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This section contains profiles from current Hello! Project groups and members, specifically Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, S/mileage, Buono!, SI*NA, Ice Creamusume, Frances & Aiko, and H!P Eggs.



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24 12 2010

Are you going to add Kamei, Jun Jun and Lin Lin to the graduated list? To show MM as a 5 nin or are you waiting til the 9th generation is announced in January?

24 12 2010

I just added them to the graduated list ^_^
Thanks for reminding me ^o^

15 01 2011

You should minus Kikkawa Yuu and Sengoku Minami out of H!PE because they were finished the training~ ^_^

16 03 2011

I Wish I Was In The Morning Musume Member List. That Would Be A Dream Come True.

3 05 2011

That would be my dream, too! It would be so awesome to be members!

29 06 2011

You Could Now!~ They Have Auditions. Are You Auditioning?

23 07 2011

Sadly, no. I might try for 11th gen. You?

9 04 2011

When Are You Gonna Add Dream Morning Musume? Cuz Now Its A Group.

9 04 2011

Sorry I have been really busy lately, but I will try and add them by today or tomorrow ^o^

10 04 2011

Is Dream Morning Musume even with Hello!Project or just in the UFA? I didn’t think they would be considered since they won’t be performing at any of the H!P concerts,

10 04 2011

Dream Morning Musume would be under UFA since none of the members are in H!P anymore ^_^

19 04 2011

Also, Isnt Ice Creamusume Disbanded? I Listen To Them A Lot But I Dont See Them On H!P. Do You Kno The Reason?

19 04 2011

They seem to have released one album and disappeared as time went by, and since Pei Pei is rumored to have gotten married (according to her Facebook) and Rei Rei has a boyfriend (the last time we heard from her) it seems that Ice Creamusume did disband, most likely because UFA saw that they weren’t as popular as they thought they would be and they instead focused on Frances and Aiko.

2 05 2011

Can you update the list of the current eggs?

2 05 2011

Of course, I am currently focused on updating this site but school has taken quite a bit of time lately so I haven’t been able to update ^_^;;;

I’m really sorry for the delay but I will make sure to update the list as soon as possible ^o^

8 05 2011

Can you change the Hello!Project sign the one on top when ever you click profiles? Some people in C-ute and Morning Musume graduated and I see Erika and Kanna in there too.

28 05 2011

wow where did all the eggs go ??
where did chisa’s sister go ???

29 05 2011

@ KamKami:

They have all left, most of them without any announcement. Asuna Okai has probably left in or after November 2010 as she had appeared at the last egg concert in that month, but nowhere after it (she has also not been on stage as an egg in the H!P winter tour).

As some other fans and I found out it has been like this:

1. Anri Tanaka, Mia Sainen and Momoka Komine have left H!P in or after June 2010 (the second last egg concert). Anri Tanaka seems to be studying now and has got a blog on Ameba.

2. Irori Maeda, Asuna Okai and Tomomi Hirano have left in or after November 2010 (last egg concert). Tomomi was listed a “participating”, but nowhere in the concert’s setlist. So she probably just said goodbye and finished her university studying. As most of us know, Irori has joined AKBN0 as 5th gen member a bit more than a month ago (and has got a blog on Ameba)..

3. Runa Kizawa shot the “Seishun no Serenade” PV together with Erina Mano and the other eggs Minami Sengoku, Rie Kaneko and Ayano Satou, but she seems to have left after it as she had not been part in the H!P winter tour 2011.

On the winter tour 2011, there have only been 11 eggs on stage:
– Mizuki Fukumura who has then joined Morning Musume and who officially finished egg training a few days after January 2nd 2011.
– Akari Saho who has finished egg training in April and joined Up-Front Girls/UFZS at the beginning of this month (May).
– Jang Dayun/Da Yeon, who was added to the eggs
– the other 11 eggs that are shown above: Rie Kaneko, Akari Takeuchi (both 4th gen), Karin Miyamoto (5th gen), Rina Katsuta (7th gen), Sayuki Takagi, Nanami Tanabe (both 8th gen), Nagasawa Wakana and Haruka Kudou (both 9th gen)

The other eggs had, beginning with Minami Sengoku on December 21st 2010, officially finished their egg training step by step. It had been announced officially by H!P in each case.

– Yuu (now written You) Kikkawa is now a soloist, nearly everybody says (& I also believe) that she is UFA only. It’s not clear yet what is going to be done with her now as her debut single has been published recently.

– Minami Sengoku, Saki Mori, Konatsu Furukawa, Sekine Azusa, Manami Arai and Satou Ayano are now the Up-Front Girls/UFZS together with Akari Saho. They share a blog on Ameba.

– Sayaka Kitahara has been transferred to Tight Pro Corp, which is either a related or a sub agency of/to UFA. She voices a character in a Inazuma Eleven Anime and sings an ending of it under the name of the character that she voices.

29 05 2011

oops. it should have been “the other 8 eggs”, not 11 XD

6 06 2011

Ado, can you add each member’s official color? Thank you!

12 07 2011

wheres the Other EGGS? Like Mogi Minami and stuff.

12 07 2011

The new Eggs are still too new for me to make an entry for them since I only know their name’s and there aren’t that many pictures of them around, but once we get good profile pictures for them and a somewhat clearer profile featuring info about their birthday, birthplace, etc I will make their profiles ^_^

12 08 2011

where r hangry and angry

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