New S/mileage Profile Pictures For “Tachiagaaru”

28 08 2011

S/mileage’s official website under H!P’s site has been updated with a group and individual profile pictures for their 7th single Tachiagaaru, first to feature the new sub-members and first without Ogawa Saki.

Excluding the fact that the group picture looks weird without Saki in it and that S/mileage is now a 8nin group with only 3 main members, I will be focusing on how the members look and on the outfits instead of focusing on the new members and of the loss of Saki since it would be unfair for everyone, so it’s better to enjoy the current line-up and check out the outfits for this single that seem really interesting.

First of all, what we can immediately notice is that the original members are wearing the same red outfit and are in the front of the group pictures while the sub-members are standing in the back wearing the same outfits in pink that have longer skirts to represent their “sub-member” status, and I really like how the concept was made since we can clearly see the focus on both the main members with the bright red color, as well as the light and soft pink of the sub-members that shows off how young and unexperienced they are.

The main members are all wearing the same outfit which is a red and black plaid top with a white blouse underneath and a black tie, alongside a short red skirt, military badges on the tops as well as the S/mileage logo and a cute red hat, and I have to say that I just love how the outfits look on the members since they look really cute and classy.

All of the members are doing the same pose with holding both their hands behind their backs with Dawa leaning on one side wearing her typical ponytail that really seems to be her signature hairstyle (which I love), Yuuka is leaning on the other side with her hair down while smiling in a very cute way and Kanon has her hair held in low pigtails while looking straight towards the camera and smiling cutely with her eyes.

The sub-members on her other hand, even though they are wearing the same outfit as the main 3 girls but in a soft pink shade and with longer skirts, are all looking really unique doing various poses and expressions, but it might just be due to the fact that they are new faces that we’re not used to, even though I still think they all are doing an amazing job in front of the camera since they look natural and relaxed, specially Kana and Meimi.

Kanana is having the biggest smile out of the girls since it seems that her charm point is her cute smily eyes, and I have to say that I can’t deny that she looks extremely attractive with her bright smile and her cute pose and is by far one of my favorite members thanks to her unique charm.

Fuu-chan seems to be the shy character of the group since she is holding her hands down in a very calm way with a cute face expression and a small leaning on the side, and I’m really happy to see that she doesn’t seem to try much looking cute since she naturally is and shows it off in a nice way.

Take-chan seems the one who’s the most at ease in the pictures since she is doing a cute pose with holding both her hands up and smiling cutely, and even though I dislike that hairstyle on her, I’m happy to see that she doesn’t seem to be bothered with having the boyish character of the group since she fits this image perfectly.

Rina on the other hand doesn’t look too different from her Egg pictures or her first official picture within S/mileage, but she still looks great thanks to her pose and her cute way to look at the camera, so hopefully we can see her do different poses and expressions soon to see what she’s capable of.

Finally, Meimei being the youngest, she really looks like the cutest one of the group thanks to her bang-free hairstyle, her long hair and her adorable smiling face, and her overall look seems very noticeable and cute with her small awkward smile and her cute eyes.

Overall, I really like how they valued the “sub-member” status that the 5 new girls have with those outfits, and I really am impressed by everyone since they all look natural and comfortable while only knowing each other for a few weeks now, and even though I talked much about the sub-members because they are new, the original 3 still look amazingly beautiful and are amazing in their red outfits.

Hopefully some sort of preview of the covers of the single will be out soon since it seems like a promising release thanks to the chemistry of the members and their ease towards the camera.

The release date is set for 9/28.

S/mileage’s Official Profile Page



17 responses

28 08 2011
Cupcake. :)

When I first saw the pic, I felt that someone is missing. Then I remembered that Saki is gone now. :(. But I’ll still support S/mileage and H!P no matter what happens. Ganbare!

28 08 2011

I’m really happy that they’re wearing longer skirts for a change ^_^

28 08 2011

I really miss saki now. I am happy for the new member though, but I just feel that S/mileage won`t be S/mileage without Saki.
but I will still support S/mileage Saki^^

28 08 2011

Ah yes no short skirts for the subs
They still have to earn the right to wear……less

28 08 2011

Kanana!!! <3 Too cute! I think I have a fave already.

28 08 2011
Fe Mota

Fuuchan, I love you S2

28 08 2011

these pics are kind of depressing without saki but i stull love s mileage

28 08 2011

also they look like two different groups

28 08 2011

Oh! You mean “sporting”! It took me a long while to figure out a couple of the sentences above. I kept saying to myself “What? Kanon isn’t sorting her pigtails out, she has her hands behind her.” Then when I read the review of Kana, I figured out that you meant “sporting,” not “sorting.” XD

28 08 2011

Lol sorry about that xD I sometimes miss a couple of letters in my words :P I’ll arrange that thanks for noticing and reminding me ^^

28 08 2011

I felt sad too, because Sakitty is missing.. This is the new S/mileage, everything is changed :/ And I really miss the 4-nin S/mileage, but I will get used to it soon :) I quite like these costumes, but I don´t like that the new members are sub-members, because as we can see the S/mileage isn´t in one piece. It has two sections and these two are even wearing different costumes. A little bit irritating to me :S

28 08 2011
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28 08 2011

Are we like, not getting full pictures if them anymore, because they only had just about waist up with Uchouten Love too.

28 08 2011

Weirdly enough, they are the only group to only have the close-up pics being put and I wonder why… But it seems that they won’t upload full-body shots anymore since they didn’t do so for 2 singles now…

28 08 2011

I know, it seems weird though. Why treat them any different from the other groups?

29 08 2011

It looks really empty where Kanon’s left arm is. ;A; Anyways, I like the long sub-member skirts and the soft pink. Not loving the pink and red combo, but it really shows how the original members stick out and how the sub-members are beginning. I wonder how big a role the sub-members will have? S/mileage has always been pretty good for line distribution, but now there’s 8 members, and 5 of them aren’t even full members… Hmm. I’m excited to hear it!

31 08 2011
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