Buono- Rock’n Buono 4 Concert Setlist Released

20 08 2011

 The setlist for Buono’s Rock’n Buono 4 concert has been released.


1. Partenza Lets Go
2. Frankincense
3. Buckets no Mizu
4. Kira Kira
5. Kia Ora Gracias Arigato
6. Blue Sky Blue
7. My alright sky
8. Kiss Kiss Kiss
(band intro)
9. Renai Rider
10. Muteki no ∞ Power
11. Nakimushi Shounen
12. 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
14. Ice Mermaid
15. Our Songs
16. Lady Panther
17. Janakya Mottainai!
18. My Boy

19. Natsu Dakara
20. Warp

I’m somewhat disappointed with this setlist since there’s nothing different compared to their previous concerts. I was hoping for some covers of other songs either as solo performances or group performances. Regardless of that though they did include Natsu Dakara and songs from partenza so I’m looking forward to seeing the choreography for those.

They included a different variety of songs from their previous albums and singles, which was somewhat expected. They included the band too so the fans as well as Buono were probably pumped and overall I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

There’s also reports that Miyabi cut her hair, similar to her hairstyle she had in the My boy single. Hopefully pictures of the concert appears soon so other fans can see her new hair and get a feel of what the concert was like.




5 responses

21 08 2011

Baketsu no Mizu*

I want to see partenza~Lets Go!!!~ live! ^-^

21 08 2011

I want to watch this, but I think I can’t.. :/
Well, let’s see.

21 08 2011

Ah, sorry, my post went to the wrong place. ^^’

21 08 2011

kajsdkjd WOAH if you think, Natsu Dakara is in Encore part and somehow it is difficult to sing especially high notes if the bands tired. BUT of course Buono! can do it. \:D/ super excited for this.

22 08 2011

Still waiting for them to put Winter Story in one of their setlists.

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