Morning Musume – “Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai” PV Previews Released

25 08 2011

A preview for both PVs of the 2 A-sides for Morning Musume’s 47th single titled Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai has been released.

The preview is only 30 seconds long and features a sneak-peak at both PVs that seem to be connected like many fans are speculating, but from what we got to see about both, I have to say that I’m really impressed by the creativity and the high quality of the PVs both songs have since they each have a unique theme that fits the style of the song, and the variety in them is astonishing.

For example, the first song being powerful and elegant because of the outfits, we get to see many scenes in the 10 seconds of screening such as the regular close-up that seems similar to the one in Only You with many gold sparkles in the background (even though I like this one better), but also we get to see an unusual group scene where the girls are all together against a purple galaxy with yellow stars singing their hearts out (weirdly enough, Riho and Ai are in the back jumping like crazy), and we also get to see Mizuki and Erina walk next to a door, or Aika go through a white window followed by cute close-ups for the members, as well as a preview of the dance shot that seems pretty easy because of the costumes that are hard to dance in, that takes place in a wonderful bright yellow setting that’s similar to the one found in flipper games.

The second song is totally different since we see the girls all dressed up in funky colorful outfits while singing against a cloudy background and looking super happy (I couldn’t help but notice how cute everyone looked), and we also get to see a scene where Aika, Mizuki and Erina are sitting on the clouds with the other members dancing below, and the most amazing thing should be the super original close-ups filled of colorful animations that just fit the theme perfectly and add a cute vibe to the PV as well as giving it a new and fresh look, and this reminded me somewhat of 3,2,1 Breakin Out! because of the way the girls are moving and the fact that they seem to want to make it look as if they were dolls.

Overall, I have to say that I am more than impressed by this release, and that I didn’t see such awesome and unique PVs coming up, but I’m extremely happy to see that those are a proof that very original ideas can be executed for special occasions, so I’m happy all the members got to take part in a memorable release.

Hopefully this single will do very well since it has everything to attract: amazing songs, wonderful PV, great covers,etc…

The release date is set for 9/14.

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EDIT: A longer preview for both PVs is out that confirms how the 2 PVs are related because of the bed scene that we get to see in the first song that makes the continuation in the second song, and I won’t detail this preview and just let you enjoy it since there’s going to be plenty of details when the full PVs are released.

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Update About Sayashi Riho and Mitsui Aika’s Injuries

25 08 2011

According to a recent announcement by the official H!P site, Sayashi Riho is cleared and will be back in time for her PB event this week, she will also be able to participate in the Morning Musume Fall 2011 concert tour as well as the stage play.

Mitsui Aika unfortunately didn’t get cleared and still has a few more weeks of rest left from the advised 8 weeks, so she will be limited with her performances in the upcoming Morning Musume concert tour and stage play.

It’s great to hear that Riho is recovered and ready to come back to perform, especially in time for her 1st PB event since it would have been disappointing to see her miss out due to an injury, but the upcoming tour will be very important so I’m happy that she will be able to join in with the other members and give everything she has for Ai-chan’s last performances as a Momusu member.

Mitsui’s injury seems a bit slower in healing (most likely because it’s a bit more severe than Riho’s injury) but there is still time for her to heal since she still has a few more weeks of advised rest, and while we don’t know for sure how limited she will be at the concerts or how well the injury is healing I am still a bit glad to see that she will be able to attend the concert tour and won’t have to miss out on any days, just a few performances where she will probably have to sit down and sing.

Hopefully we get to hear good news about Mitsui’s injury in the next few weeks since it would be great to see her dance on at least one of Ai-chan’s final concerts, and while it doesn’t seem like it will be possible I do wish for her to recover soon.

Official H!P Announcement