S/mileage – “Tachiagaaru” Preview Released

4 09 2011

A preview for S/mileage’s 7th single titled Tachiagaaru has been released.

The preview was recorded from an event so the quality isn’t the best but even though it’s somewhat hard to listen to the instrumental I really liked the way the song sounds so far since the chorus is really catchy, and with the additional effects the song really sounds like another great S/mileage release.

It’s somewhat hard to tell who sings what but I think that everyone has at least one line, which is always a nice addition since we can check out how each one of the members sing, and even though the chorus seems to repeat a bit too much it really make this song stand out, along with the happy instrumental.

Like most live previews I will wait for a recorded version before I can say for sure that I love this single since there might be a few differences, but for the most part this single sounds amazing so far and I strongly recommend everyone check out the preview as well.

The release for the single is this month so we should see a recorded preview sometime in the next few weeks, with a PV hopefully coming soon after, although for now it seems that Tsunku has once again managed to capture S/mileage’s sound in an interesting and catchy song.

Hopefully everyone has their copy of the single reserved, and if not this preview should help some fans decide.

The release date is set for 9/28.

Video uploaded by: S/mileageChapter2



18 responses

4 09 2011

this so cute

4 09 2011

I honestly must say, that I really to do love it. S/mileage will never disappoint me, will they?

4 09 2011

I think I really like it! It sounds really cute and I cant wait to hear the recorded version and to see a pv for this…! :3

4 09 2011
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4 09 2011

Very cute. It’s been a while since we’ve had a wota chant like “fuwa fuwa” in a H!P song. XD
Wow, they really say “Tachia-girl”. I was expecting a cute, drawn out “Tachiaga~~~ru”. Can’t wait to hear a better quality version. Sounds good.

4 09 2011

I don’t think I hear the sub-member singing.. but whatever line distribution never really bothers me, I LOVE THIS!!! ♥
can’t wait to see the PV :3

4 09 2011

wow, first s/mileage song that I like!

5 09 2011

wow Arisa really just wow

4 09 2011

Don’t like it as much as Uchouten Love, but oh well. It’s still pretty good and I’ll definitely buy it (I want to hear them do Boogie Train!). I should probably wait for a recording before I make an actual judgement. Reminds me of Short Cut a little bit? Only more positive.

4 09 2011

this song reminds me of akb48 so much

5 09 2011

Now that you mention it, the tempo reminds me a little bit of the Warota7 single, Hetappi Wink, especially the chorus.

Either way I still like it.

6 09 2011

Yeah, that would make sense. Their voices are pretty similar.

5 09 2011

i hear akari and rina singing yay though i haven’t heard meimi and the others yet ;_; i can’t wait for the PV!

5 09 2011

This sounds really cute.
It should do pretty well, I think. :)

The sub-members may just be singing the chorus and the “fuwa fuwa” parts, but I swear I thought I heard Rina. Kanon’s voice is really nice and powerful, too. Sounds like she’s working hard for Saki.

5 09 2011

I think Kanon is singing her part and Saki’s part

5 09 2011
Emma B.

Wow, I like it very much

5 09 2011

I love how Kanon gets a bunch of lines!!!! x333b -ish extremely satisfied, she sounds so powerful here *v*b yuuka’s vocals seem to be getting better as well x3b

7 09 2011

when i first time hear this, it sounds a bit.. lack of something.
i really miss sakichi’s voice T-T though it may sound like i dont support s/mileage without her, but it is the truth. her graduation is so sudden, this single would be so sudden also.. at least for me.

the new single may sound really good and cute, but for me, i like all other s/mileage songs and i used to it, including uchouten love that i came to like it recently, i dont think i can except this song easily.

maybe a few days after hearing this preview would change my opinion.. or a few weeks maybe.. i dont know. hope i grow to like the new s/mileage by then.

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