Mobekimasu Single Announced, Titled “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku”

28 08 2011

A new single for all of the Mobekimasu members within H!P has been announced. It will be titled Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku (Not ugly philsophy/A philosophy that doesn’t get ugly).

The single will come in 7 different editions, one regular and Limited A, B, C, D, E and F, which will each respectively feature as a c/w a song by a different group, and all of the editions (including regular) come with a special ticket for a handshake and live event.

There was no mention weither the 10th generation members will be participating in this single as a part of Momusu or not (although they should have entered the group by then), but it’s being said that Ai-chan won’t be in this release and that the new S/mileage sub-members will take part in it.

When I first saw the news, I have to say that I was very surprised since I didn’t expect seeing a Mobekimasu release this year because of all of the changes H!P groups undertook, from the 9th generation auditions to the S/mileage’s new members,etc… but I can’t help but think that this single may be released because of those events, to promote H!P in general and probably boost sales for all of the groups.

Even though we have no info apart from the fact that all of the groups will be participating in this which is already a huge event, as well as the release date and the title, we can still see from the title that means something like Not ugly philosophy that the song will probably be something uplifting and happy to boost everyone’s spirits since it would be kind of weird to have a Mobekimasu release turning out to be a sad or fierce song, even though everything is possible.

Apart from that, I’m really excited about getting more information concerning this release, mostly weither there will be a PV for this single or not since it’s an amazing chance to see all of the members together again (this happened back when the song One for All and All for One was released), and I also would like to know weither the c/w’s will be the main song sung by each group or a different c/w for each edition that belongs to a different group.

Overall, I’m highly excited about this release since this is a very important event that doesn’t happen very often within H!P, and I’m impressed by the effort UFA is putting into promoting H!P groups right now.

Hopefully more details will be out soon so that fans can start reserving their copies since it seems like a perfect release that will please every H!P fan thanks to the special feature of different c/ws, that way everyone can pick their favorite group and reserve a copy of the appropriate edition.

The release date is set for 11/16.

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“C-ute Concert Tour 2011 Spring Chou! ~Chou Wonderful!~” DVD Cover Released

22 08 2011

The DVD cover for C-ute’s 2011 spring concert tour titled C-ute Concert Tour 2011 Spring Chou! ~Chou Wonderful!~ has been released.

The cover is really bright and colorful mostly thanks to the title that’s taking almost the whole bottom of the cover without distracting from the members, but also thanks to their Momoiro Sparkling outfits that are full of colors and patterns, and I really like how they seem to play on C-ute’s colorful image that has been convayed in the past 2 singles and in this concert tour since it fits the happy image they are having recently.

The title of the tour is really one of my favorites since it’s really colorful and written in a nice futuristic font that reminds me of their album’s cover that has the same name, and they chose to put a montage of pictures of each member singing in rectangular boxes with colorful borders that are colored according to the title, and I really like how they are posititonned since unlike other covers, this pattern allows every girls to have her share and we don’t see anyone outstanding the other or having a bigger picture.

Overall, I really like this cover since it follows the image C-ute is having recently with everythin being bright and colorful, and the combination of the title that’s separated from the girls by a white halo and the girl’s happy expressions make a perfect match.

Hopefully everyone who was able to catch this concert when it was streamed on YouTube will want to own a copy of the DVD, and I recommend all C-ute fans to reserve a copy since this is one of C-ute’s best concerts thanks to the awesome setlist it had and their amazing energy.

The release date is set for 9/28.

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C-ute – “Idai na Chikara wo!” Radio Preview Released

21 08 2011

The full radio preview for C-ute’s 17th single’s B-side titled Idai na Chikara wo! has been released.

Since the title of the song could have been translated in many different ways letting us expect either a happy and energetic song or an upbeat strong one, it seems that it’s a very happy and uplifting song that I’m sure will be perfect to perform at concerts thanks to the upbeat instrumental and the many ways the public could interact with the girls through.

