Niigaki Risa And Fukumura Mizuki Special FC Event Announced

24 08 2011

A special FC Event for Niigaki Risa and Fukumura Mizuki in occasion of their respective birthdays was announced.

I was really impressed and intreegued when I read the news of an FC Event for both Gaki-san and Fuku-chan at the same time since we usually get solo FC Events for one member, or combined FC Events for the members of a same generation, but it’s really nice to see that UFA is using as many chances as possible to promote the Kyuukies and show off the amazing connection that Gaki-san and the Kyuukies (Fuku-chan especially) have build through their Ustream shows, appearances on TV, etc…

Since Gaki-sans birthday is the 20th of october and Fuku-chan’s is on the 30th of the same month, they picked a date in between to hold the FC Event, and I have to say that I’m more than pleased by this since FC Events are usually very pleasant events where the crowd and the girls are relaxed and just have fun together, which will allow Fuku-chan to show off her personality a little more, and them being my favorite Momusu members, I can’t help but hope for many songs sung in duo that will make everyone take notice at how well they perform together.

Overall, even though not many details are out yet, I find this an incredible chance for Fuku-chan and Gaki to celebrate their birthdays in a very unique way with their respective fan clubs, so hopefully they will enjoy themselves and be able to convey their energy through the performances.

Hopefully everyone who can attend will do so since we can expect great things from those 2 combined, and this will definitely be a memorable event for the girls and their fans.

The event will take place on 10/23.

FC Official Announcement About Event



7 responses

24 08 2011

Really glad about this :) Gaki-san will be Leader by then and Mizuki seems to be the least popular of the 9th gen (although I really like her) so very happy to see them getting to do this together for their birthdays :)

25 08 2011

Interesting combo!

25 08 2011

OMG!!! YAY!!!! Mizuki needs MORE promotion!!!! And she’s a great singer!!

25 08 2011

I’m glad they chose Mizuki and Gaki, Gaki is one of my favorites and Mizuki looked promising in Shugo Chara Egg and when she was first added as 9th gen so I’m looking forward to seeing her a bit more. I’m glad that Mizuki is getting that promotion push, even Erina too now with the Oha Star, it’s a good push for both 9th gen members… Now if they could get something for Zukki… though she is well known for her bug impressions already…

30 08 2011

Yay!Mizuki really needs promotion.
I’m so happy that Erina finally get’s her moment to shine,and now Mizuki also!
Riho is the most popular out of 9th gen,and Zukki is known for her outstanding personality :)
9th generation FIGHTING!

3 09 2011

MIZUKI vocal is amazing! If she gets to learn from Risa, she’ll be even greater. GO FUKU-HIME! MIZUKINGDOM FTW!!

4 09 2011

i think that mizuki is like a younger version of gaki

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