Mano Erina Will Be Part Of The Cast For The Stage Play “Ikemen Desu ne”

2 09 2011

Mano Erina will be part of the cast for the stage play adaptation of a Korean drama inspired series titled Ikemen Desu ne.

The series is a remake of a Korean drama titled You’re Beautiful and she will play the role of NANA, who was played by an AKB48 member in the Japanese adaptation and by an After School member in the Korean version.

Like most Mano fans know, she is a pretty big fan of Korean dramas and music so I’m really happy to see that she will be part of the stage play adaptation since it gives her a chance to show off her great acting skills while being part of a Korean inspired play, and while I have absolutely no idea what the drama is about I am still looking forward to seeing a few pictures of Mano in her role as well as impressions from fans once the play starts.

From what I can tell Mano will be quite busy since the play starts in October running until the end of November with performances in four cities around Japan, so fans who are interested in going will be able to do so more easily since there will be quite a lot of performances for everyone to attend.

Hopefully everyone who is interested in seeing the play will do so once it starts in October but for now I’m happy to see that Mano will be part of the cast.

The play will run from 10/8 ~ 20 in Tokyo, 10/24 ~ 11/2 in Kanagawa, 11/6 ~ 9 in Osaka and 11/24 ~ 27 in Fukuoka.

Ikemen Desu ne Site

TBS Site

H!P Announcement



7 responses

2 09 2011

Oh my gosh she’s so lucky since that drama is soo good. (Well the korean version, never saw the japanese one.) Love Mano. Hope it’s well received by viewers

2 09 2011

This is pretty big for her. Congrats!

3 09 2011

I love that drama!(the korean one,never watched the japanese ver before)
And I didn’t know Mano likes korean music and dramas,I guess I like her even more now xD

3 09 2011

omg omg omg *___* so awesome!!! I really love the Korean one and not sure about the Japanese one but since Mano’s in it, I hope I’ll like it more <3333

3 09 2011

Did she cut her hair? It’s cute! I hope I can watch this drama on crunchyroll.

3 09 2011

Ooh, interesting~
I’ve seen up to episode 6 of the Japanese-version. It’s not too much different from the original, but I would say that the original had a more “whole” that captivated me much better and the child actors were actually good. (I personally only dislike the lack of nickname for the Jeremy role.)
It’d be neat were they to release a DVD of this. Especially since I’d like to see how she fares against Haruna Kojima’s portrayal of the role.

4 09 2011

I’m worried on Erina’s & manetty’s recent tweets. Are they pulling out Erina? She’s having difficulties. Please inform us SayuNii.

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