Shuukan Yoro! Vol 107

2 09 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: Update about theme
  • Polls: Takeuchi Akari came in 1st with 35%, Tamura Meimi came in 2nd with 34%, Nakanishi Kana came in 3rd with 12%, Katsuta Rina came in 4th with 12%, and Kosuga Fuyuka came in 5th with 8%
  • H!P Singles of the Week

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: As many might have noticed the theme hasn’t changed, and there is a good explanation for that: technical difficulties with WordPress.

The theme for the site is technically already up and everything is ready to go, but unfortunately there has been some trouble actually moving the site to where the theme is and until I get a response from the support team at WordPress I am pretty much just waiting to hear from them (since last Monday).

That being said the theme, in my opinion, is perfect for this site since it has a cleaner and more sophisticated look that many will love since it isn’t dark and it is very visually appealing. I have had a chance to test it out and so far I like the way the posts look since the important posts are easy to see with a slider at the top of the page, and apart from that there are many things that will make sharing a news post easier than ever.

I debated whether to show a preview of the theme or not but I decided to at least show a small example capture of the site so that everyone knows what to expect (it’s just an image and I didn’t write anything in the sample post, but the text in the posts will have the same font as the Twitter descriptions):

From the image above it should be easy to tell what it looks like, and while I didn’t show the complete theme the posts should be a good indicator about what everyone can expect since the site has the same look. The main reason why I’m not showing the complete theme is mainly because I don’t have anything in it since I haven’t been able to move the site yet, so until then the full theme will be a surprise.

I’ll detail all of the new additions once the site is up since there are quite a lot that will enhance the site in many ways.

Like I mentioned countless times before, I will have a poll up once the site is complete and everyone can vote to stay or go back to the previous theme (this one), but so far the reactions from ladylibra92 and Ayuchii have been positive so I’m sure that everyone will like it as well.

Until I get a reply from WordPress and resolve the issue the site will remain the same, but hopefully I can update during the weekend or during the end of the week and have everything ready once I get a confirmation, but for the most part everything is setup and the new theme is 100% ready to go.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Takeuchi Akari with 246 votes (35%), congratulations Akari! Tamura Meimi came in second with 240 votes (34%), Nakanishi Kana came in third with 84 votes (12%), Katsuta Rina came in fourth with 82 votes (12%), and Kosuga Fuyuka came in fifth with 55 votes (8%).

There was a total of 707 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Akari!

As expected the real competition was between Akari and Meimi, and while the end results are a bit close it’s safe to say that both Akari and Meimi will be among the main standouts of this generation, but there was only one winner and by 6 votes Akari won so congratulations to her!

For the most part there was a very large gap between the first two places and the others, as can be seen from the results, but since this poll was based on first reactions and not much else it was safe to say that there would be a large difference in votes in the next few months

Kosuga came in last with about 55 votes, but it’s most likely due to her not having had an opportunity to show off her skills well since all we have seen from her is a short sample from Ustream, but like most of the members in this poll she will probably get many more once she gets to show everyone her personality (like Ikuta Erina).

For the most part I’m surprised to see such a response for Meimi and Akari since personally I didn’t like Meimi’s voice that much, but like everyone I am still basing my opinion on a first impression and it will most likely change in the next few months once the new single is out, but until then it seems that Akari and Meimi will be among the main standouts for this generation and will most likely pass on to be full members, although we will have to wait and see.

For now congratulations to Akari in her first win as member of the week!

The next poll will be the most awaited poll I have done since it’s a match between Ai-chan and the most popular members of 2010: Niigaki Risa and Suzuki Airi, and while Ai-chan will most likely win I look forward to finding out just how this poll will end since there will probably be quite a lot of votes.

I would also like to mention that Ai-chan will be member of the week at the end of this month, like all members who graduate, so Ai-chan fans don’t worry about the poll being a bit too early, she will still be member of the week at the end of the month despite the outcome.

How will the poll end? That will be something everyone will have to wait and see until next week, so if you haven’t voted please vote for your favorite!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the H!P poll HERE.

Please vote!

H!P Single of the Week: Due to the technical difficulties I had with the new theme I couldn’t finish uploading the video and won’t be able to show it this week since most of my spare time was involved with setting up the theme, adding the details, etc and surprisingly it took a lot more time than I expected (about 3-4 days).

Apart from that I just recently got a new computer and I have been transferring content for the past few days so my spare time was reduced quite a lot, but I have the videos ready and I have been uploading them to Youtube since early today (they are pretty big so I only have about one half of an episode uploaded with my connection speed, mostly because I had to restart a few times) and I plan on starting to show them next week.

I decided to show a complete episode each week, and thanks to TPF there should be regular releases of Hello Pro Time so I will have quite a lot of episodes to go through. I still haven’t decided when to add the Utaban and other episodes but I will try to add one at least each month or two, that way there will be some variety.

For now please enjoy the last H!P Singles of the Week:

Video uploaded by: buonochannel

Video uploaded by: morningmusumechannel



4 responses

2 09 2011

Wow! Preview is looking pretty awesome! Can’t wait!

2 09 2011

Oh and about Fuyuka being last in the poll? It’s to see interesting that in Japan’s Mixi (social networking site) poll she’s actually the most popular submember (not including former EGGS), above evenMeimi.
FYI I voted for her

2 09 2011

Kanana is 3rd? That’s better than what i expected.

3 09 2011

The one, who really shiend and stood out for me is the one before last – Katsuta Rina. It is, yeah, quite weird..that members, who we know the most are the most popular too..

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