“Morning Musume Concert Tour Fall 2011 Ai Believe ~Takahashi Ai Graduation Memory Special~” Setlist Released

3 09 2011

1. Mr. Moonlight (Aichan main, 8 girls, Niigaki intro)
Opening VTR
2. Kono chikyuu wo honki de negatterun da yo!
3. Kare to issho ni omise ga shitai!
MC (Explanation of Riho’s return, Aika’s abscence and Aichan’s thoughts.)
4. Resonant Blue
5. Yamete yo! Sindbad
6. My Way~Joshikou hanamichi~ (New album song)
MC (Tanaka, Ikuta, Sayashi, Suzuki)
7. Suki da na, kimi ga (New album song) / Michishige, Fukumura
8. Kono ai wo kasanete (New album song) / Takahashi, Niigaki
MC (Takahashi, Niigaki)
9. Suki na senpai / Takahashi, Niigaki (On the monitor the footage of all 4 from 5th gen doing the song in 2002 at Saitama Super Arena concert was shown)
MC (Michishige, Tanaka)
10. Yume kara samete / Takahashi
VTR (From the members “Ai BELIEVE” talking about Aichan)
12. Give me Love (愛) (New album song)
13. Special Medley; Jounetsu no Kiss / Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka→Egao Yes Nude→Motto Aishite hoshii no→Guru guru JUMP
14. OK YEAH! (New album song)
16. Maji desuka suka!
17. Bravo!

18. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS JAPAN? ~Nihon wa donna kanji dekka?~
19. Tomo

Changes in Evening Setlist

MC 6th+9th gen (Michishige, Fukumura, Ikuta, Suzuki)
7. Silver no udedokei (New album song) / Niigaki (rap), Tanaka, Sayashi
10. Jishin motte yume wo motte tobitatsu kara / Takahashi
13. Special Medley; Take off is Now / Takahashi, Niigaki, Tanaka→Do it! Now→Aisaresugiru koto wa nai no yo→321 BREAKIN’ OUT

Source: 2ch (Romaji by Sohee @ JPLOP)

The setlist for Morning Musume’s Concert Tour Fall 2011 Ai Believe ~Takahashi Ai Graduation Memory Special~ has been released.

Looking at the setlist it seems a bit random since it doesn’t follow a clear pattern, but despite that I like how they added songs from the new album in while still giving Ai-chan quite a few songs to sing and perform in her last concert tour as a Momusu member.

Surprisingly, Jishin Motte Yume Motte Tobidatsu Kara isn’t anywhere in the setlist, instead her other solo song Yume Kara Samete appears, and while having her first solo release in the setlist is a perfect reminder of her history I would be happy to see both of the songs on the final setlist since they would be a perfect way of showing everyone her first and final solo release as a Momusu member.

Apart from that I was impressed with the addition of a TakaGaki Suki na Senpai performance with footage of all the 5th gen performing the song in the monitor since it really shows how united the 5th gen was and still is, especially Gaki and Ai-chan who have just recently become the only members to pass 10 years as members of Momusu.

As for album songs there are about 5 of them in the setlist, most of them group songs but there are also a few duets, from Ai-chan and Gaki and the surprising combination of Fukumura and Sayu, and while the titles are a bit simple for a few I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to hearing them since they all sound like interesting additions.

Overall the setlist looks pretty good since it has a nice combination of new songs with many classic songs, such as Suki na Senpai and 5th gen’s first single Mr. Moonlight, and while I would have loved to see Ai-chan’s new solo song among the setlist we will probably get a chance to do so in the last performance of the tour, since there are usually some changes by then.

Hopefully fans who can attend the tour will do so since this concert tour will be the most memorable that Momusu has had in a while.

Here are the rest of the dates for the tour:

Date Venue Concert Starts
09/03 Aichi Ken Geijutsu Gekijou Dai Hall(Aichi) 13:30/14:30
09/04 Aichi Ken Geijutsu Gekijou Dai Hall (Aichi) 13:30/14:30
09/11 Kishiwada Shiritsu Nami Setsu Hall (Osaka) 14:00/15:00


09/25 Phoenix Plaza Hall (Fukui) 14:00/15:00
09/29 Nippon Budokan (Tokyo) 17:30/18:30
09/30 Nippon Budokan (Tokyo) 17:00/18:00

EDIT: I just updated the setlist with the evening changes and it seems that they have managed to give us yet another amazing setlist, mainly because of the addition of a new album song with a Gaki rap, Ai’s solo song, and a special medley with Take Off Is Now.

As far as the additions I couldn’t be happier since we get to hear two amazing Ai-chan songs along with a Gaki, Reina, Riho song, but hopefully they can add all of the songs at once on the final concert instead of having separate concerts for her final performance since that would be simply the best.



27 responses

3 09 2011

Resonant Blue <3

3 09 2011

The suki na senpai thing… OMG PERFECT *____*

3 09 2011

Glad they opened with Mister Moonlight.
Curious about all the new albums songs.
Takagaki duet? Epic!
Happy they included Resonant Blue.

3 09 2011

Holy F*CK! michishige and fukumura??!!! is that true?? is that like some sort of yuri themed song? lmao if it is it will suit both of them so good

3 09 2011

im actually not sure about what i think of the setlist…
99% is centered around ai.
i think it should’ve been more of a “group loyalty and togetherness” thing, but i guess tsunku’s really trying to spotlight ai in her last tour as a morning musume member. Also, dosen’t morning musume have a concert each spring to highlight their album songs? He must really want them sung with ai. Which only means, she’s spotlighted on those too.

