Lin Lin

Lin Lin (リンリン)

  • Real Name: Qian Lin (銭琳)
  • Nicknames: Lin-chan, Linko
  • Birthdate: March 11, 1991
  • Birthplace: Hangzhou, China
  • Height: 153 cm
  • Hobbies: Singing, acting, MC-ing, imitations, dance, piano, guitar, swimming
  • Skills: Impressions, touching her nose with her tongue, magically piercing her ears with her finger
  • Motto: If your heart wishes it, you can do anything.
  • Favorite food: Fruit, seafood, crepes
  • Favorite words: YEAH
  • Favorite colors: White, red, black

Lin Lin was announced to be joining as the eighth generation of Morning Musume on March 15, 2007. She is one of the two members in the history of Morning Musume that is not of a Japanese origin (the other being Jun Jun).

When Lin Lin was in the second grade of elementary school (1999), she was scouted by a local television station. Since then, she has been active in the entertainment industry, appearing in many television dramas and other shows as a host.

Through the recommendation of a friend of Tsunku, the producer of Hello! Project (which Morning Musume is under), Lin Lin joined Hello! Project as a part of Hello! Project Eggs.

On March 15, 2007, she (along with Jun Jun) was officially announced to be joining the eighth generation of  Morning Musume, as a “foreign student”. After seeing her perform at concerts, Tsunku was impressed and believes that she and Jun Jun will be key for Morning Musume’s planned expansion into Asia in 2007.

Three days later, on March 18, 2007, she made her Japanese television debut on Hello! Morning. Within the same week, she moved to Tokyo, Japan.

On June 2, 2009 it was announced by Tsunku that Linlin would be the leader of the new group Shin Minimoni which also includes Hello! Pro Egg’s Fukuda Kanon, Takeuchi Akari, and Miyamoto Karin.

After Morning Musume’s appearance at the Shanghai 2010 Expo Lin Lin along with fellow Morning Musume member Jun Jun, Berryz Koubou member Natsuyaki Miyabi and former Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu formed a unit which will perform in Shanghai on June 22 – 23. The units name will be revealed at their performance.

On 8/8 it was announced that Lin Lin, along with Kamei Eri and Jun Jun were to graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project at the end of Morning Musume’s Concert Tour 2010 ~Rival Survival~ tour on 12/12.

Lin Lin will continue to sing and be a talent in China after her graduation.


  • She is the only member to not have initially auditioned for Morning Musume. Fujimoto Miki was discovered at the fourth generation auditions before joining in 2003, and fellow Chinese member Junjun auditioned in Beijing.
  • She has been commended by both fans and Tsunku himself for her strong vocals during ballads.
  • She stated in a DVD Magazine that she wakes up every morning and looks in the mirror and laughs. This supposedly keeps her in a good mood for the rest of the day.
  • Niigaki Risa compared Linlin’s liveliness to that of Ishikawa Rika.


7 responses

12 12 2009

LinLin’s birthday is the 11 of March, 1991^^
You can see on ^^

12 12 2009

Fixed, thanks for correcting me ^_^

1 06 2010

Can you put LinLin’s height? Please? ^_^

1 06 2010

Sure, I just added it ^_^

8 06 2010

Thanks for adding Linlin’s height :D

24 06 2010

It’s weird i have never heard her sing as strong as it’sbeen said in the trivia ….
I wonder why ?

24 06 2010

Well she never gets a chance to sing except for her solo song on the Chanpuru album and on b-sides, so that might be why XD

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