Ikuta Erina Is Officially An Oha Girl

24 08 2011

Ikuta Erina was announced as the new Oha Girl on the show Oha Star.

She will replace Ogawa Saki.

After the shocking news that Ogawa Saki would graduate there was also the question about who would replace her on the show since she is after all one of the three regular Oha Girls, and after some hints we finally get the confirmation that Momusu’s 9th gen member Ikuta Erina will replace her, which is amazing news since it gives her a great opportunity to show everyone her great personality.

According to reports from fans who watched her first appearance she didn’t seem nervous at all and had no trouble at all showing off her true personality, so it’s safe to say that she will have no trouble at all getting used to the regular appearances at the show.

The only thing that stands out is that it seems that the anime characters representing each girl (at the bottom of the picture above) won’t change, even though the Oha Girl color for Erina is red and not orange, although I hope we can see an updated character for Erina sometime soon or in the future since it would be interesting to see how it would look .

It’s incredible to see how much she has changed since she joined Momusu earlier this year since she had a bit of trouble getting used to the camera at first, but now she seems a bit more relaxed and shows off more of her fun and cute personality, which is great news since everyone can get to know her better and become one of her fans (like me).

I wish the best of luck to Eripon on her new regular appearance as an Oha Girl since this is a great opportunity for her to show everyone her cute personality, and to all Eripon fans I encourage you to check out the show if you can.

Ikuta Erina Profile Site

Oha Girls Profiles

EDIT: Here is some video from Eripon’s first appearance on the show

Dailymotion: Erina’s First Appearance On Oha Suta



14 responses

24 08 2011

Eripon fan here! So glad she was picked as the replacement :D

24 08 2011

nothing against her but I would have been pissed if riho was picked. that girl gets everything

24 08 2011

yes! About Riho I know that she is amazing but all the lines and attention that she gets are almost frightening! that is the reason that i am not really big fan of her even through i now that she is talented.She just standout too much,9 gen. should get the same size of attention and lines!

25 08 2011

I am glad that Eripon has been picked – out of all of the 9th Gen, other than Zukki, she has one of the most outstanding personalities that shines when she is on camera. I think they picked the right girl, because Eripon is probably gonna be the best host out of all of the others :D

YAY ERIPON ;______; so darned PROUD <3

25 08 2011

Perfect decision! I love that Eripon is the new Oha Star Girl. Plus i think Morning Musume needs to spread their fan base and the 9th gen needs to shine!

25 08 2011

I’m so happy for her! She is the one with the best funky personality to entertain the young audience of the show and I’m so gad that she seems at ease and confortable ♥
Go Eripon~~

25 08 2011

Yay on Eripon! I’m so happy she got this opportunity!

25 08 2011

Can’t wait for the Erina+Koharu interactions!

25 08 2011

Ahhh thats why she cut her hair? >_<

27 08 2011

I had that same thought!

25 08 2011

She seems like a perfect fit for the show. :)

25 08 2011

I watched just a bit of her first appearance on Oha Star (mainly because I don’t understand Japanese). But from what I saw, she is very charming and I think she will fit in very well :)

So happy that she was picked! :D

25 08 2011

She’s so cute in that footage.
I wish her well!
Best replacement for Saki.

30 08 2011

Awwff someone should sub it >.<
Anyways,I'm really impressed about how much Erina improved,she used to be so shy in front of the camera,but now she's such a sweet girl :D I think she's slowly becoming my favorite ^_^
BTW I love her haircut,it really suits her!

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