C-ute – “Idai na Chikara wo!” Radio Preview Released

21 08 2011

The full radio preview for C-ute’s 17th single’s B-side titled Idai na Chikara wo! has been released.

Since the title of the song could have been translated in many different ways letting us expect either a happy and energetic song or an upbeat strong one, it seems that it’s a very happy and uplifting song that I’m sure will be perfect to perform at concerts thanks to the upbeat instrumental and the many ways the public could interact with the girls through.

The song has some kind of mexican music feeling with the drums, the clapping  and the sound that’s similar to the maracas in the chorus specially, so it is something really new and unique, and what I like about this song is that it’s really catchy thanks to the many Say Yeah! that the girls each say one after the other, and the cute additions everywhere such as the calm lines without instrumental near 1:54 that really break the monotone rythm, or the cute additions of the girls shouting different things during the song such as Ikuyou and Go!

Another thing that caugh my attention was the music break that is really different from usual music breaks in songs: we usually get the same instrumental with a more upbeat sound and fierce feeling while this time we get a very slow and calm break with an astonishing mix of voices singing “Chalalala” (similar to Christmas carols) followed by a very upbeat and lively music that really make this song a lot more special, also notice the video game music near the end and the weird finish of the song that’s really weird in a good way.

Overall, this really has to be my favorite B-side from C-ute this year, and as much as I was impressed by their latest one FARAWAY, this is one perfect example at how 2 happy songs can be different in many ways, making the 2 songs for this single a perfect match.

Hopefully everyone can enjoy listening to the song and probably purchase a copy to support C-ute into continuing to do such an awesome variety in their songs.

The release date is set for 9/7.

Video uploaded by: ChisatoING



2 responses

21 08 2011

this would have been a nice A-side

21 08 2011

3:03-3:14 makes me think of christmas xD The end too~
But it’s a nice song ^^

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