Anchii/Zhong An Qi

Anchii (アンチー)

  • Real name: 鍾安琪 (Zhong An Qi)
  • Taiwanese nickname: 安琪 (An Qi)
  • Japanese nickname: アンチー (Anchii)
  • Flavour: Coffee (brown)
  • Birthday: July 23, 1989
  • Blood type: B

Zhong An Qi, better known in Japan as Anchii, is the sub-leader of Ice Creamusume. She was announced as a winner of the Taiwan Hello! Project New Star Auditions on September 20, 2008 along with the other members of Ice Creamusume.


  • Anchii was eliminted early in the New Star auditions, but was brought back for a Wildcard Round where previously eliminated girls were given another chance. She was once again kicked off, but chosen along with six other girls (including ReiRei) to attend a training camp. She was chosen by Tsunku from the camp.
  • Anchii and ReiRei first met at the training camp.
  • Anchii attends Shu-de Technical College as a Performance Arts Major. She is in the first graduating class of the Performance Arts Major, and was on the Freshman Cheerleading team.


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