Short Preview of 3rd Round For Morning Musume’s 10th Generation Audition Released

1 09 2011

A short preview of next week’s episode of Hello! Pro Time featuring the 3rd round of the Momusu 10th generation audition has been released.

According to reports from fans Karin wasn’t in the preview (that doesn’t mean she’s not in the audition), but Hello! Pro Egg Kudou Haruka as well as S/mileage audition finalists Miyasaki and Fujii were among the 50 chosen for the 3rd round.

Surprisingly I expected to see Karin among the main standouts of the audition, but since it’s only a short preview it was expected that they wouldn’t feature every single one of the girls who will audition, and with 50 girls who passed the audition it will be quite a big task for Tsunku and the panel of judges to narrow it down to only a few since it seems that there are quite a lot of talented girls.

So far I can only recognize three girls: Miyasaki and Fujii from the S/mileage audition, and while I did like Miyasaki and look forward to seeing if she can become a Momusu member I am a bit skeptical about Fujii since she seemed to not follow directions that well and basically relied to much on standing out, but we’ll find out soon enough if she has changed her strategy and whether Tsunku still thinks she could make a good member.

Kudou is an interesting and surprising addition since she is still pretty young (she’s 11), and while that might be a bit of a disadvantage since she’s only been in the H!P Eggs for about a year or so, I am interested in seeing how she performed since she does have a cute look which would fit in with Momusu, and if Karin appears it would be a very interesting generation if they manage to both pass.

The preview starts at 10:30 on the video below, and while it lasts only about a minute it is a great way to find out a bit about what we will see next week. There isn’t much singing but there are many girls showing off their unique talents, such as Fujii who apparently drank a glass of milk, and a few other girls who did ballet, danced, among other fairly unique things.

We’ll find out for sure once the episode airs, but for now it’s interesting to see such a large variety of girls for this audition, so hopefully everyone can take a look at the photos and check out the video so they know at least what a few of the girls look like.

The episode will air next week on 9/8.

Video uploaded by: mike5sun



7 responses

1 09 2011

I think Kudou might be a pretty good crowd pleaser in Morning Musume. If not Karin, at least have Kudou in, Tsunku!

1 09 2011

MIYAZAKI!!!!! She was the FIRST person that stood out to me in the S/mileage 2nd round auditions and I still love her to death! I hope she can make it!

1 09 2011

I don’t really see how “only a year” of Egg experience puts Haruka at a disadvantage- most H!P girls didn’t have ANY experience when they got in! I’m rooting for her <3 So glad to see Yuuka and Rio again, I miss Kanae though :c I'm really looking forward to seeing the third round!

1 09 2011

i better see her in another preview or im going to be soooo peeved!!!

1 09 2011

Miyazaki really stood out to me too. I would be happy to see her get in :) I am super curious and I can’t wait to find out who and how many get in!

2 09 2011

I’d love to see Miyazki in Momusu. I was hoping for her during the s/mileage auditions and was really sad that she didn’t made it.
I hope she can make it in Momusu. Which would be awesome since i like momusu more than smileage :D
I don’t want her in any 48 related group. D:

3 09 2011

if she’s not in the third round tsunku better and I mean he BETTER put her and nanami in a new group together

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