Hello! Project 2012 Calendar Covers Released

6 09 2011

The covers for Morning Musume, Takahashi Ai, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano Erina, and S/mileage’s 2012 calendars have been released.

Each year there are always calendars for the main groups in H!P for the next year, like for most artists/groups, although this year we have had many lineup changes for two groups so as a result the lineups are really different, the most obvious of them being the Momusu calendar cover which notably only features 8 members, as a result of Ai-chan having her own solo calendar.

There will most likely be many who are disappointed (for Ai-chan not being in the cover or Riho being in front) but I am still impressed with how it looks since everyone came out amazingly well: from Riho’s smiling face to Sayu and Mizuki’s cute expressions I really liked how everyone turned out, especially Kanon who seems to be the only one who didn’t simply smile but also threw in a peace sign as well.

The white painted wood fence fits in with the casual outfits everyone is wearing and while I would have liked to see Eripon with short hair and the title a bit bigger and not in cursive, it’s still an amazing cover and well worth a look for anyone.

Ai-chan got her own calendar this year, and it’s not surprising since the calendars will be released on the day she graduates, technically making her a solo performer/artist, so it’s nice to see that she didn’t just get pushed aside and was instead given a really great way for fans to remember her, and while I would have preferred a picture of Ai-chan smiling I have to admit that the picture of her looking at the camera in front of a white background is enough to make me want to get a copy.

Berryz Koubou’s cover is colorful, modern, and basically among the standouts for the H!P calendar releases since it’s a nice and cool way of showing all of the members off, and with each member smiling widely while wearing an outfit with their member color as well as a background with their member color it really looks impressive.

C-ute’s cover is a bit similar to Momusu’s since it’s a group picture in front of a wooden fence (with a plant in the corner to complete the theme), and while it’s a bit less casual due to the uniform styled outfits I was impressed with it since everyone is easy to see and with their own hairstyles they all have a nice way of standing out from the rest.

Mano’s cover can be summed up with two words: perfection or angelic and it’s easy to see why since it stands out from the rest due to the amazing light effect they added, which gives Mano’s already cute picture an almost heavenly look, but while the picture looks perfect there is a small but very noticeable mistake: the bottom says that the calendar is for 2011.

It’s a small mistake that really stands out since everything else apart from that is simply a masterpiece, and while I’m biased as a Mano fan I am still concerned that it might affect sales in one way or another since many might think that it’s last years calendar but hopefully staff caught the mistake and fixed it since everything apart from that is perfect.

S/mileage has gone through quite a lot in the past few months, with 5 new sub-members joining the group and one member leaving, and since calendar pictures are usually taken months in advance (as evidenced by Eripon’s long hair) it’s not surprising to see that the cover for the calendar has not been released since they are probably still working on it, and while it’s still not available I hope we get to see every member, sub or full, clearly since it’s a great opportunity for everyone to show off their cute poses.

Overall the covers are as always impressive, and while there might be a few mistakes here and there (Mano) I still loved how all of the covers looked since each group/member has a unique style that fits in with their group theme, and while many (including me) wish they could have them all I will probably get Mano and Momusu’s calendars since they are the ones that stand out the most to me.

Hopefully everyone has their favorite already picked out from the cover alone, but if not I encourage you to check a few previews of the calendars once they are released since they are a pretty nice addition to any H!P fan’s house, and with large pictures for every month with your favorite group/member it really is a must have for anyone who can get one.

The release date is set for 9/30.



13 responses

6 09 2011

Morning Musume: I absolutely think that Risa should have been standing where Riho is since SHE is the new leader but it’s just not going to happen, I guess.

Riho does have a lovely smile though and all of the members look nice.

Ai: A beautiful close-up picture of Ai :)

Berryz Koubou: I love the colorfulness of this and how they put them in order by age, not popularity.

C-ute: Nice picture but does looks regular to me.

Mano Erina: She looks SO beautiful, nothing could look more perfect about this EXCEPT changing the date to 2012 :P

I’m curious as to what the S/mileage calendar will look like.

6 09 2011

omgosh riho really shines in this picture!!!
I don’t know why people hate her; she’s soo adorable! Granted, Kanon’s my fav, but i absolutely love her too and she has alot of talent!!

AND OMGOSH PEOPLE just because Gaki’s leader DOSEN’T MEAN she needs to be IN THE FRONT!!! i wouldn’t complain because she could be like kaori ida when she was in morning musume; hardly given a solo line and hardly shown AT ALL. Gaki is put in the spotlight alot and Tsunku’s just thinking of the future of morning musume. He needs to start spotlighting the new members rather than the ones that will graduate in a year or two.

and i never see people complaining about Reina being in the front. To me, Gaki, or sayu should be there, but that’s just me.

