H!P Releases August 24

24 08 2011

Quick post today since there is only one release.

Today’s releases include:

  • S/mileage – Limited Live “S/mile Factory” (DVD)

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Ikuta Erina Is Officially An Oha Girl

24 08 2011

Ikuta Erina was announced as the new Oha Girl on the show Oha Star.

She will replace Ogawa Saki.

After the shocking news that Ogawa Saki would graduate there was also the question about who would replace her on the show since she is after all one of the three regular Oha Girls, and after some hints we finally get the confirmation that Momusu’s 9th gen member Ikuta Erina will replace her, which is amazing news since it gives her a great opportunity to show everyone her great personality.

According to reports from fans who watched her first appearance she didn’t seem nervous at all and had no trouble at all showing off her true personality, so it’s safe to say that she will have no trouble at all getting used to the regular appearances at the show.

The only thing that stands out is that it seems that the anime characters representing each girl (at the bottom of the picture above) won’t change, even though the Oha Girl color for Erina is red and not orange, although I hope we can see an updated character for Erina sometime soon or in the future since it would be interesting to see how it would look .

It’s incredible to see how much she has changed since she joined Momusu earlier this year since she had a bit of trouble getting used to the camera at first, but now she seems a bit more relaxed and shows off more of her fun and cute personality, which is great news since everyone can get to know her better and become one of her fans (like me).

I wish the best of luck to Eripon on her new regular appearance as an Oha Girl since this is a great opportunity for her to show everyone her cute personality, and to all Eripon fans I encourage you to check out the show if you can.

Ikuta Erina Profile Site

Oha Girls Profiles

EDIT: Here is some video from Eripon’s first appearance on the show

Dailymotion: Erina’s First Appearance On Oha Suta

Niigaki Risa And Fukumura Mizuki Special FC Event Announced

24 08 2011

A special FC Event for Niigaki Risa and Fukumura Mizuki in occasion of their respective birthdays was announced.

I was really impressed and intreegued when I read the news of an FC Event for both Gaki-san and Fuku-chan at the same time since we usually get solo FC Events for one member, or combined FC Events for the members of a same generation, but it’s really nice to see that UFA is using as many chances as possible to promote the Kyuukies and show off the amazing connection that Gaki-san and the Kyuukies (Fuku-chan especially) have build through their Ustream shows, appearances on TV, etc…

Since Gaki-sans birthday is the 20th of october and Fuku-chan’s is on the 30th of the same month, they picked a date in between to hold the FC Event, and I have to say that I’m more than pleased by this since FC Events are usually very pleasant events where the crowd and the girls are relaxed and just have fun together, which will allow Fuku-chan to show off her personality a little more, and them being my favorite Momusu members, I can’t help but hope for many songs sung in duo that will make everyone take notice at how well they perform together.

Overall, even though not many details are out yet, I find this an incredible chance for Fuku-chan and Gaki to celebrate their birthdays in a very unique way with their respective fan clubs, so hopefully they will enjoy themselves and be able to convey their energy through the performances.

Hopefully everyone who can attend will do so since we can expect great things from those 2 combined, and this will definitely be a memorable event for the girls and their fans.

The event will take place on 10/23.

FC Official Announcement About Event

Morning Musume – “Alo-Hello! 5” PB Previews Released

24 08 2011

Some previews for Morning Musume’s 5th Alo-Hello! PB titled Alo-Hello! 5 have been released.

The previews that are available are really unique since they are pages featuring all of the members divided by groups of 3 consisting of: Ai-chan, Riho and Sayumi; Gaki-san, Fuku-chan and Eripon; Reina, Aika and Zukki, and I have to say that I really like how the members were separated since it allows each Kyuukie to shine alongside their Senpais, and all of the pictures are so fresh and unique that it really is amazing to look at since we get a great energy and young vibe from them.

The group shot above is a LQ scan, but we can still see what the members are wearing and their expressions, and I have to say that I love every single outfit they are wearing since they are all very summery and fresh, and the members seem to be extremely happy with big smiles on their faces and cuddling all together, and I think that that’s what this PB is mostly about, which is the unity between Momusu members, even though the Kyuukies haven’t been around for long.

As for those HQ scans that are the one featuring the groups of 3 members each, I am really impressed by how well the girls seem to be interacting since they are all doing cute poses in the group shots and posing beautifully in the single shots that all add up to form an amazing 3 pages full of different faces and expressions.

