S/mileage – “Tachiagaaru” Tracklists Released

31 08 2011

2. Smile on-don (Limited A,B, Regular)
2. Boogie Train ’11 (Limited C)
2. S/mileage Singles ultra crush remix (Limited D)
3. Tachiagaaru (Instrumental)

Source: Sohee @ JPLOP

The tracklists for S/mileage’s 7th single titled Tachiagaaru have been released.

As you can tell the tracklists all follow the same layout: a-side, b-side, instrumental of a-side, so apart from the b-sides there isn’t that much difference, although I’m really happy to see that they are including three different tracks for this release since it gives a bit more variety to this single and encourages fans to get more than one copy, as well as giving the general buyer a chance of choosing the one they like most.

As far as I can tell they will release one original song, a cover, and a remix, which is a good mix of songs since some fans prefer remixes, some prefer an original song, while others might prefer hearing S/mileage’s version of Boogie Train, so this single looks really good so far for everyone since they can choose whichever song they like.

Smile on-don sounds pretty cute since it has the word smile in it, while the S/mileage Singles ultra crush remix song sounds really interesting due to the very powerful title it has. Boogie Train on the Limited C version is an interesting addition since S/mileage have been covering a lot of songs lately, and while I would prefer another original song it’s great to see that fans of the older songs can listen to a new arrangement with S/mileage’s voices.

The tracklist looks amazing so I’m really looking forward to listening to all of them, and while some fans might be discouraged at the lack of original songs, this seems like a pretty good way of making sure all fans are satisfied, so hopefully everyone gets a copy with their preferred b-side once it is released.

The release date for the single is set for 9/28.

S/mileage Discography Site



One response

31 08 2011

I like Gaki’s Boogie Train ’03 cover at the winter concert. Maybe I’ll like S/mileage’s version too.

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