Morning Musume 9th Gen First FC Bus Tour Announced

31 08 2011

Morning Musume’s 9th Gen is having their first FC bus tour.

This news isn’t too surprising since we were eventually going to get a FC tour of with just the 9th gen. Regardless, this is a great chance for the 9th gen members to show off their personalities and to spend some time with their fans. This bus tour will probably be a very interesting one since the members of 9th gen are still pretty young and energetic so there will be a lot of things going on.

Since not much has been announced regarding the FC event I wanted to comment on the promotional poster. I personally think this is one of the best pictures of the 9th gen members. They all look equally amazing and their smiles look a bit more softer, in some of the earlier pictures of 9th gen they looked a little awkward.

Hopefully all fan club members are able to attend and for those that aren’t able to attend there will still be plenty of other opportunities to do so.

The fan club is set for 11/5-11/6 and will be taking place at Yamanashi.

EDIT: A clearer picture of the flyer for the tour has been released:




4 responses

31 08 2011

I’m glad that they will get a chance to shine since the 10th gen will have joined by then.

1 09 2011

So Fuku-chan has the the FC event with Risa as well as this one? two of them?

or am i wrong?

if it’s true then good for her because she’s the best singer in 9th gen and her voice could develop to become even greater with experience.

1 09 2011

Yes, Fuku-chan has the FC event with Risa as well as this event ^_^
I’m really happy for her, she really deserves it since she has a really cute personality and a great voice ^o^

1 09 2011

All i can say is: adorable.
I absolutely LOVE the 9th generation and i think that they have soo much potential that can potentially help morning musume in the future!
Their personalities are very cute and they are all very talented.
I’m excited that they get to shine through this fc tour!

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