Berryz Koubou – Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama/Ryuusei Boy

This is the review for Berryz Koubou’s 21st single titled Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama/Ryuusei Boy, which is the second double A-side released in 2009, after Seishun Bus Guide/Rival.

Ryuusei Boy is the theme song for Level 5’s Nintendo DS game “Inazuma Eleven 2 ~fire version~”, and also the 3rd ending song for the anime “Inazuma Eleven”.

I haven’t had a chance to own a Berryz Koubou single so when I heard both of the songs and liked them I instantly knew that this single would be my first Berry item.

As for why I picked the Limited A version is mostly due to my tendencies to prefer a Limited edition over the regular edition, and also because I really like how the Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama costumes look like.

Like most reviews I start with a complete review of the unpacking and then I review the contents of the single, which in this case include 4 tracks (2 normal tracks and 2 intrumentals) as well as a Close-Up ver of the Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama PV.

The single came along with 3 other CDs and a PB from HMV, and I consider myself lucky since it came in perfect condition. HMV uses the same envelope for all orders but I would have liked for them to use a box of some sort for bigger orders to protect them more since I have already had one single with the case cracked from them.

After getting a chance to examine the single well I realized that the back cover was actually the main cover, and while it was an interesting choice I can’t help but think why they chose to do it like that.

The cover on the back is the same cover they used for the Single V, and I’m glad that they used it since I really liked the cover. I also like how they added the cover for the other single since fans who like both songs won’t have to choose in only one cover since they can have both.

The cover features the titles for both of the songs in their own fonts on the top with the Berryz Koubou logo in between Miyabi and Maasa, which is great since we instantly know that the single is a double a-side.

The cover is one of my favorites, and this is mostly because I really like how the Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama costumes look since they look both classy but unique at the same time. While the costumes are the same for everyone there are some small differences among them, such as the hairstyles and the accessories.

The back cover on the other hand features the girls wearing the Ryuusei Boy costumes, which are exactly alike for all of the girls,while traveling at high speed through space.

The application card doesn’t let us fully see the costumes but I took a clearer picture without the card which is near the end of the unpacking pictures.

When you open up the single you are greeted by the lyric sheet and the DVD, and you can instantly notice that they seemed to divide the space and love theme equally since the lyrics sheet has a space theme and the CD has the heart theme from Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama.

For the most part the lyric sheet looks better than the usual H!P sheets since it has a background which fits with the rest of the CD instead of only having one solid color.

The DVD is one of the best I have seen in a while mostly because the peach color goes well with the 5 hearts they added. I also like how they added the two titles on the DVD, although it might be a bit confusing to some since it only features one PV.

After turning over the DVD you get a chance to see the actual CD with a nicely decorated background image on the other side.

The image features the cloth from the costumes and a golden rose, which looks impressing when it’s magnified.

The CD has the same cover as the DVD, and in general it fits more on the CD since it has both of the tracks in it. I like how the Berryz logo looks on the CD, and while the only difference between the DVD and the CD is a small [CD] or [DVD] it was still great for them to have the theme on both CDs.

Here are all of the contents of the single with the application card on the top and the lyrics sheet on the bottom.

The group picture on the lyrics sheet looks impressing mostly because of the great background image and also because of the way the elegant way the names look underneath the girls.

As for the poses I like how Chinami, Kumai, Maasa, Miyabi and Momo do great somewhat sexy poses, and I wish I could say the same for Saki but she looks like she is sunbathing in the studio lights while standing up.

Here is a clearer image of the back cover where you can see that the Single V cover is exactly the same, and if you turn the CD 45 degrees to the right it is also the cover of the Limited B edition of the single.

I like how they used the image of them flying through outer space from the PV since it was one of the parts that stood out the most, and I’m also glad that they included the cover since it was great idea to have both covers for the two a-side’s.

Overall I was impressed with how well the single looks, since they added not only the classy looks of the Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama costumes and PV, but also the outer space theme from the Ryuusei Boy on the lyrics sheet and the back cover.

So after admiring the single I decided to move unto the songs, and since there are only two tracks (the other two are instrumentals) I will review only them and the PV that was included on the DVD.

Like all of my reviews I listen to the song two times and write my opinion during the song, so some sentences might end abruptly and others might have a completely different idea, so I apologize beforehand if they don’t make much sense.


1. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-Sama

The start of the song is full of synthesizer but I like how it has somewhat of a heavy beat but not that much. Sugaya starts off the song and I have to admit that her voice fits in well in the song since her lines sound perfect as always. After Risako the next to sing is Miyabi who gets a big part in this song she gets the the last “Choudai” and also many solo lines, and I can see why since her voice sounds perfect as well.

Momo is the next one to sing and like always her voice is easily identifiable because of her high singing, and as a Momo fan I have to admit that she did incredibly well singing since her lines were almost always in tune and also because the last line before the chorus sounded fantastic.

Yurina is one of the members who gets solo lines but spends most of the time on the sides, and while her lines were perfect I would have liked to hear more of her since her soft voice would have fit in well with the song.

Like most songs Captain, Chii and Maasa didn’t get solo lines, but they did get a lot of chances to appear on the PV and also do an incredibly good chorus along with the rest of the group, although I hope that on the next single Tsunku can give them some more lines.

The song has a hard to describe sound that is unique, this is mainly due to some of the girls repeating the last word they said three times after their lines.

