Nagate Ayaka Has Given Birth To A Baby Boy

1 09 2011

Nagate Ayaka revealed on her blog that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

The baby boy was born on 8/29 at 16:27 weighing in at 3122 grams.

A birth is always something to celebrate so I’m happy to see that Ayaka’s baby was born without any problems and while the birth happened just a few days ago she seems to be in perfect condition, which is also good news since she can enjoy taking care of her new son along with her husband.

For now there isn’t much info, which is understandable since most of their free time will most likely be focused on their new baby, but hopefully we soon get to find out what the name of their son is as well as seeing a few of the pictures of her baby.

Until then congratulations to both Ayaka and Hideto!

Official Ayaka Blog



5 responses

1 09 2011

Ahhhh im so Happy Congratz Ayaka and Hideto!!! i love you guys!!! ahh i remember her english suprise lessons…and now she has a baby!

1 09 2011

For a minute I was like “who the heck is Ayaka Nagate?” I had to look it up just to find out. Lol. Loved her English Lessons

1 09 2011

Congratulations!! I’m so happy for them :).

Now 3 of the former 6 Coconuts Musume members have children, that’s funny.

1 09 2011


2 09 2011
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