Berryz Koubou Will Have A Regular Monthly Show On BS-TBS

4 09 2011

According to an announcement made by TBS producer Tamon Andrew Niwa at an event today, Berryz Koubou will have their own monthly show.

The show will start this October and will air every 3rd Saturday of the month, similar to S/mileage’s Smile Factory.

I didn’t expect to see a monthly show for another group, especially Berryz Koubou, but like always it’s great to see that they will since they really deserve to have a regular appearance where they can promote their releases, and while details for the show are limited I hope we get to see a title for the show being announced sometime soon.

I haven’t watched S/mileage’s Smile Factory so I have no idea what to expect from this show, but I am looking forward to seeing a preview soon since it will be interesting to see just what the group does during the monthly shows.

The show will air every 3rd Saturday of the month, so hopefully everyone is looking forward to the first episode, but for now congratulations to Berryz with their new show!

The show will start in October.

Video uploaded by: Discoberrryz

EDIT: The title of the show has been revealed to be Kaette Kita Berryz Kamen! (Berryz Kamen is back!) which is a simple but catchy title that many fans will like, and while I’m not sure if the theme of the show will revolve around the Berryz Kamen it will be interesting to see how the first episode looks.




2 responses

4 09 2011

S/mile Factory was fun to watch. To bad it only lasted for a few episodes.
Glad to see Berryz are getting the same chance.
Looking forward to it!

4 09 2011

They totally were expecting a graduation announcement or something. They looked so worried, especially Risako. A couple of them looked like they were crying! D:
Anyways, more Berryz is always a good thing!!

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