Tanaka Reina To Replace Mitsui Aika In “Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~”

30 08 2011

Due to Mitsui Aika’s condition, Tanaka Reina will replace her in the upcoming stage play titled Reborn ~Inochi no Audition~.

This was confirmed by a flyer which was released recently on the stage play’s site.

It’s unfortunate that Mitsui Aika won’t be able to participate in the stage play but due to her condition it’s best for her to rest up so she can hopefully soon recover, and while it might be disappointing, it’s good to see that Reina will be able to join the cast since she has done quite a good job with her past performances.

From what I can tell there is quite a lot of variety from the cast for the show, and surprisingly it appears that this cast will be mostly female (if not completely), which should be interesting to see since there might be a few members who play the male roles, for example Gaki who appears to be wearing armor with a sword.

Everyone looks really good in their outfit, especially Kanon and Mizuki who have an elegant look, although the flyer is still a bit too small to know for sure how everyone looks since it appears that most of the members are in the back with only Gaki and Reina clearly visible.

All that is left to see is a bigger flyer and the start of the play, so hopefully everyone who can attend the show will do so since it seems like it will be very interesting to watch.

The play will run from 10/8 ~ 10/17.



9 responses

30 08 2011

No offense, but I think it’s supposed to be Reborn Inochi no audition


30 08 2011

You’re right ^_^
I was debating whether to change it to Reborn since they have similar writings, but everywhere else I saw it they had Ribbon XD

Reborn makes a lot more sense than Ribbon ^_^
Thank you for clearing that up, I updated the post ^o^

31 08 2011
Sei Yamakiri (@Sei_Yamakiri)

You’re 100% right. Now I wonder if you can help me convince people on H!O about that, since some people don’t seem to believe me about that katakana… XD

30 08 2011

Awh, she finally gets some spotlight and her injuries hold her back. Welp, the show must go on. Good thing Reina wasn’t in it already, because Sayu would probably be too busy to take Aika’s place. I’m sure they could find someone else though if they needed to. XD

30 08 2011

I know! I’m SO mad! I wish Aika could still do the play! She NEVER gets enough attention! Haha
She’s my favorite, and I’d really like to see her get more screen time and stuff, but yeah…
It sort of sucks that it’s Reina, I like Reina and all, but I was really psyched for Aika to be in something!

30 08 2011

Gaki as playing as a guy has to be epic. She did awesome as the prince in Cinderella.

31 08 2011
the son of death

hope Tsunku not fired aika and made sense like he wanna quit cuz of her sick ckckck

31 08 2011

Actually Tsunku probably has nothing to do with the play XD
Mitsui can’t dance and move well due to her injury and she was advised by doctors to stay in rest for 8 weeks so I doubt she would continue to be in the play simply because she wants to.

31 08 2011
Sei Yamakiri (@Sei_Yamakiri)

Gaki is in the front, FINALLY!!!

Seriously, she’s even in front of Reina.

As a big fan of hers, all I can say is IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME. XD

Gakisan Daisuki!!! <3

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