Nakazawa Yuko Will Be In A Movie Titled “TWILIGHT FILE 8: Fighting Okan”

2 09 2011

Nakazawa Yuko will play the role of a mom turned boxer in a film titled TWILIGHT File 8: Fighting Okan.

Form what I can tell the movie will be about a 40 year old mom who lives a peaceful life with her husband and son, and after a divorce she decides to start attending a boxing gym, and while I’m not sure about the rest of the synopsis I can say for sure that this is a very interesting movie since it seems to fit Yuko well.

The images above are the only previews we have so far, but they speak for themselves and gives us a good sign about what the movie will be like, and for Yuko fans and for anyone interested it seems like it will be an impressive release.

I will update with more details once they are released but for now I’m glad to see that Yuko will be the star of a movie.

The movie will open 11/5.

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2 09 2011
Pomona Pomona

I think Ami Tokito <3 is going to be in the film, too. She (Ami) was in the photos for an event where they were promoting the film.

2 09 2011

Million Dollar Yuko?

3 09 2011
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[…] Nakazawa Yuko Will Be In A Movie Titled “TWILIGHT FILE 8: Fighting Okan” – Hello! SayuNii There’s something deeply satisfying about the thought of Yuko kicking ass, even if it’s just a movie. […]

4 09 2011

This movie sound a lot more interesting than all the horror ones that H!P girls usually do. :D

5 09 2011

That voice, followed by punching – hell yes! I hope it doesn’t degrade into her needing a man to help her out in the end.

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