This section lists all of the groups created in Hello! Project that are now inactive. They are listed according to year in which they were created, the picture used in each profile doesn’t always relate to the year (for example Tanpopo with a picture of the last lineup of Tanpopo).

Note: The following groups (mostly the new shuffle groups) will have profiles created and will be moved to the active H!P section once they release at least one single, meanwhile they will be grouped with their respective groups:

  • Pucchimoni V
  • ZYX-α
  • Tanpopo #
  • Shin Minimoni
  • Aa! (new line-up)
  • Zoku Biyuuden

High King will also be moved if they release another single or they do something else that suggests they will be active.


2 responses

13 08 2010

I think you forgot Buono! ^^

13 08 2010

Actually this section is for groups that are no longer active ^_^

Since Buono is currently having a concert tour they are still under the Hello! Project profile section ^_^

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