Kitahara Sayaka To Appear At An Anime Fair Titled “GO! GO! Natsu Yasumi Festival”

19 08 2011

Kitahara Sayaka is scheduled to appear at an Anime fair titled GO! GO! Natsu Yasumi Festival.

She will also perform a mini-live.

It’s a relief to hear about Sayaka since I haven’t heard much from her since the release of her first single, apart from a few interviews and events, and while this might only be another anime event it’s still a great sign that she is active and performing.

It’s not clear what she will perform at her mini-live, apart from her only single, but we will probably see her cover songs from H!P or other anime songs, but we won’t know for sure until the event occurs and she is on stage.

Hopefully everyone who is in the area can attend this event to support her since it has been a while since she has performed, and while it might be a bit too early to say for sure I hope we can also see some other kind of activity from her in the future.

The event will be on 8/21.

Ima Hikarigaoka Site



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