The first picture features Reina, Aika and Zukki, and while it might seem the most awkward group because of the distance in their group picture, I really love their individual shots since Mitsui is looking gorgeous in a close-up while she’s lying down, Zukki is just acting as herself while showing off her great smile and Reina is doing a casual Reina pose that makes her shine inside out.

The second picture with Ai-chan, Riho and Sayu is really amazing since we get to see a mature Sayu pose with a sexy look on her face in a bikini, a super cute Riho in pigtails doing a peace sign in a close-up shot, as well as Ai-chan who is scoring the perfect combination of her light hair alongside dark swimsuit, and the group shot is one of my favorites since the 2 Senpais are sandwiching Riho while cuddling up in a very cute way.

The last picture featuring Gaki-san, Fuku and Eripon is definitely my favorite from the batch since we get to see not only my favorite members, but also amazing picture of each one such as Fuku-chan’s impressive close-up, Eripon’s super cute expression while sitting on the beach, as well as Gaki-san’s cute pouty face, and in their group picture, we see them walking on the beach with Erina being her cute self, Gaki showing off her genki spirit and Fuku-chan looking adorable.

Overall, I have to say that I’m impressed by the variety of shots in those simple 3 pages and highly recommend all fans to reserve their copies since this seems like a must-get PB for all Morning Musume fans thanks to the amazing pictures that are guaranteed to be included.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy and score themselves with a copy to enjoy at home!

The release date is set for 9/28.

Amazon page abour product

HQ Covers For Morning Musume’s 47th Single Released

24 08 2011

HQ covers of Morning Musume’s 47th single titled Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai have been released.

First is Ai’s special cover, it features her in a suit looking like outfit and she’s posed very calmly on the front. For her graduation I think I cover is beautiful. The neutral colors show her mature side and her pose and outfit shows her coolness there. This cover really says “Ai-chan” since everything fits her perfectly.

The next cover is for the Limited A edition. This one features all the members in their gold goddess outfits all posed symmetrically. There is an odd number of members but by their positions there’s another member on the other side. In the background there’s a gold-yellow box, that reminds me of a jewelry box and behind that is a gold-yellow background. I love the outfits and the poses in this cover however I feel there is a bit too much gold-yellow. Even the title text is of the same cover so it can be a bit hard to see. I do understand that yellow is a hard to blend with other colors so it’s understandable.

This cover is of the Limited B Edition. This features all the members in a different outfit that reminds me of a cosplay and a mix of the outfits from Koko ni Iruzee. This entire cover is so colorful and lively I feel that it really fits the single since one song was a happy, upbeat song and Ai-chan’s song wasn’t a slow ballad like most of us thought it was going to be.  Even the font for “Morning Musume” on here feels very lively and the paint splatters on the cover make everything uplifting. I’m really curious to see the full outfit for this cover since everyone seems to be wearing something different. Gaki looks like a 60’s housewife, Sayu looks like a she’s in some sort of maid outift, Zukki is a school kid/Dora the explorer type outfit and Ai is somewhat like a flight attendant. The other members feel like they’re some sort of wacky infomercial salesman but once the full outfit comes out I’m sure it’ll look quite different.

This is the Limited C edition. The first thing I noticed was the glow on the cover which I want to call a “goddess aura.” This aura also reminds me of the covers on Only you and besides the outfits and colors this cover looks like it was heavily influence by their previous single. Other than that this cover doesn’t stand out too much since there’s nothing to different about it, the title is in the same place as the Limited A version plus it’s the same color and font too.

Finally it’s the Regular Edition. The regular one and the Single V are very similar but in my opinion I think the Single V is better. The regular edition features all the members twice, once in their gold outfits and once in their colorful cosplay outfits. Ai-chan is feature here a 3rd time using the outfit she uses on her special cover. This cover basically reminds me of a crazy Morning Musume zoo. There are different colored animals on here and the feathers/plants make it seem like a zoo. Another thing is it says “Morning Musume” at the top and it’s somewhat arched so it makes me think of a zoo sign. Tsunku is also featured on here, just like he’s featured on the Single V edition. Like I mentioned earlier, this cover is very similar to the Single V but this one doesn’t zoom in too much and leaves room for the background.

Unfortunately a HQ version of the Single V hasn’t been released so hopefully one comes out soon.

Overall the covers for this single are amazing, they fit both sides of mature and genki Morning Musume and I highly recommend everyone to order or pre-order a copy. This is Ai-chan’s last single so I hope everyone can support her!

The released date is set for 9/14.

Ai special edition

Limited C

Limited B

Limited A