Kikkawa Yuu – “Happy Wrapping ~Sunrise~” Covers Released

22 08 2011


The covers for Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd single titled Happy Wrapping ~Sunrise~ have been released.

For the most part, the covers are all pictures taken of Kikka in the same outfit and in the same setting, which seems to be a garden with many greeneries and with an astonishing daylight, and I have to say that I’m impressed with how original each cover looks since they’re all different while having the same theme.

Regular Edition cover is the one where we get to see Kikka smiling happily while looking at the camera in a very close-up shot, and I’m amazed by how well she looks since her smile is amazing and the light that’s coming towards her seems to add a nice touch to the cover since it’s not appearant in the Limited Edition’s covers.

Limited A

In the Limited A Edition, we see an equally happy and smily Kikka as in the regular cover, but she is pictured holding both her hands up her head where we get to see her colorful bracelets, while having a tree branch between them, and I love how she looks since she seems extremely happy and confident.

Limited B

Limited B features a different setting from the 2 first covers since Kikka is standing next to a colorful surfboard as I see it (or probably a parasol), and the angle isn’t too upclose since it’s slightly rotated and we get to see her striking a beautiful smile while looking calm and peaceful, and I have to say that I really like the addition of the colors from the background and her bracelets since they make this cover more attractive.

Limited C

Limited C isn’t much different since Kikka is also smiling while looking at the camera, but her playful side is shown in this cover since she is holding both her hands up and looking with smiley eyes towards us, and even though this cover has nothing special, I really like her expression on it since she looks cute and beautiful at the same time.

Limited D

Limited D is by far my favorite cover alongside Limited A since we see Kikka holding onto something cut from the image and swaying backwards while smiling beautifully with an open mouth, and I think this cover is the most lively out of them all since she’s doing something instead of just posing.

Overall, I’m really impressed by how such a simple setting and pictures turn out to be great single covers with each one having Kikka pose in a different way and having cute expressions.

Hopefully everyone of her fans can reserve a copy to support her through her career!

The release date is set for 9/21.

Universal Music Official Kikkawa Yuu Discography Page



13 responses

22 08 2011

Hope we get previews of the various b-sides soon.

22 08 2011

Yuu is really beautiful! :)

22 08 2011

she’s so pretty

22 08 2011

i want to here the full single

22 08 2011

Her smile is so sparkling! *_*

22 08 2011

It’s just me or she looks like Aragaki Yui??

23 08 2011

If she is releasing singles, why isn’t she singing in Hello!Project tour as a soloist like Mano Erina? >_<

23 08 2011

Because kikka isn’t a part of hello project anymore

23 08 2011

seriously?? I figured she was since she opened at a H!P concert

23 08 2011

WHY? O_O When did she left?

23 08 2011

Kikka graduated the eggs in december. She’s with universal japan

24 08 2011

I have every version of this ordered to along with my PB, DVD, movie DVD, and all her movie merch lol (super fan here) I love all these covers, so upbeat and cheerful. with Kikka being on Universal she is sort of outside H!P but at the same time cross promos alot. Unlike other non-H!P such as Noto Arisa or yuiKaori

24 08 2011
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