Serend Blog Permanately Closed

31 08 2011!/Serendnet/status/108768567650037760

The Serend Blog will permanately be closed.

This doesn’t relate to H!P too much but each Berryz Koubou member had a mini-blog here, C-ute had a temporary blogs here and I believe Tsunku had a blog here too.

From my understanding the site has closed down, so it wasn’t a decision that H!P had a say in. It’s a shame that the site has closed down since the blogs provided a means of communication with the fans.

Hopefully H!P can find a replacement site for the Berryz Koubou blogs and maybe Tsunku can even “relocate” his blog too.

The site will close on 9/20.



4 responses

31 08 2011

That’s a shame. I liked reading the Berryz blogs.

Hopefully they’ll make a Berryz blog where all the members can post on like they have with C-ute’s blog and the new S/mileage sub members’ blog.

1 09 2011

how come they choose my b-day to closed it lol

1 09 2011

Actually I can’t access to Airi’s Serend blog and °C-ute group update blog on Serend so I guess they are already closed.

1 09 2011

So Momoko, Chinami, Maasa, Miyabi, Yurina, Risako, Maimi, Airi, Chisato and Mai don’t have single blogs right now. Hopefully they will soon be allowed to have one at Ameba, Oricon or Gree.

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