Morning Musume – “Alo-Hello! 5” PB Previews Released

24 08 2011

Some previews for Morning Musume’s 5th Alo-Hello! PB titled Alo-Hello! 5 have been released.

The previews that are available are really unique since they are pages featuring all of the members divided by groups of 3 consisting of: Ai-chan, Riho and Sayumi; Gaki-san, Fuku-chan and Eripon; Reina, Aika and Zukki, and I have to say that I really like how the members were separated since it allows each Kyuukie to shine alongside their Senpais, and all of the pictures are so fresh and unique that it really is amazing to look at since we get a great energy and young vibe from them.

The group shot above is a LQ scan, but we can still see what the members are wearing and their expressions, and I have to say that I love every single outfit they are wearing since they are all very summery and fresh, and the members seem to be extremely happy with big smiles on their faces and cuddling all together, and I think that that’s what this PB is mostly about, which is the unity between Momusu members, even though the Kyuukies haven’t been around for long.

As for those HQ scans that are the one featuring the groups of 3 members each, I am really impressed by how well the girls seem to be interacting since they are all doing cute poses in the group shots and posing beautifully in the single shots that all add up to form an amazing 3 pages full of different faces and expressions.

The first picture features Reina, Aika and Zukki, and while it might seem the most awkward group because of the distance in their group picture, I really love their individual shots since Mitsui is looking gorgeous in a close-up while she’s lying down, Zukki is just acting as herself while showing off her great smile and Reina is doing a casual Reina pose that makes her shine inside out.

The second picture with Ai-chan, Riho and Sayu is really amazing since we get to see a mature Sayu pose with a sexy look on her face in a bikini, a super cute Riho in pigtails doing a peace sign in a close-up shot, as well as Ai-chan who is scoring the perfect combination of her light hair alongside dark swimsuit, and the group shot is one of my favorites since the 2 Senpais are sandwiching Riho while cuddling up in a very cute way.

The last picture featuring Gaki-san, Fuku and Eripon is definitely my favorite from the batch since we get to see not only my favorite members, but also amazing picture of each one such as Fuku-chan’s impressive close-up, Eripon’s super cute expression while sitting on the beach, as well as Gaki-san’s cute pouty face, and in their group picture, we see them walking on the beach with Erina being her cute self, Gaki showing off her genki spirit and Fuku-chan looking adorable.

Overall, I have to say that I’m impressed by the variety of shots in those simple 3 pages and highly recommend all fans to reserve their copies since this seems like a must-get PB for all Morning Musume fans thanks to the amazing pictures that are guaranteed to be included.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy and score themselves with a copy to enjoy at home!

The release date is set for 9/28.

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5 responses

24 08 2011

My favorite solo shots are Aika, Sayumi, and Eripon. One from each group :)

My favorite group shot is Gaki-san, Mizuki, and Eripon.

24 08 2011

These are nice. :D

Is it just me or does Gaki look really (almost too) thin? I dunno if it’s just the angle of the camera or her pose, but she just looks… Really thin. :\

24 08 2011

Actually you are right, for some reason Gaki is looking a bit more thin than usual, many fans noted that, especially when she posted pictures of her at a Hello Channel activity, and it might be due to a diet or something similar, although I hope it isn’t due to anything else ^_^

24 08 2011

She does look thinner than usual.

30 08 2011

The pictures are adorable!Everyone is so cute!:D
My favorite group shot is the Gaki-Mizuki-Erina shot.(my top 3 fave Momusu members)

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