Morning Musume – “12, Smart” Concert Previews Released

3 09 2011

Concert previews for 6 tracks from Morning Musume’s 12th album titled 12, Smart have been released.

Previews for the following songs are included in this post:

  • My Way~Joshikou Hanamichi~
  • Suki da na Kimi ga
  • Kono Ai wo Kasanete
  • Give Me love
  • OK YEAH!
  • Silver no Udedokei

Since the post will be somewhat long with 6 videos, please check out the full post after the break!

There are quite a lot of videos so I will only mention a quick opinion about each one of them, so starting off:

My Way~Joshikou Hanamichi~

Right from the start it’s easy to see that this song is very upbeat with a very catchy beat that many will love, and as you can tell from the reaction of the fans it is a great song to have at the beginning of a concert since it really pumps up everyone, and while I’m not 100% sure it seems that everyone has lines which like always is an amazing addition.

The bridge of the song stands out for some reason (most likely because of the organ sound), but apart from that I really loved the song since it’s very energetic and pumps everyone up, so hopefully the recorded version has the same amount of energy.

Suki da na kimi ga

The Michishige Sayumi and Fukumura Mizuki duet song has a very catchy and cute sound to it from the start, and in comparison to the energetic My Way song it seems a bit more relaxed with impressive vocals from both Sayu and Mizuki.

To me it has somewhat of a Perfume-style which might be due to the large amount of electronic sounds in the instrumental and the vocals, and while the combination of Sayu and Mizuki is a very big surprise I really liked the way that it turned out since Mizuki’s voice mixes well with Sayu’s slightly higher voice.

For the most part it’s hard to say whether I absolutely love it from the recording since many of the sounds come from the instrumental, which has a cute techno sound to it, but I will probably like it very much since I’m a big fan of Mizuki and Sayu.

Kono Ai wo Kasanete

The Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa duet song is a ballad styled song with an electronic instrumental, which is not surprising at all since usually most of the 5th generation releases have been focused on showing off their mature style, and while it might not be that catchy I have to admit that I really liked it since it shows off both of their incredible voices well.

I’m not sure who would replace Ai-chan once the album is released, but for now I’m glad that we could get another 5th gen song since it gives everyone a chance to enjoy yet another song with only Gaki and Ai, this one having a cute and mature styled sound that many fans will like.

Give Me love

Give Me Love starts off with a piano solo and from the start I liked it since it has a similar sound to Nanchatte Renai because of the classical sound mixed with a hard techno sound, and while it’s hard to tell who sings what I was very impressed with the song since the vocals are very well done.

So far I really like the song since it has a great sound that many fans of Nanchatte Renai will love, and while it might be only an album track I somewhat wish we could see a PV for it since it’s very impressive.


As the name suggests the song is upbeat, and while it might have been performed near the end of the concert I am glad to see that they did since it’s similar to My Way: it pumps up everyone with it’s energetic sound and catchy sound, and with vocals that are a bit more deeper it makes the song very unique since they mix well with the techno filled instrumental.

From what I can tell the song is very techno filled, especially the bridge of the song which has a catchy effect filled beat, and while it’s somewhat hard to tell I was impressed by how each one of the effects sounds since it makes the song stand out a lot, especially during the start of the song and the end where the fans say “Oh Yeah!” back at the members.

Silver no udedokei

Video’s uploaded by: DARC423

This song was only performed in the evening performance, and while it might be a bit strange to see only one change it seems that the song really fits in with the mood of the night since it has a dark and catchy sound that many fans will love.

It features only Niigaki, Reina, and Riho so it seems that they are focusing on the main vocals, but the song sounds amazing since they combine a classical sound with ballad vocals, as well as a rap led by Gaki during a few of the lines which add a nice touch to the song making it very unique.

I don’t usually like R&B styled songs but I loved this song a lot so hopefully we can hear a recorded version soon, although I wish we could have seen more than one Gaki rap solo in the song.

Overall the album is very solid since it mixes classical sounds with techno instrumentals as well as a few rap sections, and while they might only be concert previews I already love every single track from this album so far since they each have a unique style that stands out from the rest, especially My Way, Suki da na, Give Me Love, and OK YEAH!.

Hopefully we get to hear recorded previews of the song soon since this album sounds like it will be yet another amazing release full of unique and catchy songs, but for now I hope everyone can check out the previews so they can find out what kind of theme the album will have.

The release date is set for 10/12.



12 responses

3 09 2011

miziki and sayumi sound like akb

3 09 2011

Mizuki and Sayumi might be interesting… I’d prefer to see something like Erina-Sayu, Mizuki-Gaki, Riho-Reina, Kanon-Mistui. In general I want a duet with 9th gen and one of their seniors ^_^ I find it hard to listen to concert rips so I hope a radio preview is released

3 09 2011

omg Give me love sounds amazing to me!!! *U*

3 09 2011
Amanda Donaldson

I’ve already fallen in love with this cd

3 09 2011

I think the album is gonna be great! :)

3 09 2011

Ok Yeah kinda reminds me of Ikimasshoi!! I really like all the songs though!! <3
I'm SUPER excited for this album!!

4 09 2011

“OK YEAH” is so freaking epic!
The Sayu-Mizuku song is like pure kawaii put through a Perfume inspired electronic blender.
This album is going to rock!

4 09 2011

I have a question that is a little out of the blue, sorry :p but were there concert tours for the season fuyu 2010 (when the girls were five) and this summer, or did they only perform the Hello!Project tour ?

4 09 2011

The brief time when Morning Musume was 5nin (December 2010 to January 2011), they only performed like that in the H!P winter concerts.
I assume that’s what you mean.

4 09 2011

Yup ^^ and what about this summer ?

4 09 2011

Suki da na Kimi Ga is surprisingly my favorite track released so far. Sayu and Mizuki are quite a wonderful combination!

4 09 2011

I actually thinks the fans are saying “OK” and not “OH YEAH”.. maybe I’m wrong =o
OMG all those songs are amazing.. FukuShige duo is an EPIC WIN ♥

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