Morning Musume X Kadokawa Alo Hello Collaboration Goods Announced

2 09 2011

A collaboration between Morning Musume and Kadokawa online shop to promote Momusu’s Alo Hello 2011 PB has been announced.

There will be three types of goods available (thanks to Amped for the details):

  • Original member T-shirts (3,800 yen)
    – Come in the following colors: black, pink, white, blue and yellow
  • An Alo Hello Towel (2,800 yen)
  • An Ai-chan Graduation special designed watch in collaboration with the brand “red monkey” (39,800 yen)

Apart from being able to buy the shirts and towels without a signature fans will be able to enter a raffle after their purchase from where 9 lucky fans will be able to win a signed shirt or towel with a message from their favorite member.

From what I can tell this is a really good way to promote the release of their Alo Hello PB since anyone who can order from the site will be able to get a chance to own a shirt or a towel signed by their favorite member apart from being able to buy a shirt for the Alo Hello tour at a really great price (2,800 or 3,800 Yen or 36 to 49 US dollars), and while I’m not sure if they ship to other places apart from the US (probably not) I encourage anyone who plans on buying a few shirts or towels and entering the raffle to do so since they might win a shirt autographed by their favorite member.

The most expensive item is the Ai-chan watch which will cost around 39,800 Yen (or $518 US dollars) and while it might be a bit too expensive for most of us it’s still a great addition since Ai-chan fans can get a watch to commemorate her last Alo-Hello tour as a Momousu member. Pictures for the watch aren’t available but we should be able to see one in the next few weeks or months once they are shipped.

The promotion is limited so I hope everyone who plans on buying their goods and entering the raffle will do so soon, and while the goods might be limited to shirts, towels, and a watch this seems like an amazing way to promote the Alo Hello PB.

The promotion will run from 9/1 ~ 10/31.

Kadokawa Site



4 responses

2 09 2011

The price for that watch is ridiculous :P They are really trying to make their last amounts of money off of Ai before she graduates.

3 09 2011

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the site say it’s a raffle? :S out of everyone ordering, 9 will recieve a signed t-shirt and 9 will get a singed towel?

3 09 2011

I think you’re right ^_^
A raffle sounds much more reasonable than selling autographed shirts at 2,800 yen.
In fact I think everyone will be able to buy shirts and towels without a signature, and from there they will also give out the 9 shirts and towels signed by members ^_^

Sorry for the mixup of details since it’s hard to tell at first glance what the details for the collaboration are.
I just updated the post, thank you! ^o^

6 09 2011

I’m not sure how to order from that site since it’s all japanese…help? Does it ship to Canada?

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