Shuukan Yoro! Vol 105

19 08 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: School, accepting suggestions for themes, miscellaneous updates
  • Polls: Yajima Maimi came in 1st with 38%, Mitsui Aika came in 2nd with 35%, and Nakajima Saki came in 3rd with 27%
  • H!P Singles of the Week

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: I wanted to quickly mention something I have forgotten to say for quite a few weeks: I start school next week, this means that there will be slightly slower updates since I will be focused on my classes (mostly because I have one year to go so I want to get the best grades I can).

As far as news updates they shouldn’t be affected that much since most of them will be updated as soon as possible, but there might be a slight delay since everyone who is currently part of the site (Ayuchii, ladylibra92, and me) is still in school, although my schedule so far will give me more freedom to update since I have only about 4 classes (3 on Monday and Wednesday and 1 on Tuesday and Thursday).

Along with that I also wanted to mention that I am currently deciding between two themes but since I haven’t made a final decision I wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions about any particular theme that could fit the site. I tend to lean towards those who have a “featured posts slider” at the top of the site, but the selection is somewhat limited on WordPress so it’s not that important now, but feel free to suggest any other theme (from or from other sites, even those that need a site) that you think will fit the site well so I can take a look.

Rest assured that the theme will be up by the end of the month but I just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions since in the end the site is for everyone to enjoy, not just us at H!SN, so I want to include everyone in the decision as possible. Just recently I thought off another option that would change the site in many ways but I’m still discussing it with Ayuchii and ladylibra92 so I won’t mention more, but I mention it since there is a slight chance I might go ahead with that plan (hint: that’s why I’m also asking for themes, so if anyone has any additional suggestions please don’t hesitate to comment below).

Apart from that I didn’t get that much of a chance to update the Discography pages since I’m a bit busy with many other things (buying stuff for school, helping my brother who just moved to another city for college, etc) but I will finish updating as much as I can by tonight, which means that there will at least be about 10 pages done from either the Discography section or the Profile section at least (tomorrow as well I plan on working on about 20, and Sunday I’m aiming for 30).

By next week the new theme will probably be up (I’m not sure if Friday or Sunday) so I will put up a post about the changes, so hopefully everyone is looking forward to the changes since there is quite a lot I plan on doing, but if anyone does have any suggestions about a theme they think will fit the site I encourage you to post below and let me know so I can take a look at it.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Yajima Maimi with 417 votes (38%), congratulations Maimi! Mitsui Aika came in second with 387 votes (35%), and Nakajima Saki came in third with 297 votes (27%).

There was a total of 1,101 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Maimi!

The results for this poll were a bit surprising since I expected Mitsui to win mostly because she has won a fair amount of polls in the past, but despite that I’m not disappointed since the difference between her and Maimi were only about 30 votes. Nakky didn’t do as well compared to the others since she managed to get about 100 votes less than the others, although it’s not that surprising since Maimi and Mitsui have been winning quite a lot of polls lately.

It’s interesting to see that the votes are a bit more balanced but for the most part there is a fairly large gap between first and last. Hopefully Nakky gets a chance to get 2nd or 1st in her next poll, as well as Mitsui, but for now congratulations to Maimi!

A quick check at the OG poll and surprisingly the votes have smoothed out, but the rankings so far are:

  1. Abe Natsumi
  2. Ogawa Makoto
  3. Nakazawa Yuko
  4. Iida Kaori
  5. Yasuda Kei

They are for the most part what I expected they would be since Abe is and will continue to be among the most popular Momusu members, but Makoto and Yuko are doing really well too. Iida’s total is decent but I’m a bit concerned about Yasuda since she has a really low percentage (5%), but hopefully everyone votes for their favorite since there is only one week to go!

The next poll features Mano Erina, Wada Ayaka, and Ogawa Saki and while there will most likely not be that many votes compared to other polls it will be interesting to see if Mano or Ayaka finally get a chance to be members of the week since so far they haven’t won once, but Saki has shown everyone that she is strong so she might have an advantage, but we won’t find out until next week so hopefully everyone votes.

As someone suggested a few days ago (sorry I don’t remember who) I am planning on doing a special new S/mileage member poll next week so please look forward to it! There are five members so it will be interesting to see just how they rank a few weeks after being announced since we don’t know much about them, but I hope everyone has already chosen their favorite.

How will the poll end? That will be something everyone will have to wait and see until next week, so if you haven’t voted please vote for your favorite!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the H!P poll HERE and to the OG Poll HERE.

Please vote!

H!P Singles of the Week: Like I mentioned last week I will focus on Hello Pro Time at the start of the Shuukan H!P series so please look forward to seeing them quite a bit, but I will also eventually add Utaban and other shows so if anyone has already seen the episodes they will have other shows to check out. I have finished processing the videos so it’s only a matter of uploading them, but I still have to choose whether or not to start from the first episode or show the newest one first (I’m leaning towards first).

The section will most likely start by the time the new theme is up, meaning that it might be next Friday or the week after since there is still quite a lot to do before that, but they will be shown once everything is settled so I hope everyone is ready for the new videos.

For now please enjoy the PV for C-ute’s Kiss me Aishiteru and S/mileage’s Yume Miru 15:

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel

Video uploaded by: smileagechannel



4 responses

20 08 2011

Don’t change the theme

20 08 2011

yeah !!! maimi !!! :p thats the power of us maimi wotas on twitter and on any fansites xD !! too bad nakky camei n 3rd :/

20 08 2011

First I want to see the new theme and then I will say what I think about it. I have to say that this theme is really good too, but I am already really excited about the new theme! ^^

20 08 2011

Excited about the new theme.
As long as the content is the same high quality as usual, it’s all good. :D

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