The song has some kind of mexican music feeling with the drums, the clapping  and the sound that’s similar to the maracas in the chorus specially, so it is something really new and unique, and what I like about this song is that it’s really catchy thanks to the many Say Yeah! that the girls each say one after the other, and the cute additions everywhere such as the calm lines without instrumental near 1:54 that really break the monotone rythm, or the cute additions of the girls shouting different things during the song such as Ikuyou and Go!

Another thing that caugh my attention was the music break that is really different from usual music breaks in songs: we usually get the same instrumental with a more upbeat sound and fierce feeling while this time we get a very slow and calm break with an astonishing mix of voices singing “Chalalala” (similar to Christmas carols) followed by a very upbeat and lively music that really make this song a lot more special, also notice the video game music near the end and the weird finish of the song that’s really weird in a good way.

Overall, this really has to be my favorite B-side from C-ute this year, and as much as I was impressed by their latest one FARAWAY, this is one perfect example at how 2 happy songs can be different in many ways, making the 2 songs for this single a perfect match.

Hopefully everyone can enjoy listening to the song and probably purchase a copy to support C-ute into continuing to do such an awesome variety in their songs.

The release date is set for 9/7.

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Kumai Yurina and Suzuki Airi’s “Ousama Game” Navigate DVD Cover Released

19 08 2011

The cover for the Navigate DVD for Kumai Yurina and Suzuki Airi’s upcoming movie titled Ousama Game has been released.

First I would like to remind everyone that this is only the Navigate DVD, which means that it’s the making of showing scenes of how the movie was made, not the movie itself, but it’s safe to say that the movie DVD will have a similar look.

That being said I really like the way the cover looks since we get to see the main stars of the movie (the guy next to Kumai, Kumai and Airi) along with the other actors in their roles, with a strong focus on Berryz Koubou and C-ute members in the first two rows. Apart from the normal school lineup of the actors they added a red tint over most of the cover, which is a pretty cool effect since it adds to the horror theme.

I’m not sure if the members that are in the white space have any kind of significance to the story since it might refer to them as being among the few who have a large role in the story, but what I do know for sure is that the white outline of a person behind Risako will probably be important since it suggests that the main antagonist of the story is a member of the class, although I don’t know much about the story so I don’t know for sure.

The title is in gold and really easy to see, with the words “Navigate” in white at the bottom, so it’s safe to say that this is a very eye catching cover, although the only complaint I can see is that the red tint is a bit overpowering since it’s somewhat hard to tell who is who at a glance (everyone in the middle is recognizable, but since Chisa is at the end of the row I couldn’t tell if it was her or someone else).

Despite that the cover is impressive and perfect for this horror release, and while the horror theme is a bit overused I am really looking forward to this release since it has an interesting story, but hopefully anyone who is interested in finding out just how the movie is made will get a copy of this release since we will probably wait for the movie a few months more.

The release date is set for 11/3. Site

Hello! Channel vol.6 Titled “Hello Channel vol.6 ~Morning Musume Takahashi Ai Sotsugyou Special~”

19 08 2011

The full title for Hello! Channel’s sixth release has been revealed to be Hello Channel vol.6 ~Morning Musume Takahashi Ai Sotsugyou Special~.

Since this will be Ai-chan’s last appearance in the mook it’s not that surprising to see that she is the main theme since almost every other release for Hello! Project has some kind of mention of her name in honor of her, and while it might not be that creative to name every release “Takahashi Ai Graduation Special” it’s still a great way for everyone to remember the large impact she has had in Hello! Project with this title.

Apart from the title there isn’t much else to update about since most of the activities that I mentioned last time will be included, along with a mention of the new S/mileage “sub” members and the regular activities, although I expect to see a slight focus on Ai-chan throughout the entire release.

Hopefully everyone can reserve their copy since this will most likely be the most important Hello! Channel release yet.

The release date is set for 9/23.

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New C-ute Profile Pictures For “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko”

18 08 2011

C-ute’s official website has been updated with profile pictures for their 17th single titled Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko.

