Mobekimasu – “Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku” Preview Released

31 08 2011

A preview of the song and of the shooting for Mobekimasu’s PV for their single titled Busu ni Narinai Tetsugaku has been released.

For the most part we get to see only a black setting with all of the members dancing, and while it might not be that much of a preview for the PV it is for the song since we get to hear about a minute of it, and to say it simply I’m really impressed with the song.

It’s not cute or too mature, it somewhat aims for the middle and has a pretty catchy beat to it that seems to match a common theme for all of the members, which is a relief since it’s a mix of everyone’s images and gives us a chance to listen to a pretty unique song that will most likely be an impressive release.

As mentioned before the release date will be in November so Ai-chan was naturally not in the shot with Risa taking over as leader (Mitsui isn’t either, but she’s probably not in it since it’s the dance shot), and while she is still part of the group I have to say that it’s really weird to see a group shot with only Sayu, Gaki, and Reina in the front, as well as S/mileage without Ogawa, but like always the show must go on and it seems that this group will do a really good job since they have 8 Momusu members, 7 Berryz members, 5 C-ute members, Mano, and 8 S/mileage members for a total of 29 members.

I really encourage everyone to listen to the song since it’s an amazing release for this group, and while it will probably be a temporary group I am glad to see that we get another H!P group release since having a single with all of the members in H!P is simply the best way for everyone to enjoy a single, even more when there will be 7 versions of the single.

Hopefully a full song or PV preview is release since this song sounds simply incredible so far.

The release date is set for 11/16.

Video uploaded by: DARC423

EDIT: For those curious about the group pictures they included in the video, PON! did in fact add Morning Musume’s group picture twice when they explained the Mobekimasu name:.



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31 08 2011

I’m really looking forward to hearing the song and seeing the full video :)

And there are indeed 28 members.

But there are actually only 7 Morning Musume members, not 8. Ai and Aika are missing.

You left out Mano Erina :)

1 09 2011

You’re right, sorry, I’m bad at math XD

I corrected the post, thanks for pointing that out ^_^

31 08 2011

totally excited for this release ^^

1 09 2011

It sounds a whole lot like a song Berryz would release and it disappoints me terribly. I was really expecting a song that would either be really memorable, like H!P ALL STARS, and/or something that represents all groups and not one-or-the other.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean I dislike the song or that it’s crud, just that my expectations were shot down and buried in the core of the earth. This was a great chance to promote all groups and members at the same time, yet they chose a style that one group uses a lot of the time. This is what disappoints me. I hope that the full-version sounds just as good as it does here (at least). in this short preview, but I don’t think I’ll personally accept it as Mobekimasu; it just sounds like a studio recording of them singing a Berryz song.

1 09 2011

I’m also a bit disappointed with the song.It sounds really forgettable for me.
I like the concept of Mobekimasu(every H!P group),but it would be better if Aika could also appear in this(and of course I would also like to see Aiin this,but I didn’t mention her since she’s graduating and she doesn’t appear in the profile pictures and stuff).
I hope the full song is better

1 09 2011

*Ai in this

1 09 2011
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1 09 2011
Yvonne Khoo Yong Yun

It’s really weird…..seeing momusu without Ai-chan…hope the10th gen will rock!!!

2 09 2011

hmmm why wasn’t kikkawa yuu included? Lol

2 09 2011

She’s not part of H!P, she’s part of UFA though ^_^

2 09 2011

Fukumura and Takeuchi reunited in the PV. <3

2 09 2011

…. something’s wrong with niigaki…. is it the stress of being the new leader?she looks sickly thin.

9 09 2011
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9 09 2011

i’m sorry (laughs) but i find it too funny how riho always stands out in morning musume but in the vid she was by far out matched by miyabi (she still looked cute though)

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