6 09 2011

I don’t hate Riho by any means.

I just think it’s unfair that she just joined the group in January of this year and she is always being put in the front while Gaki is in the back.

And she is always getting solo lines while the other 3 9th gen literally can’t even get 1 solo each in any A-side single except their first one.

I don’t complain about Reina being in the front because it’s expected. She’s been put in the front for years now.

And Ai has always been put in the front as Leader so why is Gaki, the future new Leader, always put in the back when a member who just joined this year, is always put in the front?

It’s all about seniority.

6 09 2011

But what about Reina, she joined the group and she was among the main singers for Shabondama, even though it was her first single ^_^;;;
There will always be someone who’s more popular, I’m a Mano, Chii, Sayu, Kanon, Mizuki and Gaki fan, I should now XD

Morning Musume or any group will unfortunately not be equal since members that are popular will sell more, so UFA will lean towards promoting Riho and Reina more, but I agree that I would like to see Gaki in the front, although if we went with seniority Sayu would be in front of Reina, and while I’m a big fan of hers I can’t compare Sayu and Reina’s voices XD

6 09 2011

It’s not all about seniority and Ai hasn’t been in the front as *leader*, she’s been in the front as *Ai.* Being leader in H!P has absolutely nothing to do with line distribution, popularity, etc. Yossy was often in the back and Kaorin pretty much always was. Shimizu Saki in Berryz doesn’t get that much screen time either. If the leader happens to be a front-girl before she comes the leader, she’ll stay a front-girl. If she was a back-up dancer before she became leader, she’ll stay a back-up dancer.

You can think it’s right or wrong, you can like it or not, but I think it’s hilarious that so many people think Risa’s being leader will change anything. It won’t.

8 09 2011

“He needs to start spotlighting the new members rather than the ones that will graduate in a year or two”
And this is why I think Risa should get some spotlight.She might graduate in a year or two,I think she deserves to finally get some spotlight.
I thought being the leader would bring her some advantage but it looks like I was wrong…
And with the 10th generation coming I can see Risa always being in the back.

6 09 2011

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! This makes me so sad!!
I thought Ai-chan was going to be in the Morning Musume calendar despite having a solo one. *pouts* NOT HAPPY.
At least I get a solo one. I’ll have to buy both calendars now haha

6 09 2011

Not impressed with the Momusu one, although it’s somewhat expected. Would it really hurt to put the newbie 12 year old in the back and put the leader who’s been in the group for 10 years in the front? -A-;
It’s not like Gaki isn’t beautiful and Riho’s the most adorable thing to ever set your eyes on and she has to be in the front… Gahh…
Berryz’ looks very stylish, Aichan looks goregous, ManoEri is radiant, and C-ute’s is simple but nice.

7 09 2011

Gosh they all look so great, I really can’t decide which one to buy >__<;

7 09 2011

Morning Musume’s cover is nice,I love the fact that everyone is smiling :) Too bad Ai-chan isn’t in Momusu’s cover.
Ai-chan’s solo cover looks amazing,she’s so beautiful :)
Berryz Koubou’s cover is nice,I’m happy that they chose to have a close-up since we can see every member without complaining that our favorite is in the back :)
I really like C-ute’s cover!I like the fact that they’re wearing school uniforms and they have different hairstyles :D
Mano’s cover is simply perfect!But I really hope the staff caught the mistake since other people might think it’s a 2011 calendar…
I love every cover,I can’t chose my favorite!xD

7 09 2011

The cover of Berryz is so cool, and the Ai-chan one looks grat… Love Both

7 09 2011

I think the front of morning musume needs a new line up anyway, with big grate voices I really think, risa and a new gen member should be the ones to get the most lines. I love reina I really do but now that ai is gone I would like to see a diff morning musume. Sorry if i make any one mad.

9 09 2011

Mano Chan’s calendar is simply PERFECT! It’s almost funny that they made such an obvious mistake. But I’m getting the calendar NO MATTER WHAT! My second fave is the berryz calendar, it’s simple and modern (my fav style) and would look perfect in my room. Curious about the S/mileage calendar, I’m not a fan of the C-ute calendar AT ALL. ( It’s a little, cliche? I guess) I like the morning musume calendar though, no input on the ai calendar.

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