Up-Up Girls To Appear On The 2011 “24H TV Marathon”

20 08 2011

Up-Up Girls are scheduled to make an appearance at this year’s 24H TV Marathon.

On a previous notice, we got the announcement of C-ute and S/mileage who will attend this event as well and hold a special mini-live and auction event, so I was kind of surprised to see that Up-Up Girls got the chance to appear on this event as well since I would have expected another H!P group like Momusu or even Berryz to appear instead of them.

Nonetheless, I’m really happy to see that apart from their weekly performances at the MAP theatre they are getting the chance to appear on more and more shows and events to promote themselves since it seems that they are starting to grow a fanbase that’s getting larger and larger, so hopefully being on an event like this (even though there was no mention of performing for them) will give them enough exposure and they will be able to reveal their personalities for everyone who’s watching.

Overall, I’m really happy for the girls since they really deserve attending an event as big as this one, and hopofully we’ll soon hear more from them.

The event will take place on 8/21.

Event News Page



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20 08 2011

Niigaki Risa posted on her blog in this very early morning at 2.57 am JST,8/21,following–
おはよう! (Good morning!)
というか、、まだ夜中(´∪`*)ですが、(But,it’s still midnight.)
今日は24時間TVに出演させていただきます!(I’m going to attend at 24hr TV from now,today)
さてさて、行ってきます(¨* )☆
She did not write whether other members attend,but I think ,perhaps
other members will also attend at this TV program.

20 08 2011

That’s good to hear.

20 08 2011

Some HP 2ch fans say Momusu and HP members may sing the 47th at the 24hr stage,because 24th TV’s theme is “Love can save the globe.”– 47th similar title and may be suitable for this event.47th title is “We really pray for the peace of globe.”

20 08 2011

I hope so.

21 08 2011

This is awesome news but I’m going to have to wait for an official announecement about her and Momusu appearing since guests for such events can change at the last minute!
Thank you for providing the info, it’s a great help for everyone to kind of expect seeing Gaki if she is invited ^^

20 08 2011

I hope Up-Up Girls come out with a single soon

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