Overall I loved this song since it features a great beat, a unique song structure with the girls repeating the last word they said after they sang their lines, and also a synthesizer instrumental that is heavy but not that overwhelming.

2. Ryuusei Boy

The song starts off with a great disco sound, and the singing immediately starts after a short time, which is great since that means that there is more of the actual song than just instrumental.

The first to sing is Miyabi who does a perfect job of singing her lines, even though they are somewhat short when compared to the A-side. Sugaya follows Miyabi, and she does an incredible job as always.

Momo is the only member that gets to do a duet during the chorus and also gets a solo line, which isn’t that surprising because of her unique voice tone.

Chinami and Kumai get to sing a chorus line together, and while that sounds a bit disappointing (since they didn’t get solo lines) it couldn’t be farther from the truth since both of their voices mix perfectly. Momo and Maasa are next with another chorus, and I am amazed at how well they both sounded together since it seemed that they both sing exactly alike.

The disco sound was somewhat unexpected but the synthesizer sound complemented it well, especially during the chorus. Overall this song is perfect for Berryz since it gives everyone a chance to sing and stand out while still preserving the catchy rhythm that Berryz is known for.


Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama (Close-Up Ver)

Like most Close-ups we get a chance to see all of the girls during the start before the singing starts, but this time there is a big difference: each of the girls gets a unique set and a camera moving during the Close-up. The camera doesn’t move as much as the one in Kimagure Princess but instead it moves slowly from side to side around the girls.

All of the girls are sitting in a chair while they sing, but each one of them gets a different kind of chair which often includes either an armchair, a sofa like chair, a plastic chair or a stool. Not surprisingly the type of chair seems to depend on the amount of lines the girls get since Risako, Momo and Miyabi get really comfortable looking chairs (especially Risako) while the other members seem to be sitting in a small plastic chair or a stool.

The times Sugaya appeared were great since she smiled and sang to the camera, although she looked a bit confused during the beginning since she seemed to be looking at the two cameras wondering which was recording her.

Miyabi looked extremely tired during her shots, and it seems that she needed some sleep since she even missed a part of her second line during the song and she seemed to look down a lot with a tired expression.

Momo smiled a lot during her close-up shots but she only seemed to do it when she was singing, since many times she looked calm and serious while looking toward a wall or to the side. Chinami like always showed us a great smile even when she wasn’t singing, and I have to admit that she looked incredible during her shots since she always looked directly at the camera and smiled.

Maasa seemed to be calm throughout the song, and while she did smile sometimes she mostly looked at the camera and sang her line then continued to stare. Captain did her best to smile throughout the song and she always smiled wider when it was her turn to sing, which is great since it shows how excited she was to sing.

Kumai did an incredible job since she looked down while singing then looked at the camera while smiling, which was incredibly cute. During most part of the PV the girls got a chance to sit and look throughout the room while they weren’t singing and I have to admit that it added a bit of natural feeling to the PV.

During the interlude the girls got a chance to play with some objects that were on a desk near them, such as Miyabi holding up sunflowers, Risako posing cutely with a small toy dog, or Kumai holding a bear. Some members didn’t, such as Captain who simply looked to the side for a while until she was about to sing where she smiled, or Maasa who stared at the floor, or Momo who looked like she had fallen asleep.

Chinami was about to hold an object after she looked at the cameraman who told her to hold something, and I thought that moment was incredibly cute since she giggled as she looked down at the desk with the flowers.

Overall the PV was amazing since it was a unique close-up version of the PV because of the camera movements and the varied setting for each member. Hopefully future close-ups are similar to this one since it sets a great example for a close-up shot that is more exciting than a simple “stare at the camera” shot.


Berryz Koubou’s 21st single is among the few double a-sides released by H!P and I am glad to say that they did an incredible job with it. Both of the songs have a different style which manages to be completely different instrumentally but somehow alike by the typical Berryz sound we are used to hearing.

I’m glad that at least one of the songs had more evenly spread out lines since it is common knowledge that popular songs are not always fair in distribution since the popular members are the ones who sing more, but Ryuusei Boy managed to spread it out more evenly by featuring  two members singing instead of 3 or more at the same time during some parts of the chorus.

The costumes for Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama where some of the best I have seen in a while since they look classy but still cute and they also features small differences among the members, whether it be a hat or just a different hairstyle, and the Ryuusei Boy costumes combined well with the space theme from the PV because of the summer dress look it had.

The CD’s themselves are also among the best I have seen in H!P since the themes for both songs are found equally among the CD and the covers.

It was no surprise to hear that the single became their 2nd best selling because of the extra promotion from the anime tie in and the great sound of the songs. And despite it being released a long time ago it still continues to chart on Oricon after 7 weeks.

Overall I would highly recommend this single to anyone since the song and the PV’s are some of the best from H!P because of the camera movements and the interesting themes that were featured in the PV as well as the songs themselves.

3 responses

2 01 2010

As always I’m in awe at all the work you put into your blog and all the reviews and everything! This is very well done so please keep up all that great work.
Just some general encouragement (^v^)… cause evryone likes to be praised.

3 01 2010

Thanks ^_^

I try my best to work as much as I can on my blog and it’s great to know that people like the content in this blog since it does take some effort to get everything done.

But I do it with a smile on my face since it means that I’m helping other H!P fans to get a better understanding of Hello! Project and all of its groups.

So again many thanks for the encouragement ^_^

19 06 2010


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