Berryz Koubou First Concert in the USA Sakura Con FC DVD Cover Released

30 08 2011

The FC DVD cover and back cover of “Berryz Koubou First Concert in the USA Sakura Con”  has been released.

The cover features a cropped photo of each Berryz Koubou member on a black background that is outlined by yellow dots. It’s somewhat hard to make out what’s behind these pictures but it looks like it’s something related to cherry blossoms, which are also featured all over the cover. The center has a pirate’s skull that has a lot of “Berryz Koubou twists” on it and the title is placed at the center which matches the skull.

I really like the pirate’s skull here however I don’t see how it’s related to Sakura Con. Regardless though I think the Berryz Koubou influence on the skull is really cute, especially since the eye patch has BK written on it and the other eye is heart shaped.

The yellow outline around each picture really makes the member pictures shine a bit more and the cherry blossoms all over really does remind you that this was from the Sakura Con. (Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossoms.)

The back is very similar to the front however there are 2 group shots located on the back and there are more digital cherry blossoms. It’s somewhat faded into the background but there are a few dots on the back that make the shape of the cherry blossoms and that’s a nice touch to things since they added cherry blossoms without using the same effect on the back.

On the back DVD cover you may have also noticed the setlist, the setlist for the concert is the same as before since they only performed at Sakura Con for one day. The last three titles listed on the back however I believe is not footage from the concert, since the concert setlist from this post ends with All for one and one for all. I can’t read Japanese but I’m certain that it’s footage from the other days or even some commentary from the members.

Overall this is a great release for all Berryz Koubou fans. For fans that couldn’t attend they can see it on DVD and hopefully feel the experience for themselves and for the fans that did attend, this release will be a wonderful reminder of the event.

Unfortunately the DVD was only available for FC members so fans who would like a copy will have to buy one from Ebay or Yahoo auctions, but there should be a few since there are always a few fans who get some more and sell them through those sites.



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30 08 2011

The skull seems to be the “logo” for their trip, as they were on the commemorative shirts that were sold there too.

Still doesn’t really explain WHY they chose a skull. I’m sure that reasoning lies in the head of a random UFA graphic designer.

30 08 2011

The Pirate skull is there because it was Berryz logo on one of their Alo!Hello trips.

30 08 2011
Aaron Bagley

When is the release date?

30 08 2011

I think it’s a fanclub only release, so no wide distribution

30 08 2011

You need to edit this and tell people it cannot be bought anymore unless it is off of YAJ.

It was Fan Club ONLY.

31 08 2011

I’ll just edited thank you for reminding me ^_^

30 08 2011

You can’t buy this DVD anymore it was fan Club only. Only chance you can get it now is Ebay or YAJ.

31 08 2011

In regards to the skull thing, I think it has something more to do with Berryz rather than SakuraCon because Berryz has been using it even on their tour in Hawaii.

31 08 2011

I’m SO exicted. Sakura Con was THE best time I’ve ever had! :D About the Skull, that was the skull they used for the Berryz at Sakura Con shirrt.

31 08 2011

During the Q and A the Berryz translator said that the girls were the ones that designed the skull on the T-shirts especially for Sakuracon n__n

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