Kikkawa Yuu – “Hapi Rapi~Sunrise~” Boxsets Announced

31 08 2011

The Universal store will be releasing boxsets for Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd single titled Hapi Rapi~Sunrise~.

They will contain all four editions of her single plus a ticket to an event in Tokyo or Osaka. There will be twelve boxsets, each with a different event ticket.

I’m very surprised to see that Universal is also going to release a boxed set since it is a great opportunity for fans to get all of the versions of a single in a convenient package along with a great bonus, and while it seems to be limited to Japan I highly encourage anyone in the area to get a boxed set and reserve their seat for these interesting promotional events.

From what I can tell each event will feature a different bonus, whether it be an autograph session or a handshake, so fans will most likely be very happy about this announcement. A similar promotion was done with S/mileage a while ago, but it seems that Kikka is getting a bit more of a push with three days of events, with a total of twelve different events she has to do, so it’s safe to say that so far promotion for this single is going along really well.

The cover for the boxsets are pretty normal, with a smiling Kikka in front of a wall and a plant making a sign with her fingers, but while it might be a bit simple, in comparison to the covers for the single it is a very welcome change since it has her name on the top, the title of the single in a ribbon styled line that runs from the bottom to the side, as well as a red sign that says something along the lines of “premium box”.

Hopefully everyone who is able to attend the events will do so since this seems like a great way for fans to enjoy Kikka’s 2nd single, and while the twelve events might be a bit too much for only three days I hope everyone is looking forward to this pretty nice change in promotion since many fans would love to have a boxset.

The events will take place on 10/9~10 in Tokyo and 10/15 in Osaka.

Kikkawa Yuu Discography Site

Kikkawa Yuu Site Announcement



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