album titled We Are Buono!, their latest original album released on February 10, 2010 on their former label PONY CANYON.

This is my first review in about five months so there might be a few differences in the way I usually do reviews while I get used to writing reviews again, but for the most part my usual formula of “review every single thing I see” should be the same, so hopefully everyone enjoys it.

I will divide the review into 4 pages: introduction, CD review, content review, and conclusion, so everything should be organized well without the need for an unnecessary amount of extra pages, which should make the page load faster for some fans as well as making it easier to find something faster.

Here is the album that I will be reviewing today:

There are about 26 pictures in the review of the CD which covers every single side of the album, from the CD to the booklet, and the review of the songs on the album covers all of the 12 tracks as well as the included bonus video of the Making Of.

If you can please comment below on anything – errors, suggestions, etc, – so that I can find out what I can improve upon, but meanwhile please enjoy the review!

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4 responses

25 12 2010

The photo I got with mine was Miyabi. Although mine is the Hong-Kong/Taiwan version because I bought it from a shop in Melbourne which imports from Hong-Kong. They only difference is that I got another booklet with the Chinese translations and also the Our Songs making of has Chinese subtitles.

Also, With HMV do you get the posters? Because for S/mileage and Erina Mano’s new singles CD Japan offers the A3 posters, so I am deciding ehich I should go through. HMV is cheaper but I don’t really like EMS(not normally home so I have to go to post office), whereas CD Japan is more expensive but I prefer Airmail(leave on doorstep) and I also get posters.

WOW Long comment.

25 12 2010

I’m not sure whether you get the posters with HMV but I think you do (I haven’t bought any singles with posters though, so I’m not sure) ^_^
I would suggest you use what you like the best, I use HMV because it’s cheaper than CDJapan for me and there’s always at least one person at my house at all times, but CDJapan is my next choice after HMV because of it’s great selection and bonuses, so basically choose whichever you like best ^_^

25 12 2010

BUONO! Good review ^^

1 01 2011

Ah with my album i got Airi’s photo ^^

The thing is i bought this album at a used japanese bookstore in New York City. I was so surprised it was there! I love the album a lot thanks for the review~

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