HQ Covers For Morning Musume’s 47th Single Released

24 08 2011

HQ covers of Morning Musume’s 47th single titled Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai have been released.

First is Ai’s special cover, it features her in a suit looking like outfit and she’s posed very calmly on the front. For her graduation I think I cover is beautiful. The neutral colors show her mature side and her pose and outfit shows her coolness there. This cover really says “Ai-chan” since everything fits her perfectly.

The next cover is for the Limited A edition. This one features all the members in their gold goddess outfits all posed symmetrically. There is an odd number of members but by their positions there’s another member on the other side. In the background there’s a gold-yellow box, that reminds me of a jewelry box and behind that is a gold-yellow background. I love the outfits and the poses in this cover however I feel there is a bit too much gold-yellow. Even the title text is of the same cover so it can be a bit hard to see. I do understand that yellow is a hard to blend with other colors so it’s understandable.

This cover is of the Limited B Edition. This features all the members in a different outfit that reminds me of a cosplay and a mix of the outfits from Koko ni Iruzee. This entire cover is so colorful and lively I feel that it really fits the single since one song was a happy, upbeat song and Ai-chan’s song wasn’t a slow ballad like most of us thought it was going to be.  Even the font for “Morning Musume” on here feels very lively and the paint splatters on the cover make everything uplifting. I’m really curious to see the full outfit for this cover since everyone seems to be wearing something different. Gaki looks like a 60’s housewife, Sayu looks like a she’s in some sort of maid outift, Zukki is a school kid/Dora the explorer type outfit and Ai is somewhat like a flight attendant. The other members feel like they’re some sort of wacky infomercial salesman but once the full outfit comes out I’m sure it’ll look quite different.

This is the Limited C edition. The first thing I noticed was the glow on the cover which I want to call a “goddess aura.” This aura also reminds me of the covers on Only you and besides the outfits and colors this cover looks like it was heavily influence by their previous single. Other than that this cover doesn’t stand out too much since there’s nothing to different about it, the title is in the same place as the Limited A version plus it’s the same color and font too.

Finally it’s the Regular Edition. The regular one and the Single V are very similar but in my opinion I think the Single V is better. The regular edition features all the members twice, once in their gold outfits and once in their colorful cosplay outfits. Ai-chan is feature here a 3rd time using the outfit she uses on her special cover. This cover basically reminds me of a crazy Morning Musume zoo. There are different colored animals on here and the feathers/plants make it seem like a zoo. Another thing is it says “Morning Musume” at the top and it’s somewhat arched so it makes me think of a zoo sign. Tsunku is also featured on here, just like he’s featured on the Single V edition. Like I mentioned earlier, this cover is very similar to the Single V but this one doesn’t zoom in too much and leaves room for the background.

Unfortunately a HQ version of the Single V hasn’t been released so hopefully one comes out soon.

Overall the covers for this single are amazing, they fit both sides of mature and genki Morning Musume and I highly recommend everyone to order or pre-order a copy. This is Ai-chan’s last single so I hope everyone can support her!

The released date is set for 9/14.

Ai special edition

Limited C

Limited B

Limited A





5 responses

24 08 2011

Not sure I like the RE, it looks kinda messy.
I propably should’ve waited with pre-ordering till I saw the covers lol

24 08 2011

if I ordered the Limited Editions and Ai-chan’s release on yesasia, would it count on the Oricon charts?

24 08 2011

I think Oricon follows a general sales system so it doesn’t actually matter where you buy it from, it’s only the number of copies sold that matter :)

24 08 2011

Ai-chan’s cover is very cool and mature, as you said.

I love the Limited A cover, this is my favorite cover. One reason that Erina is in the middle and top and she’s one of my fav members of the whole group :)

Limited B is very colorful and cute.

Limited C is pretty with the light all around them. Plus Erina and Sayu are in the middle :)

The Regular Edition is just a mess. I think it’s even worse than the Single V cover.

25 08 2011

LOL @ Tsunku on the regular edition cover (top right)

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