Ogawa Saki Officially Graduates From S/mileage And H!P

27 08 2011

Today August 27 marks the last day of Ogawa Saki as a member of S/mileage and Hello! Project.

After S/mileage’s 3 consecutive release events for their 6th, and last 4nin single together Uchouten LOVE, Ogawa Saki will officially graduate and won’t be a part of the H!P family anymore, as well as having her blog closed in order for her to pursue the normal life she seeks by focusing on her studies.

As a big S/mileage fan, I really have to say that it tears my heart to see one of the original members leave so soon and so quickly without previous notice, and Sakitty has always been my favorite S/mileage member so this is a very sad event for me,  even though as a true Sakitty fan, I think I, as well as everyone, should keep on supporting her with all of our hearts.

Following is a detailed post with many thoughts about her 7 years of activity in H!P, her years in S/mileage, etc… as well as many information and pictures concerning their last day together and their last events, so please check it out after the break!

First of all, following are detailed info with pictures, all posted by S/mileage Staff on Twitter, concerning their last event that was held today, and a small mention is that it seems that a fan asked them if they could stream the event live on Ustream for fans to enjoy Sakitty’s last performance with the group, but unfortunately they responded that it couldn’t be done, but later on to everyone’s surprise, the stream was actually broadcasted for the last performance live without any notice.

Here are pictures of the rehearsal on stage of the girls before the first performance that ended up nicely, as well as them performing their original B-side Jitensha Chiririn, and I have to say that I would have loved to hear that song being performed live during a concert with those 4 members since it’s now one of my favorite songs by them thanks to the awesome instrumental and calm sound it had.

After the first event and second one finished cleanly, S/mileage Staff also tweeted pictures of their last lunch together, and all of the girls seem really happy and seem to want to enjoy every single moment they have left together, while building up energy for their third and last performance (fans also mentioned that Sakitty was smiling the whole time), and I’m impressed by how professional the girls are being, doing their best in those performances while still being able to do goofy things and laugh around at lunch time, knowing it’s their last together.

The third event also started and ended nicely with reports from fans who watched the stream that the girls were all very emotional and all started crying, but Sakitty was extremely thankful to everyone who came, and fans surprised her with a sea of green glow sticks as a farewell.

As for Sakitty, since all of her fans must be terribly sad, I think we should see the positive thing about the graduation, which is the wonderful 7 years she has spent in H!P entertaining us with her amazing talent, strong voice and energetic character.

Saki joined the H!P Eggs at the age of 7 in 2004 and was a promising Egg to then graduate from Eggs alongside her S/mileage friends in the Spring of 2010 to debut officially within the group; there is no doubt that since she was young, her skills were obvious and got many fans wondering what will she do later on, and I’m amazed by the changes her appearance and her voice undertook since Sakitty went from being a cute 7 year old to a young and fresh lady nowadays.

Her improvement and devotion within H!P Eggs and S/mileage are definitely to be remembered since she always pushed herself to achieve the best of things and make her fans happy, and there is no doubt that she shined alongside the other members, so please enjoy her first official PV within S/mileage in their indie single aMa no Jaku, their major debut Yume Miru 15sai as well as their last single with her Uchouten LOVE that is, until now, their highest selling single:

Videos uploaded by: smileagechannel

To finish this post nicely, here are some of the most beautiful Saki pictures to always remember her amazing smile that put warmth in our hearts, and to never forget everything she has given us through her years within H!P.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for everything and best of luck for what’s to come!

S/mileage Staff Twitter

EDIT: The broadcasted stream of the last performance was uploaded on YouTube but it won’t be up for long, so please enjoy seeing Sakitty’s last performance!

Video uploaded by: Mobekimasukidesu



20 responses

27 08 2011

Am I the only one who can’t see the pictures? :/

27 08 2011

You’re not alone…

27 08 2011

Really? Because I can see them perfectly!
I’ll try to remove them and upload them again to see if it changes anything… sorry for that :/

EDIT: Better now?

27 08 2011

My heart just sunk. Another Idol to start a normal life. I shall remember her fondly. Goodbye Sakitty. Please know that you lived a life many could ever dream about!

27 08 2011

gonna miss her

27 08 2011
Cupcake. :)

Sakiii. :( </3. I wish she could go back to the entertainment industry after finishing her school. T_T. She really has a great voice that can't be wasted.

28 08 2011

Yeah. I do agree with you~I hope that someday she’ll come back. She has the greatest voice among the s/mileage members

27 08 2011

saki!! I will really miss you!!
You were my fav in s/mileage and the reason why i started listening to s/mileage in the first place.
I will continue to follow s/mileage after you’re gone, but you will be greatly missed!!
I hope you have a great normal life and do everything that you want to do in it :)

27 08 2011

Nope, I can’t see the pictures either.

27 08 2011

All of them or only a few?
I fixed a few that didn’t appear and for me at least everything works perfectly ^_^

27 08 2011

Everything works for me too so I’m wondering what’s wrong….

28 08 2011

Everything works fine now^^

27 08 2011

Im Gonna Miss Sakitty! *Cries* But Since, Its Her Desicion, I Cant Say Anything. GAMBATTE!

27 08 2011
Sakitty Has Left The Building | International Wota

[…] Ogawa Saki Officially Graduates From S/mileage And H!P – Hello! SayuNii […]

27 08 2011

No! It’s a dream! It is just a bad dream! I want to wake up!

27 08 2011

it`s so sad, , I miss her already <3

27 08 2011

Well… I’m off to kill myself….

Bye guys!

27 08 2011

I didn’t listen much to S/mileage’s music and Saki wasn’t my favorite member, although I thought she had the best voice of the group.

But her graduation and how quickly it was announced and then just happened, all of it did make me rather sad.

For whatever the true reasons are that she left, I wish her all the best of luck in the future.

And also good luck to S/mileage as a group.

We’ll all miss your wonderful voice and lovely smile, Saki!

30 08 2011

No…It’s impossible!
I’m not a big fan of S/mileage but Sakitty has an amazing voice!Too bad she wants a normal life…But it’s her life,her decision,let’s support her!

31 08 2011

I’m si dissapointed.. why they just held a event not concert ? :(
saki’s graduation is a special thing (imo)

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