C-ute – “Idai na Chikara wo!” Radio Preview Released

21 08 2011

The full radio preview for C-ute’s 17th single’s B-side titled Idai na Chikara wo! has been released.

Since the title of the song could have been translated in many different ways letting us expect either a happy and energetic song or an upbeat strong one, it seems that it’s a very happy and uplifting song that I’m sure will be perfect to perform at concerts thanks to the upbeat instrumental and the many ways the public could interact with the girls through.

The song has some kind of mexican music feeling with the drums, the clapping  and the sound that’s similar to the maracas in the chorus specially, so it is something really new and unique, and what I like about this song is that it’s really catchy thanks to the many Say Yeah! that the girls each say one after the other, and the cute additions everywhere such as the calm lines without instrumental near 1:54 that really break the monotone rythm, or the cute additions of the girls shouting different things during the song such as Ikuyou and Go!

Another thing that caugh my attention was the music break that is really different from usual music breaks in songs: we usually get the same instrumental with a more upbeat sound and fierce feeling while this time we get a very slow and calm break with an astonishing mix of voices singing “Chalalala” (similar to Christmas carols) followed by a very upbeat and lively music that really make this song a lot more special, also notice the video game music near the end and the weird finish of the song that’s really weird in a good way.

Overall, this really has to be my favorite B-side from C-ute this year, and as much as I was impressed by their latest one FARAWAY, this is one perfect example at how 2 happy songs can be different in many ways, making the 2 songs for this single a perfect match.

Hopefully everyone can enjoy listening to the song and probably purchase a copy to support C-ute into continuing to do such an awesome variety in their songs.

The release date is set for 9/7.

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Morning Musume – “Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai” Full Radio Preview Released

21 08 2011

A full radio preview for Morning Musume’s 2nd A-side for their 47th single titled Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai has been released.

We already got to hear a LQ 1minutes preview of the song from a show where it was aired, but we finally get the full and clear radio preview, and I really like this song more and more since it is a perfect addition to the awesome single to come, being cute and catchy, and I expect a very cute PV for this song.

As everyone must already know, Sayu is the lead in this song since she sings almost all of the first part of the verses and her voice is dominant at some points in the chorus, and I really think they did a great job giving her the main vocals because I couldn’t think of someone other than Sayu to perform a song with those catchy lyrics and this instrumental.

Compared to the first A-side Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo!, this song lacks lines from Ai, Reina and Gaki, but I think I heard clearly Riho and Zukki sing in the first part before the chorus and Eripon, Mizuki and Aika singing in the second part before the chorus (even though I can’t figure out yet who is who), so it should be pretty much obvious that each one of the Kyuukies and Aika got at least 1 solo line each, and I’m happy to see it will be the case since it’s a perfect match, having the first powerful song being leaded by the ones with strong voices and the second one by the cute voices since both songs will have the same interest being both A-sides.

Apart from that, the song is really a mix of cute and happy sound alongside and instrumental that makes you feel as if you were in an arcade playing games, so I think this single should please everyone since it has a combination of 2 styles of songs with solo lines for everyone within Morning Musume weither it’s in the first powerful song or the second cute one.

Overall, I think this single is full of win for every Morning Musume fan and I think it’s a memorable farewell single for Ai-chan, and hopefully we will get to see many more improvements in Momusu such as giving everyone a fair share of lines in the future.

Hopefully everyone who hasn’t done so can now reserve a copy to assure themselves with the possession of an amazing release from Morning Musume, and hopefully the PVs will be out soon since it’s about time they are finally revealed (only a matter of days I guess).

The release date is set for 9/14.

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Buono!’s “Rock n’ Buono! 4” To Be Streamed Live On YouTube

21 08 2011

Buono! announced through a video message on their official channel that they will be streaming their Rock n’ Buono! 4 concert performance on 28/8  at the Yokohama Blitz live on YouTube.

I have to say that I’m really super excited and happy about this announcement since I always enjoy watching Buono! performances and concerts since they usually have amazing chemistry in concerts, they are 3 of the best vocals in H!P and their songs are simply the best alongside having the crowd really pumped up while performing, so I’m sure this will please everyone of their fans.

We got to see the setlist released a little while back and I was really impressed by the songs that got picked since apart from the usual rock Buono! songs they almost always perform, we’ll finally get to see the mini-album songs being performed live which should be a good motivator for everyone to tune in and watch the concert on YouTube instead of waiting for the DVD release.

Buono! announced this in a very funny way as always since they are all in an elevator showing up one by one introducing themselves then talking all together, and we finally get to see Miyabi’s new haircut that seems really similar to the one she had back in the days of My Boy and Take It Easy!, except that it has a darker color this time, and I’m always impressed by how cute and awesome Buono! make their video messages to fans.

Overall, I can’t wait till the streaming is aired on 28/8 since I’m sure that everyone will be more than happy to catch an amazing Buono! performance streamed live, and I hope that this will mean that we’ll get to see more and more H!P groups having their concerts and shows streamed live on YouTube since it’s a very wide video network.

Hopefully everyone can check it out and tune in on time since it’s definitely worth waking up early in some cases or staying up late, and hopefully everyone who will watch the concert will get motivated to purchase a copy of the DVD/Blu-ray when they are released to support Buono!

The concert will be streamed live on 28/8 at 14:00 (JST).

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