Okai Asuna

Okai Asuna (岡井明日菜)

  • Nicknames: Assuu (あっすー), Asunan (あすなん)
  • Birthday: May 14,1996
  • Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
  • Height: About 142cm
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Blood type: A
  • Special skill: Drawing, can ride 5 laps on sports ground with a unicycle
  • H!P Member She Wants To Be Like: Goto Maki
  • Favorite Food: Melon, Potato Chips
  • Siblings: Chisato Okai (ºC-ute)
  • Dislikes: Insects
  • Favorite Food: Crab, melon
  • Least Favorite Food: Eggplant, cauliflower
  • Looks Up To: Niigaki Risa

Okai Asuna joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello! Pro Egg in June 2004 when she passed the auditions alongside thirty-two other girls.


  • Eats bread for breakfast.
  • Has a habit of referring to herself as “Asuna”.
  • Her favorite spot is at the top of her two-floored bed.




2 responses

26 06 2011

I just know that Assuu-san graduated o.o
but .. for now where was she going to be ?

26 06 2011

I’m not sure ^_^;;;

She graduated without many fans knowing so most likely she will go back to having a normal life and going to school.

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