More Details About Hello! Project’s Stage Play “Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~” Released

2 09 2011

More details about the upcoming stage play featuring various H!P members titled Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~ have been released.

According to a report from a press conference and a character list from a flier these are the roles for each of the members (thanks to Amped for the translation):

  • Niigaki Risa will be Joan of Arc
  • Tanaka Reina will be Tezuka Osamu (creator of Astro Boy)
  • Fukumura Mizuki will be Cleopatra
  • Suzuki Kanon will be the historical Chinese princess Yang Guifei
  • Ikuta Erina will be Ono no Komachi
  • Sayashi Riho will be Shakespeare
  • Miyamoto Karin will be Genghis Khan
  • Kudou Haruka will be Leonardo da Vinci

Roles for Mori Saki, Miyoshi Erika, Sengoku Minami and who I think is Takagaki Sayuki, are not clear though since the quality of the flier isn’t the best.

It seems that the stage play will have a very interesting theme since having H!P members play the role of historical figures is a pretty fun concept, and while I’m not sure who some of the members will be I can say for sure that I’m looking forward to seeing Gaki play Joan of Arc as well as Mizuki playing Cleopatra since the roles fit them perfectly.

It’s also great that they didn’t limit themselves to only female roles since Reina, Riho, Karin, and Kudou have male roles, which will be fun to see since we don’t usually see many members play male roles, and also because their outfits seem a bit more feminine than what their roles represent (I don’t think Da Vinci used a cute blue dress). Apart from the main female cast there are also four guys at the bottom of the character list, who I unfortunately don’t know much so it will be interesting to see if they are the villains or have some other kind of role.

I will update this post with info from the rest of the members once it is clear, but until then I hope many fans in the area can go to the play since it looks like a great way to enjoy a play full of historical figures and H!P members.

The play is set for 10/8-10/17.

Mantan Web Site

Gekidan Online Site



8 responses

2 09 2011
Turtels and bean sprouts

The musical will have a live band, that’s why there is four guys in the poster.

2 09 2011
Turtles and bean sprouts

Spelling error in my screen name. YEA! (X

2 09 2011

once again we hear about miyamoto karin.
I’m almost positive tsunku’s putting her into morning musume. It seems like he’s trying to build a fanbase for her! If she gets in, I’ll be very excited for her!

2 09 2011

Miyoshi Erika is going to play Mozart as far as I know :).

2 09 2011

Mizuki as Cleopatra = perfection

2 09 2011

Princess Fuku-chan playing Cleopatra?!


Director-san, GOOD JOB!

2 09 2011

This was announced a while ago but… Kudou Haruka in this play and now she shows up at 10th gen auditions? We have yet to see Karin, but there were other S/mileage finalists….
Riho and Fuku-chan combo of being in Eggs and in a play with Momusu before getting in. XD
This will be an interesting play though.

5 09 2011

no sayumi and aika?

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