I guess I’m kind of excited for Ai to leave now. I want the other members of morning musume to show off their talent and prove that they don’t need ai to succeed. I can’t wait for the 10th generation to be chosen and for niigaki to become leader. Morning Musume needs to make some dramatic changes and proves that it’s a team!

3 09 2011

I know what you mean, i don’t hate Ai-chan but she’s kinda overshadowing others in the group. so ai-chan leaving is a good thing to me. plus more chances of fuku-hime getting a line. <3

3 09 2011

I like so much the setlist specially because we-ll se the new Albums cong previews and Kare to Issho….. in concert…. we after only had “seen” Kono Chikyuu…. XD I cannot to wait more!! :· Ai-Chan! WE LOVE YOU!

3 09 2011

Wow, I’m really happy about this setlist. Only “Shabondama” and “Kimagure Princess” would have been great additions.
Mr. Moonlight is a great song to start, because it is something like an Ai-chan solo, and everyone likes this song.
Promotion for the 2 new singles had to be in it, I’m excited to see them live.
Resonant Blue…meh. I think they’re performing this too often. Wasn’t it just performed at the last concert tour? But because it’s a song with many Ai-chan lines, I think it’s okay.
Yamete yo! Sindbad will be so cool live, I’m excited about this one!
I can’t say much about the album songs. The Sayu-Fuku duet will be really nice I think, they match each other.
WOW. 2 TakaGaki duets and a MC? awesome. I’m satisfied. Nothing more to say.
About Ai-chans solo, Yume kara samete, I can’t believe that she doesn’t sing her new solo song, maybe they’re making different setlists.
The top 3 singers performing the first song of the Medley, that’s cool. Egao Yes Nude: They didn’t perform this in a while, but I can’t help but thinkin about Aika in this song. Motto Aishite hoshii no: Hm. Because It’s a song of the current lineup it’s okay. Guru guru Jump: Want to see the 9th gen dancing to this xD
The 2 previous 9th gen-singles. understandable. I wonder if they can perform Only You again in near future.
Bravo!: Again?! They performed it at the H!P concert earlier this year, at the last concert tour and now again? I mean the song is okay for me, but it will never be a favourite.
HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS JAPAN? ~Nihon wa donna kanji dekka?~: I want to see the 9th gen rocking this song!! Awesome!
Tomo: I already see the river of tears at Ai-chans grad concert.

3 09 2011


3 09 2011

I really like the TakaGaki duos, it’ll be great~ ^^

3 09 2011

OMH I just listened to the conrt rip: all the new albums songs are so epic!
The Sayu-Fuku songs is so wonderful!
OK YEAH is titanically good! Holy Balls is it awesome!

3 09 2011

Wow, this is the most boring setlist ever. (I’m sure I’ll like it more when I make myself listen to the new songs over and over.) Thanks, for posting it, though. Now I have to go and get use to the new album.

There are just so many songs that they’ve done to death. I get it, yes I like this Japan. Please stop asking. AT LEAST! there was no Love Machine.

I was really hoping to see Ai singing Otoko Tomodachi with the Cookies, but I’ll be satisfied if Risa does it with the 10th gen. (I know it’s been done a lot, too, but it’s a very cute tradition.)

I’m really excited to see Do it! Now again. I love that song, and it’s been forever since they’ve performed it.

3 09 2011

Just finished listening the concert rip. I love some of the new songs, so all is not lost!!!

Suki da na, Kimi ga is just epic. I love it. SayuFuku should become a permanent pair. They get along too, right? Perfect!!!! And this will be their theme song.

Give me Love is really cool, and unexpected. I approve!

Now I need to get ahold of that evening recording……..

3 09 2011

The album songs really are good so I think it will be a good concert :)

I’m looking forward to hearing the album songs in a way other than concert rips, especially “Suki da na, Kimi ga” which really is good :)

6 09 2011

where did u get it?

3 09 2011

I’m mainly just excited about hearing what the new album songs will sound like.

So excited about a Sayu/Mizuki duet :)

And I agree with others that this is a bit too Ai-centered. I know she’s graduating but she’s in particularly every single part of the entire concert, not to mention that the whole concert tour is named for her.

It just makes me think that when Risa graduates, I doubt that even half of this fuss will be made over her.

3 09 2011

A little heads up, The PV for both pf the new songs is up. It really was connected. Lol. Check the MM channrl

3 09 2011

Thanks I’m doing the post for the PVs right now ^_^

3 09 2011

Anyone knows where I can find any mic-rips or posts about concert (experiences from someone who was there) ?

3 09 2011
3 09 2011

Thank you very much!

3 09 2011

Damn its so close! ;_;

3 09 2011

I can’t believe this concert is starting already… :( Can’t wait to hear the album songs

3 09 2011

I was hoping Aichan would get to sing Mr. Moonlight one more time. ;A;
And the 5th gen Suki na Senpai thing… TTATT
The encore is really good too.
I’m really happy SONGS is on there, and that we’ll get to hear the 12th album songs live with Aichan still in the line-up.
I hope they use the changed night setlist for the final DVD, especially because of the GakiRap and the Medley.

3 09 2011

I really want to go to Ai-chan’s graduation concert. I just have no idea how much it will cost. I’ll be living in Nagoya so It wont be too hard to get to Tokyo, but I still need to figure out everything else!

4 09 2011

It’s so sad that Aika can’t participate and make a proper goodbye to Ai-chan :/

6 09 2011

uuuuugggghhhh why is this concert SO FRICKIN SHORT!
This only has 6 days while Rival Survival was 16 days!!! LIKE FRICK. That really pisses me off.

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