Buono!’s “Rock n’ Buono! 4” To Be Streamed Live On YouTube

21 08 2011

Buono! announced through a video message on their official channel that they will be streaming their Rock n’ Buono! 4 concert performance on 28/8  at the Yokohama Blitz live on YouTube.

I have to say that I’m really super excited and happy about this announcement since I always enjoy watching Buono! performances and concerts since they usually have amazing chemistry in concerts, they are 3 of the best vocals in H!P and their songs are simply the best alongside having the crowd really pumped up while performing, so I’m sure this will please everyone of their fans.

We got to see the setlist released a little while back and I was really impressed by the songs that got picked since apart from the usual rock Buono! songs they almost always perform, we’ll finally get to see the mini-album songs being performed live which should be a good motivator for everyone to tune in and watch the concert on YouTube instead of waiting for the DVD release.

Buono! announced this in a very funny way as always since they are all in an elevator showing up one by one introducing themselves then talking all together, and we finally get to see Miyabi’s new haircut that seems really similar to the one she had back in the days of My Boy and Take It Easy!, except that it has a darker color this time, and I’m always impressed by how cute and awesome Buono! make their video messages to fans.

Overall, I can’t wait till the streaming is aired on 28/8 since I’m sure that everyone will be more than happy to catch an amazing Buono! performance streamed live, and I hope that this will mean that we’ll get to see more and more H!P groups having their concerts and shows streamed live on YouTube since it’s a very wide video network.

Hopefully everyone can check it out and tune in on time since it’s definitely worth waking up early in some cases or staying up late, and hopefully everyone who will watch the concert will get motivated to purchase a copy of the DVD/Blu-ray when they are released to support Buono!

The concert will be streamed live on 28/8 at 14:00 (JST).

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Video uploaded by: buonochannel

Buono!’s official YouTube Channel



20 responses

21 08 2011

Awesome: will be tuning in for sure!

21 08 2011

I want to watch this, but I think I can’t.. :/
Well, let’s see.

21 08 2011

:( Still doesn’t work in Sweden does it?

21 08 2011

How do I get to it on YouTube?

21 08 2011

On the 28th and following your timezone, just go to Buono!’s channel (the link is in the post) and it will be the featured video ^^

21 08 2011

Thanks!!! :D can’t wait

21 08 2011

LMAO the final xD
too bad I can’t watch it…UGH!I have to wait for the DVD,I’m so angry!D:
anyways I love Miya’s haircut,it reminds me of the old Buono! :)

21 08 2011

I can’t wait!!!

21 08 2011
Lexie S.

This is so awsome! It’s streaming on my Birthday! But because of where I live I’m going to have to watch it at 10:00 at night on the 27, the day before my birthday. But it will still be great!

21 08 2011

awesome! it’s my birthday too :)) (happy birthday to you~) the perfect birthday gift. :D

21 08 2011

Can’t wait! :) I got lucky since in my time zone it’ll be 7 when they start airing so I can watch this.

21 08 2011

Wow. First time I actually want to see a concert on YouTube and I find out it’s only streaming at four o’clock in the morning on a school night. Lovely.

21 08 2011


call in sick ;)

21 08 2011
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21 08 2011

I am excited! It will be at 1 am here but I don’t mind :)

21 08 2011
Aaron Bagley

I am having mixed feelings about this Buono concert because I am not a huge fan of their Partenza mini album, so I would only be watching to see their songs before they switched labels.

22 08 2011

Momo’s having a little trouble with the door there… lol The end was cute, I’m starting to think they put Momo’s hair up like that to make her seem taller… I liked her hair better the way they did it on the cover of “Our Songs”.

22 08 2011

I think I will be able to watch it! It will come on at 10:00 a.m. for me, NOT on a school day. (It is on a monday, but my school starts next month.)

22 08 2011

1:00 am for me… not too bad. Soooo excited to stay up! Since I wached C-ute’s concert, I’ve been praying for a Buono Youtube concert. And here it is, my wish came true!! :D

Not too impressed with the setlist, I’ve gotta adimt. BUT it IS a Buono concert so I’ll watch it anyway. I can’t wait to see the dances to the Partenza songs and here how they sound live. :)

23 08 2011

It doesn’t work in Sweden?? :O

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