Official “Tsunku Project” Site Opened

1 09 2011

A site featuring info about many of Tsunku’s projects titled Tsunku Project has been opened.

For the most part the site is a pretty interesting addition since it has info about many things that are related to him, such as info about the movie he will be directing, his Rhythm Tengoku games, links to blogs of many UFA members, his Twitter, his blog, as well as episodes of his show Tsuntube, and it’s simply a great way to find info about Tsunku and his activities.

Apart from that I really like the way the site looks since it’s clean and it features an impressive logo with the words Tsunku Project in a crystal heart with a gold border and wings, which is impressive to look at since I didn’t expect to see something like that as part of Tsunku’s site. Despite that the colorful banner and the colorful buttons make the site easy to navigate and equally easy to find out info about Tsunku at a glance.

Hopefully everyone can check it out, and while there might not be as much info right now it will most likely have quite a lot of news about his upcoming projects in a few months.

Official Tsunku Project Site




3 responses

1 09 2011

His program’s Logo look like Sailor Moon

1 09 2011

I know that this may be off topic, but following the link to Tsunku’s blog, I jumped over to his youtube page. I was rather startled by the amount of dislikes on his videos. Also, the comments are pretty rude and offensive. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that or had some opinions. I mean, there are a ton of dislikes and on some videos the comment box is disabled because of the abusive comments.

1 09 2011

I just took a look and it seems to come from only one or two persons at most (probably one, with various accounts), I wouldn’t call him/her a fan at all, they just seem to be a troll who has nothing better than to comment in a language that Tsunku doesn’t understand at a channel run by staff which he probably never sees XD

It’s a waste of time since most of the fans who see those episodes are Japanese (a 30 minute episode with no subs will most likely not have many english fans), so I have no idea why they think that it’s going to accomplish something, it’s like screaming at a wall and then thinking you’re actually doing something XD

I would just ignore those comments, they most likely come from someone with too much free time and apparently too much anger ^_^

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