Morning Musume – “Alo Hello 5” DVD Cover Released

2 09 2011

The cover for Morning Musume’s Alo Hello 5 DVD has been released.

For the most part it has a very simple theme: a grid of pictures of each member in the form of a 5 with a pink background and the title of the DVD in yellow on the bottom, but despite the very simple appearance I liked the way it looks since we get to see a unique layout of pictures with an eye catching picture for each member.

The concept of forming a five with the pictures of each member was pretty interesting since I never expected that simply taking off a bit off each picture could form a 5, but apart from being somewhat hard to tell at first glance I wish they could have used another more interesting background since the pink and yellow don’t really look that visually appealling.

Despite that, the pictures for each member look amazing and I’m glad to see that they included a picture for each member instead of a lineup with everyone since we can check out how they all look, and to say it simply these are among the best pictures I have seen for each member since the setting and the outfits really fit in with the Hawaiian theme (especially Sayu, Mizuki, Kanon and Erina).

Hopefully fans already have their copy of the DVD pre-ordered since it seems like this will be a must see release for everyone to enjoy, and while the cover could have looked a bit better I am still impressed with the great solo member shots they included.

The release date is set for 9/28.



6 responses

2 09 2011

I totally couldn’t tell that it was a five at first. I only saw that Reina and Sayumi’s pictures were running together when everyone else had some space around theirs, and I thought, “Now, why on earth would they do that?” It looked terrible. Then I saw that Mizuki and Kanon’s were running together, too, but I still didn’t understand until I read your review.

They should have outlined the 5 in black to make it more visible.

2 09 2011

I didn’t notice it either until I read the post…haha! ^they really should’ve outlined it or something. However, once I figured out it was a 5, then I thought, “Wow, that’s a really good idea!!” haha

2 09 2011

it would’ve taken away from the pictures if the 5 was outlined in black. By not outlining it, they ensured that the main focus was the girls and their expressions 100%.
I think it looks awesome and each girl looks absolutely beautiful

2 09 2011

That 5 outline was a creative idea :)

2 09 2011

i know, I went: “why are these pictures arranged like that?”
Then I kind of mentally zoomed out and went: “Ah yeah, it’s a five”

2 09 2011

I couldn’t see the 5 either. distracted by the gorgeousness of the girls lol

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