Tanaka Reina

Tanaka Reina (田中れいな)

  • Nicknames: Reinachan
  • Birthdate: November 11, 1989
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
  • Sign: Scorpion
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 152.4 cm
  • Favorite Food: Yakiniku
  • Talents: Make friends and make funny faces.
  • Favorite Morning Musume Songs: Say Yeah ~Motto Miracle Night~, Shabondama, I WISH
  • Hobbies: Karaoke, volleyball, people-watching, texting and e-mail
  • Specialty: Making friends laugh
  • Habits: “I clap my hands when I laugh…”
  • Favorite words:
    • あ~ね!! (aa ne!! – “ah, hey!!”)
    • え~!? (ee!? – “whaat!?”)
  • Favorite food: Cartilage, broccoli, enoki mushrooms, chocolate
  • Disliked food: Green bell peppers
  • Favorite colors: Yellow, red, pink, black, white
  • Favorite flowers: Sunflowers
  • Favorite seasons: Spring, autumn
  • Favorite songs of Morning Musume:
    • 01 – Shabondama
    • 02 – SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~
    • 03 – Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan
    • 04 – Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~
    • 05 – Koi no Dance Site
  • Skills: Can play without sleep
  • Motto: If you’re allowed to be yourself, you won’t do bad things to people!
  • Favorite words: Otsukareina, “GanbaReina”
  • Favorite colors: Pink

Tanaka Reina’s professional first name is spelled in hiragana to differ her from the Japanese actress Rena Tanaka whose name is the same in kanji because their first names can be pronounced both as “Reina” and “Rena” and who is similarly from Fukuoka Prefecture.

Tanaka auditioned for a spot in Morning Musume’s 5th Generation in 2001 and passed but had to leave the training camp when it was found that she was underage. She attempted again in 2002 for a position in the 6th Generation and passed along with members Kamei Eri and Michishige Sayumi, making Tanaka the only member who auditioned twice to get in.

She then provided the main vocals for the single Shabondama, making her one of the few members of Morning Musume who was able to lead on her debut single. In 2008, Tanaka became a member and a leader of Hello Project’s new unit High-King.

On November 11, 2009 it was announced that Reina would be a Seiyuu (voice actress) in a series titled Kaito Reinya which was featured a main character which was based on Tanaka herself.

On July 2009 it was revealed that High King was going to be brought back with all of it’s original members.


  • The kanji characters for her name (田中麗奈) are the same as the ones for the Japanese actress Tanaka Rena. To avoid confusion, Tanaka adopted hiragana symbols (れいな) for her first name when she joined Morning Musume.
  • She originally auditioned for Morning Musume during the Love Audition 21 auditions for the fifth generation members and was even featured on the MUSIX page. She is the only member to audition twice to get into Morning Musume.
  • During the fifth generation auditions for Morning Musume, Tanaka was not old enough to audition. She added one year to her age and lied about how old she was, but she knew she wouldn’t make it very far. She made it to the training camp but her true age was revealed and she was expelled from the audition. During the sixth generation auditions, Tanaka had doubts about passing the audition due to her previous mishap, but nevertheless, she ended up as a sixth generation member of Morning Musume.
  • She was the 1,803rd candidate out of the 12,417 candidates that auditioned in Morning Musume LOVE Audition 2002.
  • Tanaka has always had the reputation of a yankii (a rebel) since her first audition for Morning Musume, when she had blonde hair. The fact that she also wore shirts with skulls and dragons, and had a tendency to wear a lot of purple clothing, also furthered this yankii image with fans.
  • Around the time of her debut, purikura photos surfaced that showed her devotion to the boy group FLAME. Rumors went around that she had only joined Morning Musume so that she could become famous and get recognized by FLAME member Izaki Hisato, her crush (based on something that Tanaka herself wrote and made it on the web).
  • Niigaki Risa is the one who chiefly calls her “Tanakacchi.”
  • Iida Kaori was the first to use “07” to refer to Tanaka (in an episode of Hello! Morning where she wrote her “07” on a flip card to identify Tanaka in a guessing game). Since then, “07” had been printed on her sleeves in some concerts, and other members such as Yoshizawa Hitomi and Fujimoto Miki have used “07” when writing.
  • Has five cats. Their names are King, Neo, Chea, Peach, and Ruby. King is the only cat that has been shown on TV.
  • As seen in fellow 6th generation member Kamei Eri’s Love Hello DVD, Kamei bought her a wooden cat as a present.
  • In a 2004 interview, she said that her rival was Goto Maki. But she explained further that she just wants to become like her.
  • In a 2008 episode of Music Fighter, she claimed to hope to become Morning Musume’s leader.
  • She, along with former Taiyo to Ciscomoon member Kominato Miwa, are the only two Hello! Project members to come from Kyushu.
  • When she was younger, she performed Minimoni’s “Minimoni. Jankenpyon!” with a group of friends in a school talent show.
  • She stated that “Shabondama” is the song that gives her energy in concerts and “NATURE IS GOOD!” is the most suitable song for herself.
  • These are her opinions of the characters of the other Morning Musume members:
    • Takahashi Ai: Serious
    • Niigaki Risa: Secure
    • Kamei Eri: Soft
    • Michishige Sayumi: Cutesy
    • Kusumi Koharu: Kirarin-chan
    • Mitsui Aika: Cheerful
    • Junjun: She talks fast
    • Linlin: She’s like a Japanese doll
  • These are the other members’ opinions on Tanaka’s character:
    • Takahashi: Hardworking
    • Niigaki: Ike Ike girl (Does what she wants)
    • Kamei: Fastidious about everything
    • Michishige: Pure
    • Kusumi: Knowledgeable
    • Mitsui: Osshaa!!!!
    • Junjun: Wants/Loves to win
    • Linlin: Aesthetic





5 responses

10 10 2009
Ni Yu Xuan

Keep going Tanaka Reina

13 03 2010

tanaka san !!!!
kawaii !!!
ganbateee !!!

17 06 2010

I really love her caracter and she is always cute on the Momusu’s PV’s <3
Her voice also isn't bad at all !! ^_^

3 07 2010

Tanaka Reina, Jun Jun and Michishige Sayumi are the most beautiful flowers in Morning Musume. XIII

12 07 2010

Reina so cute . XD

I want her .

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