We already got to see the group profile picture being released a little while back, and I’m glad to see that we finally get the individual profile pictures before the single’s release since it allows all fans to check out the girls and the cover outfits a little more, and I have to say that I’m amazed by their simplicity and how they make the girls stand out.

Since all of them have similar white outfits consiting of a top and shorts, I’m going to focus more on the little details that add to each girl’s outfit and overall look such as the hairstyle, accessories, differences in cuts, etc…

Maimi’s outfit seems to have a touch of blue in it since her long top is from a pale blue that’s assorted to the bottom of her short, alongside white banded sandals that go up to her ankles, and it seems to suit her perfectly since this way, we can focus more on her cute facial expression and her pose in both pictures where she looks really amazing thanks to her now longer hair, her angelic expression and her beautiful smile.

Nakky is really amazing in both pictures since she seems to have opted for the “shy look” through her poses by holding one hand next to her back in the close-up picture and crossing her legs cutely in the full-body shot, and I have to say that she looks really beautiful in this and her outfit made of a long fluid top alongside some pale blue shorts and more open sandals than Maimi make her stand out and makes us focus on her poses and smile.

Airi, as usual, is looking really gorgeous in her outfit since it seems like they focused more on showing her long legs thanks to a high-waisted designed short and a lower white top, and she really does an incredible job in both pictures showing us her cute side in the first and her playful side while smiling in the second.

Chisato is the one standing out the most for me, mostly thanks to her hair color and her more complicated hairstyle compared to the other member’s loose hairstyles, and she really seems to be enjoying herself since she’s smiling widely in both pics, looking extremely cute in the close-up, and her pose in the second picture seems really careless and happy. Her overall outfit is much simpler than the others and she’s the only one wearing compensated heels.

Maimai seems to have regained her role of baby of the group thanks to her hairstyle mostly and her outfit which is the only one containing a soft pink shade in it, and while I really like how the pigtails look on her, I like a little less her outfit since she looks kind of awkward in it in the full-body shot, but nonetheless, I like how they gave her a unique look while staying in the overall simple and pure theme all of the girls have.

Overall, I really am amazed by how well the simplicity of these outfits make each girl shine since it’s a total clash with the colorful outfits used in the PV, so hopefully everyone can reserve a copy of the single soon!

The release date is set for 9/7.

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Yajima Maimi – “a rainy day” DVD Preview Released

16 08 2011

A DVD preview for Yajima Maimi’s second e-Hello! DVD titled a rainy day has been released.

The preview seems a little longer than usual, since recently, e-Hello! DVDs had a 1 to 1:30 minutes preview while this one is a full 3:30 minutes, and we get to enjoy some amazing scenes and differet outfits where Maimi is in and they are all really impressive to say the least, accompanied by a sound of rain falling at first, followed by the typical piano instrumental.

The very first shot that immediately remind us of the title of the DVD and of it’s cover since Maimi is wearing the cover’s outfit while sitting on a large sofa next to a window where rain is pooring outside, and she has an umbrella and a basket next to her (almost seems as if she was ready to go out, but it unfortunately rained), and I really like that little yet amazing addition since it really adds a nice touch to the DVD, relating the title to the content.

The other shots are: a close-up of Maimi wearing a ribbon ring and holding her hands on her umbrella staring far away then turning towards the camera, a shot a little farer away where we get to see the chair she’s sitting in and her cute white and red outfit, a close-up that goes form bottom to top of Maimi showing us her outfit clearly with a sad expression on her face. Then we see her in another scene and outfit where her hair is let loose and she’s smiling unlike the first scene, we see her then in a cute flowered outfit while painting her toenails which is really cute, then back to the very first scene with a close-up where she looks somewhat pouty and finally, we see Maimi in a white outfit against a sunset’s light and next to a window walking away with a smile while rain is falling.

Overall, the preview is very calm and is mostly Maimi staring at the camera in both a sad and soft way, so hopefully all of her fans can reserve a copy to enjoy another amazing release by Maimi.

The pre-order session is from 8/12 till 8/29.

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